Wrath of Lavos

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[align=center]Wrath of Lavos[/align]

Lavos, a being of immense power and near immortal life. The creature moves from planet to planet feasting on the energy of the rock until it moves on. Before leaving total destruction wipes clean its plate. This being was finally put to a stop on a planet in a distant galaxy by a kid named Crono and his friends.

However, the threat still remained. Lavos was just one of an entire specie that plagues the universe. Most planets these Lavi inhabit are desolate, however, on the rare occasion it is a populated civilization for more than 65 million years. In this particular case, the planet infected is another a lot like Crono's home. Science and Magic coexist and are not forgotten throughout time. Along with such things also comes the tales of the Lavos that has infected their planet. In some time periods people deny it, in others people accept it and are trying to find ways to put an end to this spawn. And unfortunately some have to live with it as Lavos takes his leave. In the year 2012 Lavos is recorded to have left the planet. In the year 2400 a time machine has been built and a group of hopeful adventurers are ready to board.




Time Era: (With the coming of Lavos also comes Time Holes. These Time Holes allow passage without the time machine. So you can be of any era in history you can think of.)

Weapon/Magic & Abilities


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