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What should the species in my book shift into?

  1. Wolves!

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  2. Dragons!

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  3. Gryphons!

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  4. Why not all three?

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  1. I'm planning on writing a fantasy book centering on shifters. The poll asks a question, but I will ask one as well...

    Should the shifters have tails/wings/horns/etc in their human forms? Or should they just look like humans?

    I kinda want them to have tails, though. Not sure. I wanna be different. :)
  2. As for the human form, you could make it vary, depending on what the shifters consider their "natural state" to be.

    And as for what they should shift into, normally I'd say "all three", but why stop there? What if everyone had a different, unique form? Everyone is different, after all, and that could make for a decent theme for the story.

    Just my two cents. I'd give three, but I'm pretty broke.
  3. I mean, I just don't want shifters to look like humans in their human-state. A lot of books do that and I want this one to be different. Would wings and a tail be too much? Or would horns and a tail look be too little?

    I would make it that everyone had a different state, but I kinda want to make different kingdoms to make it organized. I don't want someone to be a dragon shifter and then someone else to be a hummingbird shifter in one country, you get me? :)
  4. Depends. Does the character consider themselves a human who can change into dragon form or a dragon who can change into human form?

    There is a middle ground too, so maybe the small children who insist that "I am a kitty" can have a full-on tail, ears, and stripy hair, with a side order of a moist nose. It helps the kids stay cute. That's just one example of utilising it though.
    Easily done. Shifters were shunned by non-shifters and by each other over the ages until they kind of bundled into large groups of people that they could relate to. These groups and the areas they lived in expanded, over time, became nations.

    That'd be my guess, anyway.