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  1. Hello and welcome, this is meant to be a project I intend to launch on this site called 'Write a Story with me'. That in general means that in this type of jump in I will 'with my main char' follow a set story I have intended from the beginning. While your allowed to play mostly just about any character on the side, even thought they might not be equally important as my protagonist they may have important roles in the main plot.

    There are few rules to this, but the most common are that you should try to avoid god-modding, or Mary/Gary Suing unless its a major part of the plot. I will obviously try to avoid the same thing, but if I'm faced by unnecessary difficult tasks just such things might be called for unless there is other solutions.

    With that established I hope that all can have fun, as your basically free to mess with my plot and my character so long as it doesn't halt the main progress for too long.

    As this is a Pokémon plot, I am willing to let you play both Humans and Pokémon of any kind. You may be anything from wild pokémon, Trainer pokémon, Trainers, Professors... Etc etc, That also including 'my pokémon' You can be pokémon that I catch or already have caught if they're not already claimed. Your also free to play rivals, or possible love interests... Yeah, whatever you may think about I suppose.

    You may even play legendaries at some point, however if they are intended to be owned by someone other than Me I want to hear about it in the OOC first.

    Well, with that said Lets begin.

    The Fist Arc will be set in Johto, however I'm fine with any pokémon up and including Kalos to exist, even thought in the wild I prefer Johto only.


    My Char (open)

    Name: Zach Gregory
    Age: 16
    Sexual Pref: Straight.
    'Made in Trainer Generator'
    -Starter: Riolu 'Yumi' *Open* 'Female'


    My Amazing Johto Adventure

    It was the beginning of a sunny new day , the sun had just risen above the mountains and there was not a single cloud in the sky. A calm breeze came in from the north and everything in town started awakening to the sunrise, however that didn't necessarily include Zach as he always slept in late and usually didn't awake before noon. However today was special, because today he had decided to start a journey together with Yumi his Riolu. They had been friends for a very long time, a few years to be exact. Ever since the day Zach met with the Aura Guardian a few years ago and he received Yumi as an egg. He had always cared for her well, and they usually played lots outside even thought many other trainers his age usually had traveled far and wide Zach was more of the kind that stayed close to home.

    Yet not today... Because as said before, today he had decided to start his journey. Having gone to olivine city by boat from the Hoenn region where he lived, he wanted to start in the location where he knew the Aura Guardian had come from. And so he was here now, even thought asleep in the pokémon center where he had stayed the night as he had arrived late yesterday and wanted to fully start his journey in daylight. Awakening to the call of his Poké-gear alarm, Zach would stretch out and yawn in greeting to the new day, even thought he probably looked like a ruined train at this hour. He got up and padded over to the sink where he would carefully was his face and then he would put on his clothes and check if anything was missing. Eventually he nodded to himself and felt ready, however he realized that Yumi weren't awake yet, thus he simply picked her up nicely and gave her a piggy-back ride as they both enjoyed her being outside of her pokéball.

    On the way out he thanked Nurse joy for the night and then he finally got on his way. However he knew that his first stop should be at Professor elms, as he needed to get a Pokédex and to be fully registered as a trainer. Yet Zach did intend to fully enjoy his time there, and to finally get a chance to see and perhaps catch new pokémon would be great. With those happy thoughts in mind he took his first steps up route 39.
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  2. The hour struck nine as Levi rolled over his eyes still shut as he continues to dream. Next to him stirs a small silver and white Eevee named Ritardando. The pokémon sits up and yawns shaking out its coat before turning to his trainer.

    He paws his shoulder and lightly nips at Levi's ear to wake him.

    Levi laughs slightly in his sleep before sitting up "Okay okay I'm up." He says to friend "You know what we're doing today?"

    Ritardando nods.

    "Ha, yup we're going to the lab to register that will get us to our goal faster." He said with a hint of pride.

    After a quick shower anf breakfast the twosome run to Professor Elms lab, unbeknownst to them that there is anothet headed there as well. And that they could end up friends or rivals.
  3. "Big day buddy. You know why?"

    "Sappy new trainers. That's why."

    "Time to choose a target. Come on."

    "Alright. Alright."

    Tick and Tock had only just gotten back to Olivine City yesterday to restock their treasure stash. They chose this day, of course, because most trainers started there journey on this very day. On this day they would chose a young trainer to steal from his or her entire journey, winnings, items, and of corse food.
  4. Levi and Ritardando reached Olivine City. "Look buddy where here finally, I hope I can keep you as my starter." The pink haired boy said.

