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  1. Ah hey.
    Not sure how to start this out.
    -Text speak is out of the questions whatever? (Though I know the difference between aave and txt speak.)
    -I generally do F/F and M/M rps if we're doing it the binary way.
    -If you're 18 or above sexual things are allowed. But man, I kind of think gore and feverdreamy stuff is cooler.
    -Paranormal things are A+
    Which brings me to ideas
    A sort of idea that's super cliche but, ghosts and humans having this weird thing going on. Like, one character is doing the less than smart thing of using an Ouija board alone. And seeing as how most ghost will use false flattery and so the character would sort of fall for it? They don't know the ghost at all but they're more inlove with the attention. And from there, it's just a ?????? ok.

    Also, sad, former childhood friends being roomates is an idea that isn't really an idea
  2. :3 hello I am interested,
  3. I'm assuming for the ghosts. But great! Do you want to be the ghost or the human, and do you have anything to say/add?
  4. I have no problem playing the ghost, a female ghost :3
  5. This sounds like a lot of fun, and then I'll be the human girl.
  6. Awesome, as far as plot goes?
  7. The plot was too take off from a night of the girl getting false flattered, and of course then once the ghost got a strong enough hold on her and on the home, things pretty much go downhill from there. Like things seriously getting messed. I didn't really have much an idea for this when I made the post, besides "ghosts hecking things up". Do you got any ideas for it?
  8. Well I am scared to throw out any of my ideas cause none of the r.p have worked out.
    And I am wanting a good ghost r.p
  9. Hm. Don't be scared to throw out ideas, I'm sure you have some A + ones. u o u
  10. Well my idea was to have the ghost haunting a high school or abandoned high school. If she haunts an abandoned school she can only manifest whenever there is continous sound. Music is the most effective way, said music also has an effect of her emotions. Soft music makes her less prone to violence and etc.

    Also are you wanting this to be a mature? If so what do you allow and not.
  11. Oh that sounds rad as hell actually, we can use that idea. And it doesnt have to be mature but im cool with it. Descriptive gore is wonderful! And if its the sexual type of mature, again gore is a pretty way to go erogore i think its called? yeah!
  12. What is erogore?
  13. I think it's erotic gore? The sexual part of it usually takes a backseat to the horror, from what I've seen
  14. Hmm well I am comfortable with just about everything we will just have to see where this goes.
  15. That we will! I suppose I'll start sometime soon. Sorry for taking so long to reply, things came up in my personal life.
  16. No worries ^_^ do I need to make a character sheet?