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    - - - - About Me - - - -

    I am 20 years old.
    I am kind of swamped with group role-plays so I am only going to accept a certain amount of people for this.
    I am generally keep a professional attitude, I prefer to keep things calm and rational with my players. Please don't mistake that with me being a push over.
    I post about once or twice a week. If you catch me on a weekend with nothing to do I can do about a solid four hours of role-play.
    I have been role-playing since I was eleven. That is almost nine years of experience under my belt.
    I live at home with my parents, and attend college. I will become inactive at certain periods of time, but I will always let you know what is going on.

    - - - - - - - -

    The standard rules of Iwaku do apply.
    No god modding, no mary/gary sues, no op characters.
    I do expect at least a paragraph or two out of my partners.
    In case of sexual themes I do prefer my partners to be an adult member, however if you are a younger individual please don't be afraid to express your interest. I will be happy to work with the age assigned rules.
    Please try to post at least once or thrice a week. If life gets in the way, please tell me.
    If you lost interest, please let me know so the both of us can move on.
    I am searching for someone to be my go to role-play partner, so dedication would be nice.
    I really don't tolerate people who don't know how to act accordingly. If you are going to throw a hissy fit every time I tell you no then please go bother someone else.
    I expect my partners to be comfortable playing any gender. I also expect my partners to be comfortable with all types of relationships and orientations.

    - - - - Stories And Ideas - - - -

    - Key Box -
    ☑ Taken
    ⋆ Favorited

    ⋆The Flower Boy⋆
    ( M x F )
    @Riley Finnegan
    Your character is taking her lunch break in the park when they come across a baron flower stand. A bystander notices her interest in the stand, and mentions to her that it would be wise to come back next Sunday. They return at the given time and date, to find the stand full of some of the most beautiful flower's she has ever seen, and a handsome young man. She purchases one only to discover that the plant has magical properties. The girl confront the boy, and her world is turned upside down as he takes her on an adventure only found in fairy tales.

    ⋆You've Got A Friend In Me⋆
    ( Dark Themes, Inbox for Specifics. )
    A girl is visiting her grandmother, the mother of her biological father, for her 20th birthday. After spending the night, her grandmother sits next to her on the couch and hands you a plastic baggie full of old baby pictures. As the girl flips through all the pictures she stops at an old birthday party picture. There is a cute little blonde baby, the girl, and a boy with dark hair that looked the same age. Curious about the little boy the girl asks her grandmother who he is. She tells her his name, and how he is the boy next door that used to be her playmate as a baby. She then proceeded to tell you that it is such a shame that he has grown up into this very troublesome boy that causes a lot of trouble. After lunch, the girl wants to meet this stranger from her past, and show him the pictures. When she arrives she explains to the woman, the boys mother, who she is and that she wants to show the boy the pictures. She let's the young blonde haired girl in and instructs her to move on up to his room. When she enters the room she finds the boy sitting on the bed with a gun pointed to his head, instinctively the girl throws herself at him to knock the gun out of his hands. The loud ring of the gun firing echo's in the room.

    The Lost Princess
    ( M x F )
    This coming of age story takes place in late classical japan and focuses around the adventures of a homely country girl leaving home to work in the bustling city. Upon her arrival, a series of events leads her surrounded by the emperors guard and thrown into a cell. It is soon discovered that she has the mark of the emperor's missing daugher and is titled the crowned princess. She must face political turmoil, a pompous queen, and skeptical bodyguards. After some time there she falls in love with a young man at the palace, but who?

    Kiki's Delivery Service
    ( Inbox for Specifics. )
    Three friends, witches from a small country town, have reached their coming of age ceremony. They take off together, eager to find a new home and help each other with their witch training. They find their new home and open up a cute little shop of their own where they sell certain attires and decor. Unfortunately, the three have to be careful as the town is home to three witches that have lost their way. They have been causing trouble while the travel from city to city, and have caught the attention of witch hunters.

    ⋆The Puppet⋆
    A young woman attending university has inherited a dusty manor in her deceased grandfather's will. When she arrives to the estate, she must get used to living alone in such a creepy house. Eventually after exploring the house she finds a boarded up door that is impassable. She takes it apart board by board and slips through the door. She finds a doll makers studio decorated with a plethora of various dolls, supplies, and equipment. She hears a chilling whisper lifelessly emitting from the back room and cautiously approaches flash light in hand. What she finds changes her life for the worse as the freakishly human like puppet hangs helplessly from the ceiling. Unsure of it's intentions she leaves it to its own devices, but eventually the doll grows on her. After all the creature is just as lonely as she is, or so she believes.

