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  1. So, introductions first...... I don't really know what to say because this is my first time roleplaying in thread as such. I've been in the roleplaying community for about a year already but I've only ever done tumblr roleplays so I have no idea how to go on about here.
    My name is not really Autumn but to make things easier, just call me Autumn because I love that name.
    In terms of literacy, I'll admit that I'm not that literate because English isn't really my native language but I would really like to develop it.
    And if anyone would love to help me out in figuring things out in here, you would be most helpful and I'll be really grateful.
  2. You just forget about all those silly "literate" rules people liked to talk about. Those are dumb!

    Roleplaying on a forum is just like roleplaying on tumblr, it'll just be thread-like. :D

    Weeeeelcome to the site! <3
  3. Yea, just like Diana said, click on the Forums and find something you like "Fantasy, modern, 1on1,..." then just start your own RP or find one that you would like to join ^^ Other then that, you can either RP on the forums or just PM someone and RP in private there ^^

    Speaking of which, if you have any RP's you would like to do just PM me and lets do it! ^^
  4. Welcome Lancaster, hope you enjoy the site.
    Yeah, like Diana said we're not about elitism here. We're about enjoying ourselves and making cool characters and stories. :)
  5. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.