Write a story with me! (Like literally write a story w/ me)

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  1. Hello my flowers! Now this isn't a role-play request.. It's a story writing request! I am writing a story or more so a 'short book' and I need some help with it!

    So far the main idea is

    A boy named Zane Brady moves to Portland, Orgean because his parents wanted to get away from the busy cities and to somewhere more fresh. As they move they move into a teenless neighborhood but luckily Zane makes friends with a young girl named Mabel who works at a (blank).

    So that's pretty much all I have right now... >.> It will be called 'My starry night'.

    The settings will be: Portland, orgean & New York city.
    The characters will be: Mabel Charleston & Zane Brady.

    So PM me if you'd like to help me out ;)!! Thanks!!​
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  2. Love your idea!
    Sent you a PM. Hope you like it!