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  1. So, I was thinking for a while on... Just what could happen if dimensions could be warped and the like. Aside from universal break down and reality shifting to different wavelengths, I indeed had a wavelength when I thought of this.

    a writer, who falls in love with their character, and then the character comes to life to have the writer in pure shock and awe.

    i wonder if anyone would be interested in this.

    -can be either gender
    -can have a superpower or two
    -don't have to have superpowers
    -pick some time period to your liking, including futuristic
    -make them taller than the writer
    -feel free to make up a fantastical background story, obviously this is what the writer has written about them, their adventure and so on
    -I'll be making the writer based off the character, to avoid inconsistencies and allow freedom of creation for you. ^_^ I'm honestly okay with this.
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  2. *raises hand* I would~ That sounds neat ^^
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  3. You've got me interested, too. Who would play the character?
  4. Most likely you! ^^ if that's okay, of course.
  5. Edited the main post, too.
  6. Okay then. What kind of story is the writer (you, I guess) making, so we'd know what kind of character he/she is?
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  7. I'm looking for everything and anything you're willing to put in, I'd love to see some different versions of the writer and all.
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  8. Well...horror would be a bad idea. You don't want to end up with a psychopath. Does it have to be a book writing? Can it be, say, a comic book for example? Not looking to create a superhero character. Maybe some sort of realistic-style comic with a few weird instances occurring in its pages.
  9. That's totally up to you! I'm okay with everything.
  10. Hmm...

    Name: Ruth Borwell

    Age: 23

    Appearance: dark wavy red hair, typical comic book girl figure. Dresses like...well, like a normal person, in a tan business suit and skirt.

    Job: She's an intern at the IDPD - International Department of Paranormal Defense. She herself is not special, but strange things happen a lot around the place. Occasionally there are strange power surges due to whatever happens in the lower levels. She doesn't like working late because of all the noises that seem to permeate the walls there. The reports she goes over read like plots to fantasy novels, often referencing werewolves, spirits, or strange names she can't even pronounce.

    Personality: Ruth is a go-getter, overtly eager to prove herself good at what she does and curious about what she doesn't understand. She's been caught trying to sneak into the elevator that leads to the lower level twice. She gets more frustrated, and more determined, each time she's held back. Even the threat of losing her internship doesn't deter her.

    Not sure on backstory, and don't know what gender your writer is, so I don't have a sexual preference down. Okay, though?
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  11. That's definitely okay! Would you like to take this to PM so we can discuss some plotting and the like? I'll give you a little more insight into the writer as well~
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  12. Sure.
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  13. im intrested if your still looking
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