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A seemingly endless amount of freetime has taken over my entire schedule, with little to no interaction outside of relatives. And if you're anything like me, it's become increasingly harder to write for an ongoing roleplay or maybe even that unfinished book you've been meaning to finish writing. Something that personally usually helps to jog my creativity sides of the brain awake is by pushing myself to write with small daily challenges, that usually helps as much as it doesn't. but if it's a consistent jog that I do, I slowly find myself settling back into a somewhat steady writing cycle. It's even better when there's a group, so after a bit of research and rewriting this post. I've created the perfect event/challenge for the lot of you interested to join.

The challenge will officially start July 13th to July 19th. Every day, at 12:00AM CT, two word prompts (One noun and One adjective) will be posted. To which participants must come up with a short or a clip of a piece, with the minimum of one thousand words per day . Failure to meet the one thousand word mark in the time frame will not be valid, and participants must continue on to the next prompts without pausing or attempting to finish earlier ones that were missed. It is not required to use the exact words in piece, but readers must have a clear view of what's being portrayed or what the story is loosely based off.

Main characters must all have their first names starting with the same letter of the day, for example on a Monday your characters name could be Mason or Mary, and on a Wednesday your characters name could be Wally or Willow. Failure to also complete this requirement, will not be a piece that meets the qualifications.

At the end of the challenge, everyone must then provide a completed and accessible (with comments enabled) word Doc for public view. Following the collection of everyone's Doc, a forum will be posted with all the links.