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  1. Hello!

    I'm just dying to write right now. I typically use some sort of fantasy in all of my writing. It may include mythology, magic, angels-- you name it.

    Character races I have played and enjoyed:

    Vampires (Psyonic, traditional/ NOT TWILIGHT)
    fae creatures
    God's (not god mode.. most I have played are fallen diety)
    demi gods/ heroes

    and many many more.

    I'm less interested in sappy romance and more interested in adventure stories, though if romance occurs along the way so be it.

    Things that I find important are flaws and depth to Characters. Be creative and throw something new at me! The same old angsty run away teen who no one understands doesn't interest me... Now, a cursed angsty teen out for revenge-- that might be a little different. :p

    I only write in third person past tense and prefer partners who write in a similar style. I don't take control of other peoples characters and don't expect you to take control of mine. Also, I don't like fast forwarding in the middle of a scene unless we agree to do so-- I can't tell you how urking it is to want to have a character interject in a dialog only to have had my writing partner already skip to the next day and leave my character swallowing their words.

    Drop me a line if you're interested in RPing with me.
  2. I am interested...but new to this website....third person I write in I believe.... but third person past tense? forgive me but I think I need an example...I do not want to ruin your Rp..
  3. An example would be; "Michael walked into the shop and paused."

    Third person past tense. :p
  4. -bump-

    Still looking!