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  1. Hi kids, today I'm going to talk about one of the best cures for writer's block I've ever used, that my perfectionist side loves to hate.

    If you're not moving on because what you've written is crap, or all you can come up with is crap, write it anyway.



    The important thing, for me at least, is to get all of it out of your head and onto the page; plow ahead, keep writing. You'll write some bits you like, and a lot of bits that you won't, but you're going to go over all of them with your red editing pen later anyway, so don't worry about all of it being good on a first draft.

    This is especially useful if you struggle with beginnings/opening sentences. Either write whatever terrible crap you've come up with, or leave it blank and write it later! You don't need to write it all in sequence, either. My practice for writing solo stories is to outline the plot, start-to-finish, in bullet points, and then try to write out the chapters. Sometimes I'm just getting NOTHING for chapter two, but I know what's going down in chapter five! So why shouldn't I work on that one?

    In short: There's no law that says your story has to be written in order, and there's definitely none that says you have to get everything right the first time. If you're a perfectionist like me, then a little part of you dies every time you hear me say this, but leave the crap; you can fix it later.
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  2. Easier said than done.

    Some of us feel more burnt out than having a nasty case of writer's block. That nagging feeling in the back of your mind going "does my writing matter anymore?" that has pushed some of us on the brink to quit roleplaying and creative writing altogether. How would one persevere through such cynicism?
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  3. I completely agree, I usually look over a page I done and think it's complete crap. Then I go back and revise and loss my train of thought like that. Forcing yourself to continue writing until you reach your goal usually works as long your thoughts don't implode under revisionism.
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  4. this recommendation isn't for burnouts, it's for writer's block.

    Personally I don't really suffer through 'does it even matter' spells, because I came to the realization long ago that it really doesn't, and I'm cool with that. I write for myself, and - in RPs - for my partners. These are the only parties that have to get something out of it, and if they don't, it's not the end of the world. Something doesn't have to carry massive weight and significance for me to keep on doing it. For spells when you just don't feel like writing, and it's not necessarily because of depression, I find the best solution is to just do it. Or don't. Depends if you're on a deadline/people are waiting. Probably what you write won't be great, because you're not really into it but *pokes first post*
  5. I think writing itself is meaningless at times. But it's best no to think about it and proceed in a straight line towards your goal. It's very simple-minded but it's best not to overthink and destroy your train of thought.
  6. Another thing I suggest is to join a Chat RP if you haven't already. Whether it's mindless dribble or not isn't the key. The reason to join a chat rp with writersblock is to be forced to write, and to write the crap, as iit's been so eloquently put. You don't have hours to scrutinize everything or you'll ruin the flow of the roleplay, so you end up writing out a post you might hate, but it moves the story along so you try on your next turn. That was my old fix for writers block. By time I was bored of chat roleplaying and I went back to my forum post I would hammer out something decent, revise it once, and post. Accept that not every post will be amazing, so long as the story continues who cares.
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  7. I wholeheartedly agree with this.

    Write through the writer's block. Write through the pain!
  8. What about if you feel like your post is too short but you just can't fill it in with anything more of importance? :<
  9. Then just post the short thing so long as it actually moves the plot forward in some way. Unless you're working with elitist turds, a post of just a couple sentences should be fine so long as it's not totally devoid of useful content.
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  10. Whenever I try to plow ahead the cynical trash heap which dwells inside me bubbles out onto the page through my fingers, and starts mocking whatever I'm writing because he thinks it's shit.

    Edit: To better explain, the narrator's voice becomes really sarcastic and contemptuous.
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  11. I didn't think I'd have to make use of this advice since I don't really write long posts, but I've being using it for a couple of days to write a lab report xD Thanks a lot :3
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