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  1. First Person Hysteria!
    Patience has run out, Nothing can stop what the mind has decided to grasp hold of!
    Create An evil Mad Scientist or Queer Mad hatter character/Persona from the first persons perspective in a bout of madness.

    1. Title - The Title is the face of your story make it count.

    2. Monolouge - Make sure your character talks to him/herself. This monologue can be broken up through out your story or condensed into a pivotal moment.

    3. State the circumstance - What is causing this characters mind to snap. Anything from creeping death or witnessing something traumatic to being overwhelmed by the surrounding society or the harboring of a charnel guilt.

    4. The ultimate fate - Describe the fate that befalls your character as a result of his/her madness. Loosing ones mind is an art when writing, Let the outcome of Hysteria give your character a befitting outcome that leaves your readers impacted by this touch of insanity.


    1. Cursing is allowed, HOWEVER, Discriminatory words are not allowed, NO "N" words or any other words that fall under that categories of Sexist, Prejudice, or racist.

    2. Sexual Content is allowed, HOWEVER, let's not get carried away with it and keep your writing tasteful, Make sure you place it under NSFW Spoilers and if you have any questions Contact me Via my profile or PM.

    3. Keeping Rule 1 and 2 in mind, Have fun, let loose, and be as creative as you want. Commission a drawing or add an image or Music video from youtube to enhance your writing.

    4. You MUST write from the First Person Perspective.

    5. Try to be conscious of how much you are writing, keep within the short story parameters.

    Any Violation of these rules will result in Disqualification and if need be, a warning. If you have any question on Content disclosure Contact me, @Fijoli

    Good luck and have Fun !

    All Submissions Due May 31 2014

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Thread Status:
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