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  1. Does anyone else's writing level seem to fluctuate randomly at times? Like, you'll be writing an RP post and it's going pretty good. Then you just have this brilliant post that's like Hemingway himself wrote it. Then the next post you do is back to your normal level or even seeming a little lower because you just posted this great post. Anyone else experience this opposite of a brain fart during your writing?
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  2. All of the time. Honestly, my writing level depends on my partner. I've had a partner that turned my posts into works of art, and others that make me feel like I'm a five year old trying to be an adult. I'd like to say that I'm consistent, but I'm not. Unfortunately for me, my brain fart periods are coming more and more frequently. ; ;
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  3. I'd say I'm pretty consistent with my writing level. The only thing that fluctuates is the length--I believe post length has little to do with post quality, but I still try to write at least two paragraphs. However, especially in 1x1s I tend to do shorter, whether it's lack of things to do in the scene or lack of inspiration.

    Sometimes I do feel like I write something far above or far below my usual expectations of myself (usually for either a dialogue scene, which I have trouble with, or an "introspective moment," which I love writing) but those don't happen often enough for me to say that my level fluctuates.
  4. I hate it. so much.

    I. E.

    Post 1.

    Blah, Blahed. [Very indepth 3 paragraph post that features everything that's happened previously while also advancing the plot.]

    Post two.

    "Blagh" Said blah. [Reasonable post that's only one-two paragraphs and one reply.]

    Post III.

    What is Blah? From whence? Upon why must blah? But that's when Blah realised; For the first time in blah's life...
    He was Blah. [Most exquisite posts I ever write.]

    Powst foar3

    Bulaw, Blahs and bla blah blaxs [Absolute crap posts I end up editing for thirty minutes afterwards.]
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  5. Not really, but my emotional involvement in a scene does.

    When I'm writing a scene I have to consider that everything has to follow a set of coherent steps which can be traced backward and still make sense. This means that some posts, by necessity, won't be action packed thrill rides of joy and sorrow, filled with intrinsic meaning and metaphors and so on. Some posts are, simply, John walked into the room and drank some motherfucking tea. That way, he can be in a position to involve himself in the next series of events: Talking to Samantha about George being missing. That way, he can gradually become emotionally involved in whatever conflict happens to involve George, so that when he leaves the scene to just drive his car, he knows where to go to get shit started.

    It's like any arc. You have a low start, a high middle, a low finish. You introduce, you make your point, and you leave. Sometimes the "introduce" and/or "leave" points will be boring as fuck to set up the next sequence of events. :ferret:
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  6. Depending on my mood and how I feel, my writing level kinda changes. It's probably 'unfair' since I really should maintain an even writing level for all replies. But sometimes I just can't be bothered to put in so much detail into my replies, especially if there is very little to work on from the replies of your RP partners.
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  7. My writing level can fluctuate, but it's not really random. It's tied directly to my motivation level: if I'm feeling hyped and into it my writing is high tier, but if I'm just pushing a post out to meet a deadline and I'm not feeling it then it might be kinda crappy. I'm enough of a perfectionist and grammar snob to maintain a decent quality level even when I'm not into the post though, so I don't worry about it too much.
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  8. I don't always write epic posts, but when I do, grown men cry!
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  9. Depends on my time frame; if I'm writing with a patient partner and I've got all week, the post usually comes out pretty good. If myself or my partner is in a hurry, it's usually a little sloppier
  10. As others said, motivation and inspiration make a huge difference between a shiny, brilliant post and a pinched off turd for me. I never post something I'm utterly repulsed by, quality wise, but there's definitely times getting a post out is a struggle.
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  11. Mine are random really.
  12. Must be a sign of age.

    Yeah this happens to me a lot. I draw a lot of inspiration from the people I write with, so my writing level tends to change a lot.
  13. Yes, I've encountered that numerous times. On occasion though I can't think of a damned thing for weeks on end and other times I vast range of ideas come to mind only to be snuffed out once I've jotted down only a handful of ideas for an RP post or otherwise.
  14. Do I know exactly what I want to post and what I'm doing? YES, EXTRA GOOD POST.

    Am I trying to force out a post for ____ reasons? CRAPPY BLAH POST.

    It's always random and a matter of the circumstances. o__o Most of my posts will be perfectly fine, but those days I am having to force it, it's prolly gonna suck. >:[
  15. Clearly I am perfect and so are all my posts...

    Right? ;-;
  16. This happens to me frequently.
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