Wrestling fans?

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  1. So how many people here like wrestling, you know, like WWE, WWF, WCW, ROH, ECW, CZW, TNA, wrestling like that. Who is your favorite wrestler, what is your dream team, who do you think should leave and never return?
  2. Wrestling?

    You mean MAN OPERA!
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  3. Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma!


    I don't watch any real wrestling, though :<
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  4. Soap opera for people who claim not to like soap operas
  5. I used to be a fan of WWE & ECW to the point that me and my brothers made our own weekly version of the sport(We were bored out of our minds so don't judge us) but that was a pretty long time ago I'm afraid. Still, my favorite wrestler would have to be between Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy and Triple H.

    As for my dream team, I'd put Roddy Piper. Andre The Giant, Triple H, Bobby Lesly(Think that's his name), The Rock, Brock Lesnar, & Shawn Michaels(The super kick dude if I'm not mistaken) on my team and we'd run through everybody. Finally, as noted above, I haven't been keeping up with it so I'm not eligible to answer such a question.
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  6. I do a lot of training for for those who want get into the indy wrestling scene. Have always had an interest in wrestling, and right now? It's a gr8 time to be a Wrestling Fan. And no, I was no famous Indy Wrestler at all xD just had the luxury of being trained by William Regal and had a match with Rhyno.

    Favourite Wrestler of all time would have to go to Keiji Mutoh/Great Muta, the guy is a legend, the "Japanese Undertaker" is definitely fitting for him in my books. He also innovated my favourite move, The Shining Wizard. As for tag teams? I gotta go old skool, The Road Warriors, they are just really badass.
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  7. I haven't been watching much since the last Wrestlemania, but I still consider myself a wrestling fan. My all time favorite is The Undertaker. I have a few of his DVDs so that I can reminisce about the Ministry of Darkness years.
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  8. I would still watch wrestling if they were still drugged out of their minds all the time.

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  9. Fight Owens fight
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  10. ^ This guy knows what's up.
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  11. I used to really love wrestling, back in the Attitude era with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, XPac and Stone Cold Steve Austin and my all time favorite, The Rock. Wrestling has fallen off recently so I don't watch it like I used to. Only Wrestlemania. Its like an event at our house every year.
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  12. [​IMG]

    BAH GAWD!!
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  13. Dustys death leaves a big hole in my heart.

    Wrestling was never really that big in sweden, even during its heyday. But It did get some primetime TV for a while. But Me, I got ahold of a bunch of old VHS tapes from my American neighbour. They were all with Dusty matches on it . I ate that shit right up, and 7 year old me loved Dustys way of talking. The bionic elbow stuck with me for so long as "the killer move" lol.

    I am absolutely fucking gutted at losing Dusty.
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  14. IF you want some top tier wrestling; This is a must watch.

    Edge was my favorite but he retired. );

    I guess my current favorite is Dean Ambrose? I also like when Randy Orton does his lone wolf thing, giving no fucks and all the RKOs.


    I'm so tired of John Cena that I can't even be a hater about him anymore. I just don't care.

    Brock Lesnar will forever be at the top of my shit list. e____e They slapped us in the face when they let Brock Lesnar of all people beat The Streak. Pissed on our shoes. Knocked over my diet soda.

    MY DIET SODA, JOHN @GhostJoker

    *runs out of steam and rambles off into a corner*

    Ricky Steamboat......Shane O'Mac.............liecheatsteal.................
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  16. If you want more story telling, faster matches, cooler moves and general hammy goodness ala Robert Rodriguez of Dusk To Dawn fame; Lucha Underground. Seriusly, between NXT and Lucha Underground, Raw and Smackdown is very weak.
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  17. I watch WWE with my sisters :P

    Fave wrestlers are Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Bella twins.

    D Generation X was awweesome. Now Triple H is annoying.

    Was pretty sad to learn that Dusty Rhodes died on Thursday :[
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