    Ritardando barks in response as he is carried in Levi's arms. The young twosome noticed two Pokémon who seemed wild, but how they hung together sort of scared him.
  5. As Zach walked down the route he noticed a building in the distance but didn't pay it much mind as it was likely just a cabin. And as Zach continued it would probably take him about half a day to reach Ecutreak city as he weren't really in any rush getting somewhere because of two main reasons. The first being that he simply enjoyed nature, and the second being that he wanted to watch pokémon in their natural wild state. Soon enough however he heard Yumi waking up and he stopped for a while to gently put her down so that she could rub her eyes and stretch out. "Morning Yumi~" Zach would say with a smile while Yumi got her sleepiness out, Then he would take out some pokémon food he had brought for her and a moment later she would be calmly eating it while Zach himself stretched out and laid down in the grass to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Yumi was not always very talkative especially not in the morning, but the smile she gave him told him that she was happy. While Zach laid in the grass he could hear the singing of the bird like pokémon from the trees, and he could also see a few pokémon roaming around here and there which was very interesting to watch. Down a slope he could see a Tauros in the distance, and nearby he could see Rattata and their evolutions as well as a few bug types and even an Aipom in a tree nearby. However he would check Yumi every now and then and she would soon join in to look around in peace, "So many pokémon in the wild... I'm sure they all have interesting stories of their own..."Zach mumbled to himself and to Yumi if she really listened to him.
  6. "Target acquired." The two members of the Clock said this at the exact same time. He was perfect: nervous glance, his Pokemon had a missing leg, and his hair was weird. They both hid out of sight and began following with interest.
  7. @Crono

    What Tick and Tock didn't know was they were in fact being watched. Watched by a little Chatot in fact the Chatot had been watching them since they arrived in the city. Sally the Chatot was perched on top of her good friend Aragor's horn both of them hidden from sight as they watched their group leader stalk the two dark type pokemon.

    The shiny Flareon Ares was following the two dark type pokemon silently from behind, like a predator stalking its prey her steps were light and silent but swift and graceful. Her good friend Sally had told her about these two they were thieves stealing stuff from trainers. Well she didn't like that not in the least if anything she doesn't want any rivaling groups on here but if she could convince them to join her then that would be perfect but for now that is not the priority.
  8. A little Vulpix with a blue scarf around her neck paced the room, turning every now and again to look at her trainer, who was still asleep, bundled up in a tangle of blankets. This was basically a daily occurrence between the two, though the Pokémon was unsure how her partner still wasn't able to wake up early. Especially when she'd been talking about today all day yesterday.

    Blaze quietly walked up to the bed and jumped up, standing by Ali's side. She nudged her a few times with her nose before barking and slamming her paws on her Trainer's back to try and wake her up. Not long after, Ali groaned and asked, "What is it, Blaze?"

    The Pokémon jumped off the bed and ran over to Ali's backpack, which the Trainer had packed the day before. Ali sat up and rubbed her eyes, yawning. "What?" She asked. Ali wasn't exactly quick in the mornings. It took her a moment before she realized. "Oh, yeah!" She exclaimed, jumping out of the nest of a bed and checking the time. "I guess we're not necessarily late." She said to Blaze, turning to fix the blankets on the bed. Once that was fixed, Ali picked up her bag and left the room. Once they'd had something to eat, they left the town and started down the road with Blaze trotting beside Ali.

    Argos had been moving all through the night, only stopping for quick rests and if he happened upon something to eat when he was hungry. That was his usual policy, travel at night and rest during the day. However, he knew there was a human town somewhere around here, but he wanted to go around it before he stopped. People were not something he wanted to deal with.
  9. Zach got up and stretched out after a while so that Yumi could eat and finish her breakfast in peace, and then he would gently pat her head with a smile as he picked up her bowl. "Oh you ate it all, Good girl~. It will help you grow up big and strong" he said happily seeing that she had a good appetite which he saw as a good sign. He could see her seeming happy, and as he felt ready he woudl gently take Yumi's paw in his hand and lead onward as he walked alongside her. He didn't want her to fee left in a pokéball after all and none of them really liked the thought of it as Yumi was more like a little sister to Zach than she was a regular pokémon, and that was the special bond they seemed to share. However as Zach walked down route 39 he noticed a moo-moo farm and instantly smiled "Hey feeling for some milk?" he asked Yumi and she seemed to happily agree with him as he knew that nearly every pokémon and most humans too liked Moo-Moo milk. And with that decided the two of them happily ran along to the Moo-moo farm.

