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  1. Hello there, and I am so glad you are interested in writing a novel! I have a set idea that I have been working on, and realized that I'd just love to roleplay it out. Of course, I am open-minded to any, and all changes that are thought of. Some expectations I have: I expect posts weekly, as I will happily give posts weekly. There is no wordcount maximum, but there is a minimum of three hundred words. We can do word wars, and other fun things!

    There are three countries on the continent; two have governments and the other is coined as the Barbaric Lands, or the Wild Lands. The one at the top of the continent (which is a mountainous terrain with quite a few coasts on the West side of the continent) is called Lysteria. Lysteria is a monarchy; that prides itself on their extensive knowledge of histories, magic, and herbalism. It's a solitary country, building it's power.

    Sashin is South of Lysteria and is set up in four districts: It's a totalitarianism government, and prides itself in it's technology. They have TV, light fixtures, radios, even computers. Security cameras, cell-phones; lovely modern technology in a Steampunk fashion. Much of it is wind-powered, however. The first district of Sashin is on the border of Lysteria, and Sashin: It's where the richest live, go to school, and what not. This is where the Creator, the governing head of the country, lives and conducts his experiments. He prides his creations of being mechanical, human creatures with great speed, power, and intelligence. The second district is to the East, and is quite a bit wealthier though much of their wealth goes to buying seeds for crops, livestock, and creating weapons. This is where much of the food is grown, as well as where the mines exist. The third district; on the west coast of Sashin is the port. Where the inns, travelers, merchants, and all kinds meet. There are ships, air-ships, even an air-ship of which that is an inn. Lastly, the poorest district, is the fourth district which is based on the cliff of the mountains. It is crowded, and fake meat is mostly to be had.

    Lastly; The Wild Lands at the base of the cliff of the mountains. This is where exiles, the odd tribes of people, ogres, and trolls live. It is said dwarves live inside of the mountain, but none have seen any dwarves in many years. So how is that to be true? Anyway; The government is in tribes, really, not so much an actual government. The ogres are the tribal heads, and the trolls are the middle-men of the humans and other types that live and thrive off of the lovely plains of the Wild Lands. The ogres often meet with someone from Lysteria once each season to see how things are going; as Lysteria often provides the ogres with breeding livestock.

    Now that you have an understanding of the continent, let me explain the bits of the plot I have come up. (Pretty much, just the beginning.)

    The bi-annual ceremony has come up for it's last time this year, just four months before the new year. Aadun is called upon by the Priest of the King. He is to go with the Prince; Landen; and act as a navigator to conquer the Barbaric lands so that they may next; take over Sashin and become Emperors.

    During this time; Two ragamuffins from Sashin are being exiled and tossed over the cliff. Using stolen gear, they survive and make their way down. They will end up meeting Aadun and Landen eventually, somewhere.

    I'll add more later, and feel free to PM me or something. OCs are awesome; too.
Thread Status:
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