    Power Puff Girls
    Pretty much the same as the original series, but made our own. There are only two power puff girls at first. They were born as preadolescent teenagers so they have to grow accustomed to the daily struggles of middle school, and still make the time to save the city of Townsville (assuming we're still calling it that). Eventually the girls want a baby sister, but instead a power puff boy is created. There is also the rowdy ruff boys too (our own version of them), created by an evil person who has a grudge against the professor. There's a plot that comes with this idea, and a range of characters.

    Harry Potter
    I have some characters ready for this fandom based role-play. I would just create my own wizarding school all together but that would take up to much time. I just really want to play this out, but I don't have any plot created. This is definitely a work in progress idea, so I am open to suggestions and plot ideas. If you wish to view my character click here.

    Harvest Moon: Life in Crownhaven

    Something has caused the fertility and life to diminish in the little town of Crownhaven. The sprites are acting strange, and the Harvest Goddess has gone missing. The town's fate is left in the hands of a chosen few who are destined to restore life to the country village, and return Crownhaven to its former glory.

    Monochrome Hearts
    Welcome to the Mirrorverse, void of all color and home to a monstrous specie. The Colorless Ones crave that which you have. They will lure you in with their hypnotic trance, then feast upon your pallet of shades and hues. You can't escape, for there is no return to the world from which you came. You will be food all the same. The land is ruled by a king and queen and they are quite the tyrannical two. Their hearts are painted an onyx black, thus naturally cruel, however there is hope for the people at last. Their daughter whose heart is white as snow is coming of age and soon to inherit the throne.

    - - - - The List - - - -

    The list includes genre's and topics that I would not mind centering a story around, but have no created any plot for these specific topics. If you have anything in mind please leave a message.

    (M x M)
    Sailor Moon
    Soul Eater
    Disney Movies
    Adventure Time
    Miyazaki Films
    The Walking Dead
    The Wizard of Oz
    Digimon & Pokemon
    Alice in Wonderland
    Code Name: Kids Next Door
    Oran High School Host Club
    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
    Avatar the Last Airbender / Legend of Korra

    - - - - Tags - - - -

    @T E R R O R
    @Gen. Gwazi Magnum PI

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  2. The lost princess seems right up my alley if you don't mind :)
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  3. I would be interested in doing The Flower Boy
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  4. Ah man, you just missed it. Someone asked for that one about two hours ago and I was just now able to update it. Any others you like??
  5. Alright! Let me put your name on it then. Send me an inbox with the story title and we will work out some details. xD
  6. BEEP BEEP! Back that up O_O

    Our age assigned rules are in place for a reason, they protect the site from legal trouble (we've actually had people pissing on this rule cause the site to be under actual real life FBI investigation and nearly shut down in the past), the adults from legal trouble, and the kids from sexual predators!

    So, no, you cannot 'work around' the assigned rules. Ever.

    Not even if you write the RP in pms

    Not even if you write it off-site

    It doesn't happen

    Good news is, we have over 1,800 active members on site every day, and the majority of Iwakuans are in their twenties! I'm sure you can find another adult to roleplay some smutty goodness with n_n
  7. Oh no, that's supposed to say WITH not around. I am well aware of the rules and repercussions. Seriously though thanks for pointing that out. XD
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  8. So you more mean you're willing to fade to black with 18- members? 8D
  9. Yes, that's what I meant. I don't want to get banned. XD
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  10. No bans! Just rainbows all around!

    Good to hear; y'had me worried for a sec. I was like "What? Really? D8 But Vio's been here forever and totally knows better!"

    As you can see we take this rule pretty seriously, so we treat it with a 'better safe than sorry' when it seems like someone doesn't understand the rules/thinks they found a loophole/thinks nobody is watching


    I kid (maybe)

    anyway I'll stop cluttering your thread; thanks for clearing it up!
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  11. Yeah totally wouldn't jeopardize my chance of becoming a CV or Staff like that. Before you go are you open for a one on one? :P

    And you keep doing what you do girl. Crack down on it as much as ya need. Keep up the good work! XD
  12. HAHAHA I was actually just about to message you like "Um, so this is awkward cause I totally had false alarm bells going in your thread just now, but.... "You've got a friend in me" looks really interesting and I'd love to play the boy O_O
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  13. Then let's do it. I'll send you a PM about it in a moment so we can go over the deets.
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  14. Hey I'm down for an adventure, and more then willing to brainstorm with you. I do tend to gravitate more towards action adventure, but that doesn't mean it has to be all action all the time. I'm really good at character building as well as world building, and you seem like the same kind of Rper in that aspect.

    Please let me know what you think!
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