    Once at the Moo-moo farm Zach would look for one of the employees or possibly some kind of owner, and while looking around he pointed to the different buildings and the Miltank to explain to Yumi what the buildings was, such as the barn... the grain house, the tool shed and living house. He also had to tell Yumi to hold her horseas so that she didn't run out to play with the Miltank as he hadn't asked permission to enter yet.
  10. Tick's sensitive ears caught the sound of movement behind them but he didn't turn around, instead he leaned in and whispered something in Tock's ear to which he nodded. They both continued to walk but there path was changed, and Tock was readying Haze.
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  11. Samantha had started her day before sunrise. It really wasn't a surprise, considering the fact that both of her pokemon prefered being out and about during the predawn hours. Archimedes the hoothoot was perched on top of her hat and Sol was walking a ways ahead of them. The absol was always more of a loner than a social butterfly, and Samantha didn't mind it all that much. He had a rough life before he ended up on her team. He hated being in a pokeball, and he hated being pampered, causing most to believe that he was a wild absol. Suddenly he took off at a sprint, leaving Sam and Archimedes scrambling to catch up. "Sol! Wait up!!!" Eventually the forest trail opened up and she could see a Miltank Farm up ahead. As well as a trainer and a riolu... And Sol was racing towards them.
  12. The Flareon then quickened its paste the began waving its tail in the air as if to signal somethings.

    "Thats our cue!" The chatot said before taking to the air flying above Tick and Tock though making it look like she wasn't up to something and was just flying about.

    Aragor ran and jumped in front of Tick and Tock standing tall, Ares ran out of the covers and stood behind the two "So a friend of mine as told me about your... activities may i ask where are you two going?" she said giving them a small smile well heres hoping that they wont mistake her for a eevee due to her color since a lot of pokemon do that.
  13. "We were off to our little treasure horde. Would you like to see it?" Tick said cheerfully he didn't exactly want to annoy the absol that stood before them or the overgrown eevee behind them.
  14. Ares pondered about it for a moment raising an eyebrow out of suspiciousion "But first off introduce yourselves ".
  15. Zach watched the Miltank with Yumi when he suddenly was quite certain he heard something nearby and could see Yumi reacting to it as well. He looked towards the direction he had that feeling and could see an Absol seemingly charging towards them. Zach was a bit baffled by seeing it, but he quickly but gently spoofed Yumi in behind him and she didn't really argue as she was a bit timid towards charging pokémon for obvious reasons. However Zach crouched down slightly and reached out his hand in a friendly manner to show that he didn't mean any harm in case he had somehow offended the pokémon "Oh... Hey there, woah take easy big fella" he said as the Absol came closer to them and he still remained protective over his pokémon as he didn't want it try to hurt Yumi for no reason.
  16. Sol lightly pushed them out of the way as a large bale of hay fell from the hayloft window, landing right where the two had been standing. Samantha eventually came running onto the scene. "Thank.... God...." She panted, hands on her knees. Archimedes flew overhead and took a perch on a nearby fence post.
  17. Zach was a bit surprised when the Absol pushed them, and was a bit frightened along with Yumi. However a ball of hay fell down making the two flinch a bit and then as Zah sat up he realized that the pokémon didn't seem to want to attack them after all. "Uhm... Thanks... I guess"he would say and look to Yumi, she calmed down too and both looked to the ball of Hay for a moment while wondering where it had come from. Seeing the girl's relief he figured it was the trainer, and as he noticed the Hayloft window nearby he wondered if the Absol haden't really distracted them enough to not notice it themselves considering how they had noticed the absol instead and worried about it. Standing up Zach would brush off his clothes with his hands and gently clean Yumi up a bit from grass before looking at the other trainer and her pokés. "Hay... so I guess this Absol is yours?... " he said as he looked to the trainer, then he looked to the Absol again with a smile, it was its thoughts that counted after all and it was good of it to save them from danger in the end. "Thank you again, " he would say with a smile and ty to pat itgently.
  18. "I am Tick."
    "I am Tock."
    "And we are the members..."
    "...Of The Clock."
    They announced this with perfect timing and both bowed hello to the new pokemon.
    "Now who are you?"
  19. Samantha looked at the trainer and his riolu, her cheeks flushed from her unwanted exercise, and put a kind smile on her face. "Yes, he's mine. He didn't rough you guys up too much, did he?" She asked them worriedly, concern clear in her light blue eyes. Sol narrowed his eyes and growled softly as Zach went to touch him. He backed away and laid down by the fence post that Archimedes was perched on. The little owl pokemon gave a curious hoot, and the absol shrugged his shoulders in response before he rested his head on his paws and observed his trainer and the stranger. "My name's Samantha, by the way. You've met my partner Sol, and the hoothoot's name is Archimedes." She stated, getting introductions out of the way.
  20. Zach looked to the two of them, but as the Absol growled to him he didn't approach it any further as he didn't want to make it mad. Then as its trainer talked to him he smiled back to her as he stood up again "No, no.. were fine actually... Your Absol really saved us from that ball of hay, and were greatful aren't' we Yumi?..." he said earing a smile from his Riolu companion Yumi wo certainly looked happy to see more pokémon around here. "Sol,Samantha and Archimedes was it?... I'm Zach, and This is Yumi" he said and made a slight bow alongside Yumi who copied her trainer a little making him chuckle. He looked around slightly and then nodded "So do you work here Samantha?... Yumi and I really were looking to buy some of the famous Moo-Moo milk" he said as he scrached his cheek slightly.
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