EXERCISE Writing Challenge - Playing Hooky

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  1. Coming back into my old routine of writing challenges again, this week is a challenge based on a character or group of characters playing hooky. It's something we've all likely done to some degree at one point or another in our lives, and characters in our plots are likely to do the same in their own time. Of course, getting a little practice in here before it truly comes into a roleplay won't hurt!

    As usual, no limits to how you go about this. Modern school and work are some ideas, but you're free to play hooky from anything, anywhere, or anyone you think up. Time periods are all up to you. The only rule I have is that you have get creative with it! ^^
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  2. "Kylie, this is stupid! What if we get caught? What if mom finds out? What if..." The young girl was hushed by her older sister's sharp shhh, as well as a glare so dark that if looks could kill, she'd be dead. "Taylor, shut up, will ya? Mom's not gonna find out. I'm cleared by the school to check you out, so the worst that happens if she notices we left school is is I say you got sick in the middle of class and had to come pick you up." Opening her mouth to protest, but thinking better of it, Taylor sat back into the faux-leather upholstery of her older sister's beat up car, creases of worry still on her face. Seeing this, Kylie's face softened up as she drove. "Hey, don't worry, okay? We'll go to the concert and be back home before mom even leaves work. She won't find out, I promise." Taylor nodded and looked out the window as they drove along. Watching her high school disappear behind her, the anticipation built in her stomach until it felt like she was filled with butterflies. Sure, it was gonna be so awesome seeing her favorite band in concert, but part of her wondered if all of this was really worth it...
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