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  1. Hey C: I'm interested in

    Split Personality
    Warring Nations
    Arranged Marriage
    and Horror :3
  2. I'm up for Horror related roleplay.
  3. @xxDarkest_Assassinxx: I was hoping someone would pick that one lol, did you have something in mind when you picked the assassin/target pairing or can we brainstorm?

    @jessica2477: now I'm sure we can combine some of those pairings into a role play, but is there any specific idea you wanted from a pairing? If not I might have a few ideas we could use.

    @Daniella_Belli: What type of horror are you looking for? I haven't had extensive experience with horror (as most people don't choose it) but I have enjoyed it when I do. Are you looking for supernatural horror? Serial killer and torture horror? Or something I can't think of right now lol.

  4. @MadLittleAlice: I don't actually, but I'm very interested in hearing what you have in mind :3
  5. @jessica2477: I had to give this much thought, now be warned any ideas I spout out are quickies that are open to change however we see fit.

    1) We could go the sibling and god route and maybe use Apollo and Artemis, or other gods of our making. I had this one idea about one of the gods being sealed away by the gods, they feared with his growing power he would take over Olympus. The island he was sealed away on was lost forever and rediscovered in the modern age by an anthropologist. Somehow she/he manages to free the god, the god is weak after the long imprisonment and burns with revenge against the other gods. He starts to get his powers back day by day and comes up with a plan of revenge. Our sealed god doesn't just want to take over, he wants to destroy the other gods entirely.

    2) Warring nations and siblings. Two nations have been in a power struggle for many a year, the king of one nation has two children born a couple years apart. The rival nation steals the eldest son as a toddler and raises him as their own. A certain amount of years later the king is ailing and has only a daughter to succeed him. But that will not be allowed without her taking a husband (there's an arranged marriage mixed in lol), the two nations are now at war. The brother has been raised as a crown prince of the rival kingdom, the two siblings eventually meet. That's all I have so far.

    3) Orphan, split personality, horror. Alright a pair of orphans were adopted by a nice couple. One of the orphans has MPD and one of his/her personalities is sadistic and enjoys tormenting its new "sibling". I haven't thought too deeply into this idea but I did give a vague idea we could expand upon if you want this one.

    Other then that just basic overused student/teacher ideas and royalty/commoner ones. Though if none of the above interests you I can think of more.
  6. @MadLittleAlice:

    1) Sounds extremely interesting. I'm a huge fan of mythology so this one should be good. Would you rather make our own Gods or go with already existing ones? And would our characters have to be full Gods or can they be half/half?

    2) I'm already getting ideas in mind for this plot >w<, I'd love to hear the rest of the plot when you have it all sorted out. Or I can help you brainstorm ideas for said plot and what not if you wish

    3) This one sounds like it'll be a lot of one sibling trying to get away from the other and the parents not believing they adopted a sweet little child who harbors a twisted second personality. That's what it sounds like to me, but it could be different depending on whatever else you or I have in mind.

    For the other ideas, I can think up some stuff for them to add some twists. You can give me your thoughts or any other ideas you might have in mind.
  7. @jessica2477: I personally would like to try either idea one or idea two. The choice is up to you which you decide on. But like I said all ideas are open to change, we can brainstorm and put our own twist on things. I would love to hear what you have in mind for what I've thrown out there.
  8. @MadLittleAlice: The second one catches my attention the most to be honest. Id love to brainstorm more for it :3 Ill put in what I can
  9. @jessica2477: awesome, now out of what I've given you so far what would you like to change about it? Which role would you like to play the brother or sister? What do you see happening over the course of the role play? Do the siblings meet? Do the two nations go to war and the brother somehow kill his father and the rival nation takes over his home kingdom? Maybe that does happen and the new king decides to marry his (still unknown to be) sister to the kings heir to tie her to his family. Eventually maybe the brother finds out the truth and starts a rebellion to win back his throne.

    Hows that?
  10. @MadLittleAlice I thought we could brain storm together. I actually tried a RP like this a very long time ago but it didn't work. Hopefully this'll be different
  11. @xxDarkest_Assassinxx: I understand how you feel, it happened to me as well. First lets decide a few key points before throwing ideas around.

    Modern or medieval? Medieval for me or better I like feudal age Japan to try.
    Male/Female pairing? Male/Female pairing for me.
    Would you like to be the assassin or target? I don't mind either or.
  12. Alright, let's go medieval. Male/female pairing is perfect and which would you rather be I can do pretty well at both
  13. @xxDarkest_Assassinxx: Medieval works for me, I don't mind playing the target. But first why is my character being targeted?
  14. @MadLittleAlice: So far I have nothing to change about it plot wise, but I will contribute more ideas later during the day. I usually play female so I hope you don't mind if I play the sister. I also hope you don't mind if I draw my character, I have something in mind for her but I can never find the perfect image on Google to match it.

    What I do see happening over the course of the RP is the siblings do end up meeting some time outside the palace/castle (or get a glance of one another, doesn't have to be an official introduction). The brother is heir to the rival nation and word has spread that the daughter can not claim the throne until she is married. So the royal and the commoner suitors come in hopes of marrying the daughter and becoming King. I assume the brother has female suitors, but does not find any of them worthy of the Queen's crown. I also see the brother finding out that he is also the rightful heir to what his sister was supposed to receive when she weds. So, he demands for his rightful place. Of course, the ailing King refuses the rival nation heir his place to the throne.

    That's what I see it as so far. But will it be that the brother poisons the medicine of the King to obtain the added land once he's dead? Shall he (unknowingly) take the sister into marriage, so that way, nothing can stop him from obtaining the two lands? Or will the marriage only happen because he knows it would be something to spite the dying King?
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  15. @jessica2477: From what you've said, you make it seem like my character would be some sort of villain. I don't see my character as demanding the throne or poisoning his birth father to get his "rightful" throne as well. Plus if he learned the truth of himself he would know his sister was his sister and wouldn't marry her.
    When I said he would eventually find out I figured it was after the ailing king died and his birth kingdom taken over. The sister would then be forcefully engaged to a relative of his, maybe a cousin to keep her tied to his family. I don't think the king would want to marry her to his "son" knowing their real relationship. Unless that king somehow died and the brother decided to take her as his own bride to tie the people to himself as well. Shortly after marrying he finds out their true relationship.

    I don't see my character spitefully killing a dying king.
  16. @MadLittleAlice:

    My apologies, it was what it sounded like when I first read the plot. The character personalities werent specified so I had assumed villianous due to him being in a rival nation. Forgive me for the assumptions, now I have a better understanding.
  17. @jessica2477: I probably should have explained better, with no names being used its understandable that you would be confused lol. I'm sorry. Now that the plot is understood by us both is there anything you want to change?
  18. @jessica2477: alright so all that's left is to set up the thread and get our characters down. I'll get to work on it and get back to you in a few
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