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    They brought you to a room. The room, in a crumbling castle that once stood proud and strong against invading armies, is now a remnant of an age that few care about. But there are things here that the original creators, ignorant of magic, could never have dreamed of. Scrying pools, magical scribe’s tools, alchemy labs, and an entrance into a vast, enchanted library. Oh yes, magic exists. Most write it off as superstition or evil, but a few have the inborn gift that will let them learn to use it, to master it. Unfortunately, those few are just as likely to turn to darkness, to trouble the world, as they are to save it.

    That’s where you come in. You are one of the gifted few, and you have been recruited to be part of a secret society that has existed as long as there has been hidden magic. Your job is to protect the world from itself, to gather the ancient tomes and relics and learn them, master them, and keep the world safe from those who would abuse such things. You will encounter strange beats, fear inspiring magics, and enchanted objects. You will find yourself in danger, and your team will be the only ones you can rely on. The outside world doesn’t know you exist. You are WRAITH, and you protect the world.

    The World of Derestin

    The world of Derestin is a rather unimpressive place to the outside realms for the most part. It is a temperate world with areas of polar chill and a lush equatorial zone. The Dasangya, the planet’s only sentient and evolved race, are tall, willowy creatures of green skin. With no other major race to contend with, they have spread across the habitable areas of the planet and developed many cultures. Food is gathered, grown or hunted. Cities spring up and fall, and war sweeps the lands from time to time. Technology has never gotten too far, and much of what was developed has been lost to time and the ravages of war. A medieval world like any other. So why is it that this world is so special?

    Derestin, it seems, is along a place where what we know as reality wears thin. Here, all those creatures of myth and magic have a chance to step through the veil, cross over into a world that is compatible with them. Not only creatures, but tools, books, artifacts, magic itself seeps through. This magic finds homes in the souls of those who are considered gifted. The existence of the gifted is considered largely to be rumor, as is the existence of all magic. For the most part, the magical beings like to keep it this way. You see, they draw energy from Derestin, energy of reality that is just as much a blessing to them as magic would be seen to a mortal. It is this energy of reality that allows them to be more than floating ideals. They become real, become concrete, and they enjoy the sensations that flesh gives them. So they trade energy with Derestin. Little harm is done.

    Unfortunately, there are always bad apples. Creatures who have foul motives, or the occasional gifted who decides to set himself up as some deity chosen king or warlord. That is what Wraith exists to handle. A group of specially trained chosen, a secret agency if you will, Wraith ensures that none gain too much magical power and, more importantly, that magic remains a carefully guarded secret. It is unknown how a superstitious world would react to the very real presence of magic, trolls, dragons, and the fact that some people just might be a bit more lucky than others and have access to great power. It’s pretty much a given that the reaction would be bad.

    The Dasangya

    The Dasangya are a tall, green willowy people with fernlike ears and bright eyes of various colors of the spectrum. They are the soul known sentient inhabitants of the planet Derestin. Aside from being green and having similar body features, they are as varied in culture as humans. Some are barbaric some peaceful, some religious, some warlords. They are almost all superstitious to a fault, but that has more to do with the dark age or war age mindset much of the world has.

    This roleplay will be run in an episode format. The first episode will center on all characters on the Wraith team, and future episodes will spotlight certain characters per plot, allowing everyone to have a moment to shine now and then.

    1) You must play a Dasangya.
    2) Keep your actual powers limited. One power should be one power, not three cleverly rolled into one.
    3) No godlike powers. This means no immortality.
    4) This is a high powered game. However, do put sensible limits on your powers. You shouldn’t be stopping time for the equivalent of five hours.
    5) Keep in mind you are making a specialized secret agent. Specialize! They may be good at divination or maybe they are better at theurgy.
    6) You can only be attuned to one magitech type and cannot use any other. This goes for special books, items, etc.
    7) I have final say on what characters are accepted.

