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  1. The Blasted Lands


    Once a sprawling ecosystem of wildlife, now reduced to a barren wasteland of residual demonic energies, and warped creatures.
    All because of that one day...
    The opening of the Dark Portal.


    But every time it has opened, brave heroes and young adventurers would step through it into uncharted, alien lands, for the sake of protecting Azeroth.
    It has been seven years since it has last opened...
    But today
    a familiar threat emerges from the portal.

    <Cut to the main courtyard of Orgrimmar, just outside the Warchief Vol'jin's hold>

    Archmage Khadgar stepped up upon a short pedestal, placed there through his magic. He began to shout his plea.


    "Veterans of the Horde, rally! Your people are calling you to their defense once more! The Dark Portal has opened again, and a savage army has already begun its assault on our land! We need your help leading the charge into enemy territory, so if you wish to assist our efforts, please speak to me for teleportation to the battlefront. Azeroth is counting on all of you heroes!"
    Plenty of ambitious champions had already started to step before the Archmage, some preparing their weapons, others strengthening the Rally Cry, and a few fine-tuning their gadgets and gizmos, but the Archmage knew the turnout was still yet to increase.
    "Do not dally my friends, this new menace already marches through the Badlands!"

  2. [​IMG]
    Gatuuk Wildclaw had just dispatched of the last demon when he looked back, the last of his brothers had fallen, he was the last of Thrall's crusade against the Lich King, Arthas.
    "Lok'Tar Ogar" he mutters, a simple Orcish phrase, that would have been a celebration, had his last remaining brethren not just fell in battle, before continuing on his way

    He wasn't sure what he would tell Thrall, he'd failed, they couldn't kill Arthas...they couldn't even find him...

    "Oh brothers, you fell for nought...and soon I shall join you...but until then, I seek to deliver a message to Thrall"
    He took another slow, heavy step and continued

    "Deathwing lives"​
  3. Khadgar looked through the crowd of battle-ready men and women, the sight giving him a large smile.

    "Welcome, welcome, all of you! Thrall has traveled to Stormwind to recruit heroes of the Alliance. Once we reach the battlefield, do not attack any of them. We are allies in this battle! This is the enemy!"
    Khadgar brought up a magical illusion, depicting a group of five different orcs, each one unique and their names were spoken. "Grommash Hellscream, Kargath Bladefist, Kilrogg Deadeye, Blackhand and Ner'zhul". This brought forth a slew of confused expressions. Khadgar laughed.
    "The portal has opened up to Draenor before it was destroyed by war. The Orc clans have formed together to form the 'Iron Horde', the exceptions being Gul'dan and the Shadow Council, along with Durotan and the Frostwolves, and the Laughing Skull Clan. Gul'dan is still hostile, though, so be wary. All odds are against us in this war, but we must persevere! We may yet find more allies to help us within Draenor."
  4. Gatuuk growled, he saw orcs, not of his kind though...they were the same he'd seen in the Hellfire Peninsula, they were Fel Orcs of the Bleeding Hollow clan, red, with stone in their flesh...but they were weak, they couldn't stand against one of Thrall's most powerful crusaders, one who was sent against Arthas himself

    "LOK'TAR!" he yelled, bringing his axe into the first foe's neck, sending a shower of blood over his allies, blinding his second target who he disembowelled with a shallow slice of his sword, he looked at the 3 remaining Fel Orcs, who snarled and paced around him, spattered in their allies' blood already

    "Come, lets us meet in battle, and see who is the better warrior" he taunts, clashing his weapons together​
  5. They certainly weren't orcs of the Horde, but they were not Fel orcs either...they're skin tones varied from black, to grey, to brown.​

    They were Mag'Har.
    Untainted Orcs.

    They flooded through the Dark Portal; now glowing a deep crimson; like packs of vermin, most sporting swords, axes, shields, and the like, while others were armed with more. The three grunts surrounding Gatuuk would collectively shout before attempting to dog-pile him, one of their higher-ranking allies coming to back them up.


    "Hahahaha! Light 'em up, boys!"
  6. He would realise what he was up against and grit his teeth, the Mag'Har...Hellscream's people
    He would have shouted another warcry, or a taunt, but he figured that slashing the kneecaps of his first foe would suffice, slashing the man's throat with a swing of his axe, sending the man toppling forward he parried the next strike, kicking his foe back as he growled, he wasn't liking these odds right now, he slashes at the second enemy, cutting one of the man's hands off and driving his sword into his gut, leaving only one orc, and the higher ranking man, who seemed top have some kind of...Hellfire Cannon or something, it didn't matter what it was called, he was sure it would be a lot of damage
  7. The two slain orcs shouted and gurgled in pain as blood began to pool around their crumpled bodies atop the jagged earth, the lone grunt taking a fearless swing at Gatuuk with his cleaver. The orc standing to his side loaded up a hefty ball of metal, his contraption beginning to rumble.

    "Say bye-bye, green-skin!"
  8. He didn't know what the gun would do to him, but he didn't like it, he ducked the clumsy swing and stabbed the man, not killing him, but instead seeking to use his body as a shield against the thing that was aimed at him, he positioned the orc between him and the gun and grinned, the gun was decorated with the most convenient spikes possible, he kicked the still living orc onto the spikes on the front of the gun, grabbing the hilt of his sword and ripping it free as the orc stumbled back onto them
    He couldn't think of anything cunning to say, so he simply turned away slightly, so as not to be sprayed by the viscera he was expecting to be sprayed out when the cannon blew that poor orc to bits...

    He could still hear his straining to try and get free of the spikes that pinned him to the front of the thing
    He was still alive...

    "Oh boy, he's gonna scream" he mutters as he waits for the shower of meaty chunks
  9. The orc behind the huge contraption gasped and grunted as the Gatuuk threw one of his comrades at him, his gun firing regardless, the ball of steel flying right through the orc in a spew of flames. But due to already going through someone, the steel ball lost most of its power, only knicking Gatuuk's shoulder plate. In a fit of anger, the orc would run at Gatuuk, wishing to deal him the same fate as his friend.
  10. Gatuuk saw the man charge him with the gun, but it was far too heavy and slow to catch him off guard, he rolls to side as he tries to skewer him. Glaring at the brown skinned orc with hateful eyes, he thinks about how he had fought much tougher foes, but he had his brothers with him for that...
    He used the only trick he thought would work in this situation, he counter-charges the orc, aiming to sidestep at the last instant and land a strike to the orc's legs, stopping him from moving
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