Writing buddy needed! (Advanced and up)

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  1. About me.


    I like writing stories. That's basically it. I am seeking a partner to develop some ideas, my language skills and create fun worlds. When it comes to plotting, I am a very laid back person. I can lead the story, help run the story or just wait what you throw at me. When it comes to writing, there are stories some things I particularly enjoy: in-depth plots, exploring dynamic between complex characters and stories that make commentary on our society's condition. This includes topics connected to war, loss, loneliness, things that challenge humanity as a species. What else? I am a sociable, outgoing, non nonsense person who owns two cats.


    I write both: male and female characters. I don't have a preference for what you like to play, unless I ask about it, because of plot reasons. I don't care about your character's sexual orientation, no matter the plot.

    Word count/level:

    I like challenge and complex plots, which means at least adept/advance level of writing. My posts are rarely shorter than 500 words. No one liners, few tiny paragraphs or 300 word reply to a 1200 word post (that pisses me off especially). Please include a writing sample.


    Adults only, preferably above 23 (and yes, 18 and 19 is still a teenager for me) - please be honest about it. Nothing against young writers, I just prefer to hang out with someone closer to my age.


    Things I will do: sci-fi and everything that goes with it: cyberpunk, space opera, space exploration, post apocalypse, space horror etc... Sometimes medieval fantasy. Romance in aforementioned settings is also ok, as long as it's not forced and develops naturally.

    Things I won't do: urban fantasy (vampires, werewolves, demons, angels etc..) slice of life, strictly smut plots, anime stuff, fandoms and historical, M/M or F/F romantic pairings (sorry, I just don't know how to do it).

    Important: I am not fond of rainbows and fluff everyone lived happily every after ending person. I like those that are bittersweet, not necessarily tragic. This is more about my own characters, I don't mind what ending you would like for own toons.


    I am alright with many things: coarse language (if it's in character), violence (if it's not senseless gore), sexual tension. I don't write explicit smut or erotica though, but prefer to fade to black or write it out very subtly.

    Few Ideas:

    1) In one of the stories here my character Nat got stranded alone on a planet far away from Earth. She has no way back for now, but the human snooping woke up a member/members of aliens that sent a distress call to...whoever was listening after their ship was shot down a while back. Like 150 000 while back. So, if any of you has an idea for humanoid alien species (not too freaky, this character would freak out - she has seen enough ;_; ) to try out, let me know. There is a lot of creative freedom with them. (Preferably male character, but am not picky.) The vague idea is to explore characters from two different cultures stuck together to fight for survival without any means of communication at first. The alien has no idea what happened to his civilization: whether they won or lost some vague war. He spent literal ages time in stasis and woke up to see his friends dead and ship torn apart by humans.

    2) One of the corporations developed new drug that will revolutionise treating neurological disorders and brain damage. A a group of mercenaries (my toon is male) is hired to steal the formula. Two of them learn things are not what they look like... (No gender preference).

    3) I am not good at it, but I may be ready to leave my comfort zone and step into fantasy.

    Steampunk: Humans grew into powerful nations (they managed to reach a steampunk level of clockwork technology, even built a primitive railway, black powder guns and rifles) - they don't use magic though.) and pushed the elves into wood realms. The elves still have their royals, nobles and proud history, but their time is slowly fading. There are still short skirmishes between the two kinds, but there had been a stalemate for more than hundred years. The elf (toon 1) makes one, desperate try to restore his/her people some power and dignity. To do that he abducts a daughter of an important industrialist (toon B). He needs her unharmed to trade the woman to force her father to give up an old elf artifact that holds for his people great power. To humans it is useless and they don't know any better. It serves as a fireplace decoration. In truth it is something that will change the tide of this strife. (One toons is obviously a female, but elf is of no gender preference, you can pick either one of characters.)

    My profile is all edited so you know what to expect. This includes a writing sample.

    I am open to your ideas as well, throw all of them at me in PM or post here :)
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  2. Looking again :)
  3. Hey! How about a post-apocalyptic roleplay, I've long wanted to do one?
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  4. I am so all over this idea *_* Let's do it!
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  5. Looking! :)