    Character Sheet:
    Name: (Family name first, then given name)
    Job at Wraith: (Are you a location person? Combat magic? Alchemist?)
    Description: (include any relevant details.)
    History: (Your character’s history up til this point.)
    Origins: (Give me a brief rundown of your culture and home country. It doesn’t have to be very detailed, but the more details, the more I can tailor your plot)
    Mundane weapons:
    Mundane tools:
    Power 1: (Try to make these work with your job as best you can)
    Power 2:
    Power 3:
    Choose one style of magitech to be attuned to:
    -Dragontech: Devices that aid in flight and aerial combat.
    -Faetech: Infiltration and glamour tech. Essentially illusions.
    -Basilisktech: Disabling and petrifying tech
    -Djinntech: Summoning and minor conjuring
    -Phoenixtech: Fire and healing tech
    -Mertech: Water and ice tech
    -Golemtech: Earth and ground movement tech
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  5. Character Sheet:

    Name: Syfral Oga
    Job at Wraith: Infiltrator / Information Gatherer

    Syfral Oga During a Cast (open)

    Oga's only noteworthy physical features, besides the ones from being a Dasangya, are his glowing white eyes that seem to radiate with a power both fearsome and holy. While it is true that Syfral Oga is a relatively good person, considering he devotes his life for the sake of Derestin's wellbeing and prosper, it is also true that his power is fearsome when witnessed. Especially by those who fear the unknown.

    He's usually seen cloaked and with his head covered by a hood that casts a deep, unnatural shadow over his face. So dark that it even covers his glowing eyes. His cloak is decorated with strange and mystical symbols that hold no real value besides the cost of the fabric and hours invested in creating it.

    History: Having lived a life of secrecy and lies up to the moment where he had been recruited by Wraith, Syfral Oga has quite severe trusting issues. You see, he comes from a rural country where the inhabitants where pretty ignorant about anything that didn't involve their daily lives, let alone magic. He had manifested his powers at a relatively young age of 14, whether it was a good or bad thing has yet to be decided by him. But it is as it is, and he has it. Realizing he would be banished, if not killed, upon showing anyone his abilities. He has kept it a tightlipped secret for many years. Devoting any free moment that he had to disappearing from sight and honing his skills to control his powers, he spent his childhood in misery and despair. Fearing everyone and becoming an outcast inside his hometown due to his unnatural behaviour.

    After becoming an adult, he realized he had already been banished long ago, even if it wasn't formal...He did not belong here. He started travelling and doing odd jobs wherever he could to earn some pocket change or a place to stay for the night. After a year of travelling on his own, he was contacted and recruited into a world he had never even imagined existed.

    He became a Wraith.

    Origins: Oga's home country focuses mainly on self-sufficiency. The people are poor and ignorant about many things, but they are happy. They fear the outside world and unknown, shutting off their borders for nearly any intruders or trespassers. They are a hardy people and many grow into strong people due to the hard life they are given. The communities/settlements work closely together and do trades with eachother in order to keep the country self sufficient. The settlements on the borders secure the perimeter of the country and gain respect and good prices for doing so, while the other settlements focus on either cattle, herbs, logging, agriculture or mining and trade with one another to secure that everyone has what they need.

    Overall it's a peaceful country with very little internal strife, but there's no denying it's a weak and small country and it's very possible one of these days, it will be assaulted. So far the barbarian raids were few and were always a hard-fought battle, making sure the raiders and bandits thought twice about raiding Loktar's settlements.

    Mundane weapons: A dagger and small axe
    Mundane tools: A backpack with food and supplies to last a few days at most.

    Power 1: Spectre: Makes himself or anyone touched by the burst of energy around him, invisible for a short duration. It does not remove sound nor smell, only visibility. It lasts for approximately 5 minutes at a time and can be cast upon a small group in his vicinity.

    Power 2: Mindlink: Can read someone's mind upon eye contact. It's possible to input minor thoughts of his own into his victim's mind and pass it off as his own. To make a guard go to the bathroom, for example. Strong minds, such as from other Wraiths or strong enemies, can easily notice the intrusion into their minds and force Oga out.

    Power 3: Hex: Upon physical contact with his body, onto his enemy or enemies. They see horrifying images or situations personify themselves around them. The hallucinations are unnaturally realistic and are quite hard to shake off or fight through. The hallucinations can be broken by either facing and destroying it. (In the case of hallucinating about a giant dragon coming their way) Willing it (In the case of their minds being very resilient and strong) and Outlasting it (In the case of having an Illusionary Meteor fall on them). The last 2 are the trickiest to do, since they require a strong mind to Will it and destroy the Hex, or Outlast it and not faint due to the stress put on the mind.

