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  1. New to Iwaku but excited to start! I made some RP threads and then I realized what I really needed was an RP partner or two to work with. I will list fandoms I am into but what I am mostly looking for in a partner is as follows:

    • Be open-minded and kind! I find what's best about roleplays is when people can develops plots together and get excited about what they've created. To properly collaborate with someone I think what's most important is being able to keep an open-mind about ideas and not to shoot other people's ideas down.
    • Have some experience! I wouldn't call myself the best writer out there but I would appreciate a partner who has plenty of experience with writing.
    • Be creative! This is one of the most important elements of roleplaying to me. I want to wonder what my partner is going to write next and be surprised by how the story progresses. Ever read a book and hated when it was predictable? The same goes for roleplaying!
    Those are my big three! Otherwise I think any knots in the system can be worked out over time. It takes a while to understand your rp partner anyways. Now I should probably say this in nice, big, bold letters. If it's not some form of LGBT+ story, I probably won't be interested. That being said I prefer MxM, but I will totally be down for some FxF or relationships with people of non-binary genders and complex sexualities. Also yes, I do write smut, and when it fits in a story I absolutely love it. If you're not one to write sex scenes, let me know. Stories can thrive without it! To confirm you've actually read all this, please send your inquires through a PM with your all-time favorite quote and favorite food.

    Now I'll move onto the fandoms and the pairings in green are the ones I'm very interested in. I will bold the character in the pairing I would prefer to RP as. This list is pretty short, and although I would love to have an rp partner who would do fandom roleplays with me my priority is on original content.

    Young Justice:
    SuperKid (Wally West/Conner Kent)

    [BCOLOR=#008000]Cherik [/BCOLOR](Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr)

    Rise of the Guardians/HTTYD Crossover:
    [BCOLOR=#008000]Cold Feet [/BCOLOR](Jack Frost/Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III)



    BBC Sherlock:
    Johnlock (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson)

    [BCOLOR=#008000]Science Boyfriends[/BCOLOR] (Tony Stark/Bruce Banner)

    Simple Original RP Starter

    It was a chilly October night with a storm starting up with a drizzle. The Mirthless Merman Inn was exceedingly crowded that night, with sailors and merchants alike drinking their fill away from the wind's chill. Through all the commotion no one paid any attention to newcomers, and this held true for the adventurer that stepped in as the rain started to pour. The man wasn't really the biggest there, considering his figure was more lean than built. A faint air of magic whirled about him, showing off the effects of a recent drying spell. He walked through the inn, seeming to look for someone as the lights in the room illuminated all of his body. Beneath his leather armor there was a hint of the muscle in the bronze skin. His green eyes took in everything around him, intrigue and mischief within them. Short black hair with curls on the top completed his look.

    Finally he finds you, and politely asks with his husky, unused voice, "do you know how I would get a room for the night?"

    ((Your role in the story is entirely up to you! Be the owner of the inn, a sailor drinking with his crew, a captain maybe? Another adventurer! The town's local mystic? Make it exciting :>))

    Alright from my memory I'm pretty sure that's it! Thanks for reading and hopefully I get some cool requests from some cool people :>
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  2. Still Looking! Bumpity bump :>
  3. Might I ask something?

    You say you want to do an original story, but all the pairings you have are cannon characters.

    So what are some of the plots/settings that you have in mind that are original in nature?

    I'm just curious because I do like original plots and such, but I need information before I can know if we would be a match for this type of thing.
  4. I'm not someone who has a bunch of ideas floating around in my head, rp wise. I usually work off of a partner and talk to them about what they enjoy and build something with them. Say for example we talk genres, and we both love scifi, and then we bounce off ideas like space pirates on the run, or way-in-over-their-heels explorers with the awesome availability that scifi allows.

    I haven't roleplayed in a long time too, so I don't have many ideas except one which is, oops, a fandom rp. So yeah, I am more looking for a partner who is fine without a baseline roleplay to start with. I have a really simple rp starter to show my writing style and such.
  5. That's fine.

    If you are interested, I have this plot written out but haven't yet had a chance to put it into action.

    I also have this lore written out about a pretty awesome game I used to play that I am trying to adapt into a roleplay.

    If either interest you, you can let me know if you want to try them. If not, we could probably build something up. I'm really into things more fantasy and adventure than slice of life. If you are interested in something like that I'm sure we could do something.
  6. Is the 'Cold Feet' plot still available?
  7. Yep! Send me a PM and we can talk it over! :>
  8. I would like to build off of your original plot idea. There are like a million ways I could do it, too. I have no problem with an M/M either.
  9. Awesome! I'd appreciate it if you could send me a PM on what you'd like to do with it!
  10. Hai! Are you still looking for a partner? I would love to talk and throw some ides around with you.
  11. Sure, always interested to hear some ideas! Send a PM my way of any thoughts you have on what you'd like to write together :>
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