Writing Challenge #1: Discovery

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    Today's writing challenge is about discovery. Discovering things in a roleplay is an exciting feature of any plot, especially if it's done correctly. It can topple metaphorical nations, or make heroes of your characters. So for today's writing challenge, I would like a short post on the topic of discovery.

    Has your character discovered a hidden truth? A dark secret? Or an item that is key to saving the world? That is for you to decide if you take part in this challenge!
  2. Barbuk The Barbarian had weaved and cut his way through this dungeon for days. It was dark, stinky, and felt like he was contantly stepping his something that would never come off his boots. But he knew the prize was worth. Rubbing his arm tattoos idly, he stepped down the corridor towards what he had hoped was not more abominations. His sword was great but the man was tired.

    The large behemoth of a door creaked so loud he was sure his mother could hear it in the afterlife. Still, he clutched the torch like letting go would make him fall to his death. As the door seemed to crash shut, Barbuk could see movement at the other end of the great, but desolate hall. He knew what he had to do.

    He charged.

    When he reached his target, his scarred face squinted and turned into a smile as the tiny beast in front of him blinked.


    He smiled.

    "Lets go home, Mr. Snuffles."
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  3. There was something magical about using dowsing rods to find gold buried deep in the woods. The children, at least, thought they could find gold with a wooden stick. They searched the entire woods looking for that gold, beaming little faces lighting up the area with their innocence. It wasn't long before they stumbled onto something else that was magical. A ring of mushrooms near a chopped down tree is what they found instead of gold. The children, having heard tales of fairy rings like these, immediately entered it and pretended they were the new king and queen of the fairies. They laughed as they danced in the middle of the circle, stick forgotten as they played until the sun set and it was time for them to go home.