Writing Fairytales With Stale Ink

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  1. It's not quite a fairytale. Your character was kind, was gentle, was giving. He spent hours of his days trying to help others, despite the painful childhood of trying to make ends meet. What did he get in return?
    The people he gave deceived him, the family he tried to keep alive all died, and he was turned away from everyone he thought he could love. So what does he do? Revenge is all too sweet. He sweeps the nation as a shadow that no one wants to see. That glance in the mirror, flash beside the dark road, or the smile among the mist... Revenge is satisfying. He watches blood as it drains into the ground, nurtures the plants, then cuts the buds before they can bloom. Revenge is funny.

    But it doesn't erase the past. It grows, it festers, and it burns. He meets my character, who is kind, giving, innocent. It bugs him. He wants to ruin this innocence like his own was ruined, wants to make this person see that the world doesn't reward kindness. What does he do? He befriends him, beds him, lives with him while continuing on with his revenge. Unfortunately, this rush of desire slowly starts to weaken the longer he is with this innocent boy. He softens, hesitates.
    Maybe fairytales are real.

    Or maybe not, as this ray of light is suddenly tattered and clouded by those who ruined his life in the first place. The blue skies turn grey and his first... love? Yes, his first love, starts to drift away from him.

    Maybe... revenge is the only answer.

    Looking for someone willing to developed the story and be a dominant. You will be the person who was kind in the beginning, but then his family is killed by greedy men. He turns to revenge and slowly kills their loved ones throughout the years until he meets my character. By the time they are falling in a strange love, the men who killed your character's family returns to slowly make the couple's life a living hell.
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  2. This looks amazing if it's still open I would love to be a part of it!
  3. It is still open! Thank you. Just message me your profile and I will get started on mine.
  4. I so dig this.

    I'm definitely interested!
  5. Awesome! Pm me? Let's do this!
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