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  1. Well, Iwaku has officially labeled me a "lurker." That's because I prefer oneXone roleplays, but my partners have a habit of dropping off the face of the Earth, which can lead to frustration and discouragement.

    But I digress; there may yet be hope!

    First things first: my replies are LONG. Be prepared for at least 5-7 sentence paragraphs, because I will detail the shit outta you.

    In general I prefer my RPs to include action and sometimes fantasy, and always a bit of romance. Lately though I find that I want that last one to progress slowly, so yeah. I like to have two main protagonists of opposite genders, and depending on the plot I can play either (I'll make this clear).

    Currently I have three main plots I've been dying to use, and I have a preference of male/female for all of them, but I'm flexible.

    Sorry I write a lot! I don't want to scare you away, I just don't want to be vague! >.<


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    Pm me your ideas
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    I'm intrigued; actiony fantasy with plenty of detail sounds like fun to me. :3 I'd love to hear your ideas~
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    Sounds like a blast. PM me if you're still in the market for partners.
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    I usually try to match to my partner. Action + fantasy + a little romance seems like a good combination. I'm interested to hear your ideas.
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    Me me me! What are your ideas? =D