Wow some people are involved in lots of different roleplays

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  1. How do you do that. That seems very overwhelming. Props to you people.
  2. ...

    Er... it's like watching several different series on TV, or reading several books at once, or being a certain type of person around someone. You just put your mind into the particular world of that story and compartmentalise the other worlds.
  3. Sometimes it's like having multiple sex partners and spouses. You have to do a lotta lyin' even to yourself. *Ignores subject matter while she drinks herself into a stupor.*
  4. I think those are very different. But, both gave me laughs. Karastan, away! *Flies off into the sunset*
  5. *Cackle!*

    I do what Asmo said. I take the time to put myself in the world of the RP I am replying to. A few minutes of reading the last few posts and a little mood music. 8D

    I have a limit of how many I can be in at once, though. O__O But that's more a time issue, rather than a mental one. There are only so many minutes in a day. t__t
  6. I have a passion for writing and reading, as well as musinc. So, its fairly easy for me to multitask.

    Especially when I listen to music.

    It helps me focus and relax even more. 8D
  7. I agree with Asmo, it's just like watching a lot of tv series at a time :3

    As long as you are interested in all the roleplays you are doing and have time for them all, then it's no problem ^^ But there is of course people that can't handle many roleplays at a time :3 While others gets bored if they don't have a lot balls in the air.

    I see it as watching a lot of anime at a time, or reading a lot of manga at a time, I must wait for the next episode for a whole week or the next chapter for a month. Of course I have to have something else to do while waiting on the other episode/chapter ;3
  8. I've run a few forum RPGs that require me to keep track of as many as fifteen different stories at once, so I have a knack for jumping right back into things. :P Not to mention I get bored if I don't have a few RPs running at once.
  9. I simply have too many plot ideas to compress them together into one RP, however, I do tend to limit the number of RPs that I am in so that I still have time for other stuff. But ideas just come to me naturally, and I think I may have a knack for keeping track of storylines, so it's not a big deal at all.
  10. I get unimangineably bored when I wake up in the morning during the summertime, log on to check my subscriptions, and find that I have less than 10 notifications. About fifteen will keep me entertained for anywhere between an hour and two. I can't stand it when there's eight, and it's all general chatting that takes me five seconds to reply to. I'm in that position right now, even though I know I don't have time to log on for six hours a day, I need it in the mornings. We should have an under-noon section! Awesome idea GET!
  11. I used to do that. I'd be in over a dozen RPs, and on different sites as well. But it became so overwhealming, I now tend to just do one or two at a time.