Writing a novel?

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  1. A question I've never asked, since I usually derail conversations by blabbering on about my own novel.

    Is anyone else here writing a "Great Work"?

    And if so, are they getting consumed by it to the point of obsession? I've been completely possessed by my book for the last two years, suffering nightmares, losing my grip on reality and even having autistic-like breakdowns at work.

    Last week I had to come off the Advice Line Phone because every single thing in the office was triggering an emotional reaction and I had lost the ability to filter what I was seeing and hearing. My manager had to put me in a quiet room and order to me to "stop thinking about everything", and ever since she has been making direct interventions whenever she sees me pondering too much.

    And I've become even more anti-social of late, staring at walls and drifting off in crowded rooms. And everything I experience is related back to the book, to the plight of my characters and the universal themes.

    Have you felt that same feeling, when something takes you over entirely and seems to suggest a purpose to every experience and endeavour of your life?
  2. "It makes me uncomfortable."
  3. I haven't attempted to start a novel for some time now. The first attempt I made was when I was too young to actually put together something comprehensive, and I think the experience soured me a little bit as I realized that the thing I was pouring myself into was pretty much rubbish that no one would really enjoy.

    But not to whine about that. Actually, I've noticed that as Iwaku has awoken my muse, I've been more interested in writing for RPs than I have some of my other usual activities... like playing poker, or the occasional computer game. Especially in the case of a novel I can see how it could consume you even while you feed it.

    In fact as of late while I'm at work, I'll get bitten by my muse and start writing... and when that happens I get extremely irritable. No matter whether it's legitimate work or not, I get the intense urge to snap at people. Even the normal social interactions I partake in, playing grabass and having fun with my people, I find as more of an annoyance when I'm on a writing kick.
  4. Movies in my head, lots of them. With titles, scene descriptions, several reocurring characters, culture, history and timelines.
    I'm sure theres a mental disorder attached to it.
  5. Anya put on her usual clothes on and tug on her bra and top, "It got tight again." She sigh softly.
  6. "You're a growing girl. Who might be growing someone else."
  7. I've heard of that happening to actors who get way into their role. I suppose it happens to writers, too.

    I write a lot of poetry and short scenes, mostly just for character exploration.

    Most of the time, when I go overboard with something is if I'm trying to learn a new technique or put several techniques together. I'll practice it or play it over in my head for hours. Even sometimes in my day to day life I'll start to think. . . OK, I'm in an elevator with a large young man who is obviously mentally challenged, he's peaceful, but what if something upset him and he couldn't calm down? What technique would physically restrain him without causing harm?

    I'm not a violent person, nor am I particularly paranoid, I just just enjoy the mental exercise.