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  1. ~Rules~
    1) I don't expect perfect grammar (I certainly don't have it) but please no chat speak, it ruins the flow.
    2) If you don't like the way a role play is going talk to me don't just drop it. I don't bite and I would like to remedy the problem if possible. I will extend the same courtesy.
    3) Now I prefer that my partner post at least one well sized paragraph. I don't expect a book but please PLEASE no one liners.

    I don't have many rules and they aren't hard ones to follow, so follow them please.

    ~A little about me, my likes and dislikes~
    Call me Alice, I am 22 years old and have been role playing on and off for about 7 years now. I enjoy it a lot but have been lax on it lately, mainly because the space bar on my computer is messed up and can make typing annoying. But I really miss it so I'll still write while I work on getting all that squared away.

    I love romance, fantasy, adventure, horror, a medieval setting, Egyptian setting, Apocalypse, Time travel, I'll try basically anything if you throw an idea at me that I like no matter what it is I will most likely do it.

    I'm not a fan of scifi futuristic settings, but if the idea is a good one I might give it a go. I play both genders but I like a balance of male and female characters, its annoying playing only one.

    ~Vague Ideas~
    Middle School Crush
    Imaginary Friend
    Time Travel
    Split Personality
    Gender Switch
    High School
    Warring Nations
    Arranged Marriage
    Childhood Friends
    Mute Girl/Guy
    Old West

    Harry Potter
    One Piece
    Kingdom Hearts
    Game of Thrones
    Flowers in the Attic
    Swan Princess
    Corpse Party
    Rule of Rose
    Alice in Wonderland
    Helen of Troy
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    Rune Factory 4
    Eternal Sonata
    Princess Tutu
    Legend of Zelda
    Black Butler
    Dark Cloud 1&2
    Spirited Away
    Dagan Ronpa
    A Great and Terrible Beauty
    Hunger Games

    ~Specific Ideas to Come~
    If the ideas are crossed out, it means they are already in use and unless someone really wants to try the idea out I won't reuse it (to avoid overusing ideas and burning out on them)

    The Honeycomb: (the idea comes from a dream I had)
    Humans have fled the Earth after an alien race attacked them one hundred years ago. Now they live in space in a colony known as the Honeycomb for its shape. The aliens have followed them and now when boys reach the age of thirteen they are recruited into the army and trained to repel the aliens. James is a boy who lives with his mother, father, and two younger siblings. Until the day of his thirteenth birthday dawns.
    Two years later, his training complete James and his best friend Mathew are entering their first battle. After the ship is badly damaged James flees in an escape pod, he floats in space for hours unsure of how to get back to base when he comes upon a badly damaged enemy ship. When the ship fails to destroy him he decides to board it, what he finds on board is not dead aliens as he expected but humans.
    (If the idea is picked I'll explain it in more detail)

    Time Travel: (the idea comes from a dream I had, I would like the female role)
    I was walking along a cobblestone road lined by small shops, a trolley went by and I climbed aboard it took me to the end of the street where I got off in front of a cafe. I was ushered inside by an older lady who kept calling me Maria and telling me I was late. I later found out that the couple who owned the shop thought I was their niece, as she and I looked identical. I also find out that the year is 1945 and I've somehow stepped 65 years into the past. The only person who seemed suspicious of me was the shop owners son.

    Serial Killer: (Open to change)
    For the past few weeks there has been multiple murders all done in the same style. A police officer on the crime scene recognizes this horrible scene. It was the same scene they had walked in on one day back when they were in high school, to find their girlfriend/boyfriend dead in a pool of blood along with the Aunt they lived with. (I'll explain this more in detail if anyone picks it)

    Wonderland in Reverse: (The role as Alice of course)
    Something has been up in the world of Wonderland, darkness is overrunning, the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat believe it has something to do with little Alice and go off in search of her. The pair fly up the rabbit hole and search London for one blond little girl. The Cheshire Cat finds himself changed, oddly he has taken the form of a human with purple ears and a tale. Unable to find the Mad Hatter he goes off in search of Alice, thinking that if he finds Alice he is sure to find the Mad Hatter.

    Arranged to be Married: (Female role, open to change)
    Angels and Demons have been at war since the time of the fall. Only a handful of really powerful angels and demons on both sides are left, the rest are lesser beings. So God and Lucifer forge a treaty to be cemented with a marriage between Lucifer's child and God's most powerful angel.

    Worlds Apart: (the idea came from a books lol its not my own, male role preferably)
    The king of the Unicorns has been ripped from his world and thrown in with the humans, he takes on the guise of the first human he see's, the male who brought him here in the first place. He is left memory-less and naked alone in the woods, a kind young woman finds the young male who can speak no English, and barely walk on his two legs, taking him home she cares for him.

    Twins: (The female role preferably, I dreamed this a few nights ago)
    They tried to hide it, but still it was found. Olivia and Oliver were twins born minutes apart, in each other they found the other half to themselves. They loved each other but that was wrong, they knew this and tried to hide it. It was found out and they were separated. Oliver stayed with their parents, Olivia was sent to their aunt and uncles, she was walking in the woods out back when she found a strange stone. Pocketing it she continued on her walk deeper into the woods until she finds a run down shack in a clearing. She goes inside and finds a jewelry box, inside is a bracelet with red stones. The stone in Olivia's pocket starts to glow, intrigued she takes the bracelet with her. Later she finds out that the bracelet is one of five power stones of mystery their meaning lost over the ages. After finding it she and Oliver meet back up and decide to run away together, until the strange locating stone Olivia found starts to glow and she finds a necklace with a pink stone, the second stone of power. Unwilling to get her brother mixed up in things she leaves him on the ship and flees at night now pursued by the owner of the necklace who knows the truth behind it.

    Imaginary Friend: (Female role, set during the 1800's)
    Edward came to her as a child, to everyone else he was her imaginary friend, but to her he was something real, she could see, head, and touch. As the years passed Madeline started seeing other beings, doctors were called and though they pronounced her healthy physically, she still saw specters in the shadows. Despairing of ever turning her step daughter into a proper young lady, Mrs. Cross convinces her father to send his daughter away to their country estate. Hoping that perhaps the country air will clear their daughters head.
    Edward, as it turns out, is not only real but he also knows exactly whats happening to young Madeline. Its his fault that people believe her to be touched in the head, the shadow creatures, the specters are using her mind as a portal to our world. Due to Edward's frequent trips through her mind, it left her open to all sorts of shadow creatures who slip out of her mind and into our world. About 4 years later Madeline is back in London as bad, if not worse then ever. Her mother and father finally decide that perhaps an asylum might be the best place to hide their unwell child away.
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  2. Hey im thinkin of doin a nightwing rp, wanna be in it , its a onexone.
  3. Hello,
    I'm new here and stumbled upon your thread and figured why not so here i am saying 'why not give it a try?'
  4. I will also throw my hat in, as it seems like we have a lot of the same interests. Let me know if you're interested; I play doubles, Romance, and usually OC and Canon. I can also do all OC if you want.

    Send me a message if you're interested.
  5. I'm very interested in what you have to offer. I find that we have much of the same interests and I love your ideas. The one that calls out to me the most though would be the Wonderland in Reverse. I am new to para roleplaying, so I apologize if some of my responses are a bit short if you decide to roleplay with me.
  6. If you're still looking for a partner, I'm very much interested in the Time Travel concept you listed. :)
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