Writing Now: See Anything Different?

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Have you ever wrote something in the past? If so, would it make sense to you if you read it now?

  1. I have wrote something in my past, but I can't comprehend what it says anymore!

  2. I've written something in the past and I can understand EVERY word!

  3. If you mean on here, yes. Anywhere else, not yet!

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  5. To be honest, there are many works that I never understood until my later life.

  6. I can understand the meaning of at least 3/4 of the material I've written.

  7. WHUT?

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  1. It seems that my first blog posts were along the lines of "Hey I got this coupon from Sams' and then I got rejected from a game." Needless to say, I feel like I have expanded my writing abilities since that crappy post. I feel that it's one of the plausible satisfactions from role playing, as well as enrolling in writing courses.

    It seems like I can see the grammar errors in my posts, several of which I wish to edit now. I have also joined another role play site (not telling you!) I hope that writing will improve the quality of my work.

    But I must ask: Have any of you wrote something like an assignment from your childhood, only to be baffled in later life?

    Of course; I have!
  2. I can understand the works of my mini-er self

    Doesn't mean they weren't utter shit
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  3. Whenever I go back to read stuff I wrote from years ago I'm just like...... 'lolwat'

    Seriously some of the stuff I wrote is pretty much regurgitated words thrown together with screwed up syntax. And some of it is just illegible xD Random scrabblings in journals that I found years later and was wondering if I was high at midnight when I wrote it.

    .. That said I've improved since then... It's kind of amusing to read things I wrote when I was nine and stuff though. Nowadays when I go back and read what I wrote two years ago it feels more embarrassing, like, "Did I really write that? What on Earth made me think that was a good idea?"
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  4. Well, I noticed my sentences have halved in length. That is pretty good, I guess.

    Honestly though, I was a better creative writer when I did stuff like short stories. You don't develop a very good writer's voice in RP'ing, because interactive elements are the biggest focus. Not something you have to worry about with... Well, writing-writing. So you can waste a lot more time on immersion elements and writing things between the lines. For getting better at creative writing, practice creative writing. For getting better at writing reports, practice writing reports. etc. Playing a lot of basketball might help you develop your stamina, but doesn't make you that much better at tennis.
  5. Forums posts - I can understand all of them. I have more problems with hand written stuff of mine - some of it is written by a specific handwriting that I by now I don't remember how to read most of the words!
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  6. Well, I guess it depends on what you wrote about.

    For example, I know that I wrote a shitty article about the Know Nothing Party. Now, it's a cycle of redundancy.

    On the other hand, I can understand one of my most recent role play posts, and I could give a long speech explaining it.
    There are also certain typed things that I cannot comprehend (cat-like typing, counterintuitive responses, etc.)

    It never hurts to proofread something you made when you were young. You might make something new from something old!
  7. when I first started writting, I was utterly hopeless! I'm suprised anyone could understand what I was saying.. my grammer was..passible, but my SPELLING..:vomit: it was awful! I mean, even now I'm not very good.. but at least- I hope :] - that my posts can be understood and not.. fry anyone's brains from the effort of trying to read 'em :] *wonders if I should post my first ever RPG post and then post a current RPG post*

    but while it's humliating to read my first posts- I think even my EARS go red when I do- it's nice to look back and think.. 'wow.. thank God that I've actally got a little better..I think..' :]
  8. Keep trying at your goals.
    Keep writing! Keep your head held high, and you will do better.
  9. Idem with me. ^^'

    Although, there was a time years Ago [ in 2009] when I started to write a story in a notebook, and when I went home for holiday this year.. My mom showed me the notebook( she keeps everything lol) and I read it ..

    It wasn't That bad. I was actually pretty impressed of what ideas I had at that given time. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Yes, I did got better in time, but overall I still strongly believe that years ago I had Better ideas than now.
    As far for my writing, it's getting there, always in practice and experiencing. And so, I've always written poetry and such, it helped a lot I suppose.
  10. I can say my skills have improved by leaps, and bounds. I can also say that I will not be providing examples. As I am far too embarrassed to do so. *Locks them away, and hopes no one will ever see her old work.*

    Honestly, when I first started doing forum rps. I had no clue how someone could get more then a paragraph, or two for their characters. Though I did hate writing at the time, and could not stay focused I did pursue a better writing style. I do feel like my writing is still shit when compared to others however. Please do not look at my past posts..... Ever..... Like never ever.
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