    Choose one style of magitech to be attuned to:
    -Faetech: Infiltration and glamour tech. Essentially illusions.

    ( Let me know if I did anything wrong or if it's alright, thanks. ^^ )
  6. I am rather interested in this...just hope it is still available.

    I will post a charries soon - probably two, if that's okay; anything to help this story come to life.
  7. Sure thing! Sorry that I haven't gotten to do much here in a day or two. Been very busy.
  8. Understandable... :)
  9. *snatches a spot* I'll put a character sheet up tomorrow. All I can say for sure now is that they will probably be Dragontech or Phoenixtech. If it's alright with you, I might pm you to talk about details involving those two techs :)
  10. Name: Donovan Fairwood
    Job at Wraith: Beast Tamer
    Description::Black silk V-Neck & khaki shorts. Lightning blue eyes and a mop of curly black hair.
    History:Donovan the eldest of four sons grew up in a humbled home. The only child in his family that showed remarkable abilities. He was loved all the same.
    Donovan surrounded himself with different kind of animals, he shared a special bond to them. Wraith noticed this bond and decided that they could put Donovan to use and quickly recruited him.
    Donovan grew and honed his abilities, soon he caught the attention of WRAITH and they recruited him soon after.
    Origins: Donovan grew up in a society of simple folk, happy people. They did what each was tasked to do and did so happily. No complaints ever came from anyones mouth, they where a peaceful people. Content with what cards where delt.
    Mundane Weapon: Black staff
    Mundane Tools: Books about different animals and plant life
    Power 1: ​ Shape shifting (only into animals)
    Power 2: ​Beast Communication (can talk to animals)
    Power 3: ​Animal Mimicry (can have certain traits of animals while in human form)
    Choose one style of magitech to be attuned to: Phoenixtech
  11. Okay, reviewing character sheets today for those who have them in.

    Talhar, yours looks good thus far. I'll give him another look over to be sure, but the limits you have to his powers seem to work. Thanks for not making him able to read Wraith member thoughts, that would have been messy. Am I to take it that your Hex ability is a last resort distraction tactic?

    DonnyV- I'm going to ask you to redo your character. The chances of Wraith taking on and not just keeping tabs on/neutralizing someone with that sort of power are very low.

    1) To start, Wraith would not kidnap her. They would try to recruit her, but not kidnap her. If she could not be recruited, the would do their best to neutralize her power.
    2) I don't think a firestarter would make a good assassin. The powers you use are too easy to track.
    3) If she is a firestarter, why carry matches?
    4) You absolutely cannot have invulnerability to everything. Either limit this power severely or try to find something a bit less God-powered.
    5) Just so you know, your powers don't necessarily have to relate to the kind of tech you use. They can, they just don't have to.
    6) Finally, she can't be for hire if she works for Wraith. They don't hire out their people.


    So far, two of you have powers that induce fear. Two of you have hallucination powers. (In Talhar's case, his power is a hallucination that causes fear). So Donny and Iritia, please drop these powers for something else.

  12. Also, Iritia, she can't look like that. Please read the species description. If you can't find a pic, just write out how she is described.
  13. Alright, i changed my job in WRAITH and i changed two of my powers.
    Anything else you would like me to change?
  14. You still have a power someone is already using, your first ability.

    At this point, I'd really like you to make a different character. As I said before, they aren't going to take in a troubled person, someone who feels off, or a demon summoner.
  15. Alrighty, he is redone.
  16. Donny, there are already two people who are using phoenixtech. (One is making her sheet and told me this morning.) Please find another tech. Also, you might want to redo your outfit, since it is a fantasy setting.
  17. Revision, I'm going to claim a spot for either Djinn or Basilisk tech.

    I'm building up my skill, but I'll send it to you to see if it will work for one of these two techs. I believe it will fall more under Djinn, but a bit of it favors Basilisk. So, it will grace your eyes before I post it here, if that's okay with you.
  18. Go for it!

  19. Donny, one more note. You are going to have to describe everything you turn into. Remember that these are NOT Earth animals. Only the mythbeasts overlap. So even though some creatures might be similar, there will be differences.
  20. Hope I can still join!