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  1. IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/write-a-pokémon-story-with-me.85283/

    Here is the OOC where you my post additonal characters, Etc. Or just talk about stuff.

    Hello and welcome, this is meant to be a project I intend to launch on this site called 'Write a Story with me'. That in general means that in this type of jump in I will 'with my main char' follow a set story I have intended from the beginning. While your allowed to play mostly just about any character on the side, even thought they might not be equally important as my protagonist they may have important roles in the main plot.

    There are few rules to this, but the most common are that you should try to avoid god-modding, or Mary/Gary Suing unless its a major part of the plot. I will obviously try to avoid the same thing, but if I'm faced by unnecessary difficult tasks just such things might be called for unless there is other solutions.

    With that established I hope that all can have fun, as your basically free to mess with my plot and my character so long as it doesn't halt the main progress for too long.

    As this is a Pokémon plot, I am willing to let you play both Humans and Pokémon of any kind. You may be anything from wild pokémon, Trainer pokémon, Trainers, Professors... Etc etc, That also including 'my pokémon' You can be pokémon that I catch or already have caught if they're not already claimed. Your also free to play rivals, or possible love interests... Yeah, whatever you may think about I suppose.

    You may even play legendaries at some point, however if they are intended to be owned by someone other than Me I want to hear about it in the OOC first.

    Well, with that said Lets begin.

    The Fist Arc will be set in Johto, however I'm fine with any pokémon up and including Kalos to exist, even thought in the wild I prefer Johto only.


    My Char (open)

    Name: Zach Gregory
    Age: 16
    Sexual Pref: Straight.
    'Made in Trainer Generator'
    -Starter: Riolu 'Yumi'

    Gender: Female
    Age: 6
    Personality: Little Sister style affection to Zach. Loyal to 200%

    Open for Someone to control.

    Character Skelly (open)




    Species: 'Real pokémon only'
    Trainer or Wild:
    Catch-able?: (By anyone, Only By Zach, or Not at all)

    'Legendarily pokémon can only be caught by Zach xD... if at all. '
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  2. [​IMG]
    Ritardando is a Shiny Eevee that is level 1 and lonely in nature with the Run Away ability and hidden ability of Anticipation.

    He knows Tackle, Tail Whip, and Helping hand.

    Ritardando is also the partner to Levi a young boy who started his journey the same time as the hero of the story.

    Ritardando also has three legs, no one knows why the left hind leg isn't there since its been like that since birth.

    Levi is Ritardando's trainer, he was given the eevee to him as christmas gift and the two were never seen apart since then. Levi was often bullied and weak along with Ritardando, sick of it Levi decided to go on a journey and learn to be stronger with the hopes of one day becoming a gym leader!
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  4. image.jpg
    Tick, the thieving sneasel
    Level: 31
    Moves: Shadow Claw, Quick Attack, Double Team, Thief
    Held Item: Reaper Cloth

    Tock, the sneaky murkrow
    Level: 32
    Moves: Haze, Shadow Ball, Peck, Steel Wing
    Held Item: Razor Claw

    Two Pokemon that were left by there trainer. Growing up on the streets made them hardened and greedy. They travel all of Joto, stealing whatever they can get there claws on. They call themselves "The Clock"
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  8. @Foxy Da Pirate I think, due to being the nervous type, Levi should be Zach's buddy. But it's your choice of corse.
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