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  1. Hello everyone! Coming back from a long hiatus after all my former partners on here flitted away on the breeze that is life. So I'm back and looking for more! First, before everything else, I should say I'm a very busy person. With college, work, and other social endeavors I may have lapses in usual replies, but I will always let me partner know if I will take longer than usual. Also, I usually only do LGBT+ related RPs. By this I mean I never have a character that is both cisgender and straight. It's totally fine if your character is both of those, just wanted to give those who may have an issue with it a heads up. Now, onto the bullet points of aspects in an RP I value:

    • Be open-minded and kind! I find what's best about roleplays is when people can develop plots together and get excited about what they've created. To properly collaborate with someone I think what's most important is being able to keep an open mind about ideas and not to shoot other people's ideas down.
    • Have some experience! I wouldn't call myself the best writer out there but I would appreciate a partner who has plenty of experience with writing.
    • Be creative! This is one of the most important elements of roleplaying to me. I want to wonder what my partner is going to write next and be surprised by how the story progresses. Ever read a book and hated when it was predictable? The same goes for roleplaying!
    Those are my big three! Otherwise, I think any knots in the system can be worked out over time. It takes a while to understand your RP partner anyways. To confirm you've actually read all this, please send your inquiries through a PM with your all-time favorite quote and favorite food.

    Now when it comes to RP plots that's where things get tricky for me...I'm much more of an original works person than RPing as a character.
    These are the things I'm down to RP with:
    Dragon Age (got a multitude of plot ideas for this, so)
    Space Cowboys????
    Shitty 19th Century Archaeology
    Magic Stuff (a realm where magic is wild and untamed, only wielded by a select few. My character is a druid, coming into your town looking for someone specific, who just happens to be your character).
    Gays in Space (Star Trek)???

    And, here's a plot I REALLY want to do that I already have a (short) starter post for:
    It was a chilly October night with a storm starting up with a drizzle. The Mirthless Merman Inn was exceedingly crowded that night, with sailors and merchants alike drinking their fill away from the wind's chill. Through all the commotion no one paid any attention to newcomers, and this held true for the adventurer that stepped in as the rain started to pour. The man wasn't really the biggest there, considering his figure was more lean than built. A faint air of magic whirled about him, showing off the effects of a recent drying spell. He walked through the inn, seeming to look for someone as the lights in the room illuminated all of his body. Beneath his leather armor there was a hint of the muscle in the bronze skin. His green eyes took in everything around him, intrigue and mischief within them. Short black hair with curls on the top completed his look.

    Finally he finds you, and politely asks with his husky, unused voice, "do you know how I would get a room for the night?"

    ((Your role in the story is entirely up to you! Be the owner of the inn, a sailor drinking with his crew, a captain maybe? Another adventurer! The town's local mystic? Make it exciting :>))

  2. Hmmm I like your plot idea... Can I drop you a PM?
  3. Yes, PM away! Love to hear your thoughts :>
  4. I may be interested in potentially taking on another Dragon Age RP! If you would like, feel free to PM me with the deets on some plot ideas you had! I would be open to RPing any race. I will also say that I much prefer MxM, so if that interests you let me know!
  5. I like the short story idea. Would you like to PM over it? Preferably mxm. The curly haired magic user sounds cool.
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  6. Hey--I noticed you had the prefix "filled" to this thread. Would you like me to delete or remove it?
  7. Please do! Many thanks :>
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