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  1. I am hopelessly, desperately searching for some lengthy roleplays! I dont want someone who is simply throwing words together to meet a word count, but someone who puts some thought into their writing and will, hopefully, encourage me to push my limits and hopefully pull me out of the rut that I seem to have fallen into.

    A post once a week will be good. If you can do more that is fine as well, but all I really need is once a week, and right now that is all Im willing to promise. Sometimes I may get more than one post out a week, sometimes one will be the limit. Summer time is coming, and my kids will be out of school. Depending on how much they bug me to go out to the pool will depend on how I can respond.

    My absolute minimum that I am comfortable with is four paragraphs. I know thats inconvenient for a lot of people who want face paced stories, but Im not that type of person. I like playing things out and building up worlds/characters. Im a sucker for character development and plot twists as well. As far as characters go my main character is always female. I play dozens of other characters of different genders, but Im just not comfortable enough playing as a male main character. I will not play a male in the main pairing either. Im slowly getting used to playing male in a MxF pairing, but I havent quite gotten it down yet. But, Id be willing to give it a shot as long as you understand that Im new to it.

    Always more plot than sex! Yes, this is the Libertine section, but usually I place threads here because I like not having to sift through teenagers and I truly hate to censor myself. When it comes to smut I prefer a 80/20 Plot/Smut balance.

    Gore, violence and all adult themes are fine with me, as long as theyre realistic.

    I generally use realistic pictures for my character, and I do like making character sheets. I dont ask for a complex one in return. A small one with basic information is fine by me.

    The plots highlighted in blue are the ones that I'm really wanting to do!

    Medieval Apocalyptic(Fantasy)The lands have been destroyed by wars, floods, and every kind of natural disaster that you can think of. Once fruitful grounds are now barren wastelands, and the human population, as small as it is, is struggling to survive. Royal blood now holds double the value as each country is seeking leadership to guide them through this desolate new world. Kings are heavily guarded against kidnapping attempts. Even princesses are being taken from their homes and carried off to new lands in hopes that they will rule over other lands that have not been fortunate enough to find leadership. Thats not to say that everyone wants a reinstatement of politics and monarchies.

    There are factions within the world who are looking to eliminate the old ways. Corrupt men who want to control their countries and its people without having to deal with laws. They want the power that comes with being in charge, the rewards that come along with being at the top of the food chain, but have little regard for the little people who must work to give them what they want. They offer protection, but at a high price, often too high for anyone to pay.

    In the kingdom of Amarian there is a princess who has remained hidden away from the world for most of her life. Her father has kept her a secret since birth, keeping her away from the castle and out of the publics eye out of fear of what could happen to her if she was discovered. Eventually, as all always seems to happen with secrets, someone learns of her identity and begins to plan her abduction. Kidnapping her is easy enough, but actually getting her back to the country proves too much, much harder than anyone would have thought.(Possible Rape/Abuse, Fluff, Violence & Gore

    Medieval FantasyChaos has been unleashed on the world. A creature, neither good nor evil has begun to unsettle the balance of nature. A deal is struck between the king of the underworld and the Creator of heaven to find a way to rid the world of this creature using one of their own creations. The Angel in question is the epitome of innocence and love. The demon sent out is her polar opposite. The two much work together to learn who created this creature and how they can put a stop to it before it puts all life on all three planes out of existence. (Violence, Gore, Rape, Abuse, Torture)

    Modern Realistic [BCOLOR=#000080]She's a single mother of a two year old, working as the personal assistant to an elderly CEO. Her boss, a very understeanding man who let her come in late often, leave early whenever she needed to, is on his way out the door, handing over control of the company to his son. Boelieving that her new boss will be as understanding as her old one, she comes in late one day to discover that if she wants to keep her job she's going to have to earn the privilege. Her new boss gives her an option, be at his beck and call whenever, for whatever he wants, or find a new job.(Abuse, Fluff)[/BCOLOR]

    Modern Realistic [BCOLOR=#000080]Almost cripplingly shy, she is the picture of innocence; sweet, quiet and completely loyal. She's led an extremely sheltered life with her older brother watching over her constantly, especially around the opposite sex. She's her parents' golden child and everyone knows that isn't going to change....or so they think.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]For years she's harbored a crush on her brother's best friend, her complete opposite. He's left the realm of innocence before adolescence and hasn't looked back since. He's reckless, dark, and everything her brother has been trying to protect her from.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]Thrown together at a party, she finds her chance to finally confess her feelings. Could he possibly feel the same way? Or will he take advantage of her tender heart and use her as he sees fit?(Age difference, possible rape/abuse, adult themes, jealous)[/BCOLOR]


    Modern Realistic [BCOLOR=#000080]My character is in her senior year of high school, three months shy of graduating and her eighteenth birthday. Her future is promising, with an early acceptance into one of the top nursing schools in the world, and a charmed life that anyone would be envious of. But, her life comes to a halt when her older brother is seriously injured in a car accident. Naturally she's at his side in the hospital the moment she learns about it, but she's not alone. To her chagrin, his best friend is there as well.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]The best friend has a history that makes a girl like Emily cringe. He's lazy, brash, and above all else, he's a womanizer. What she doesn't know is that there's a reason behind his womranizing , one that oshe would never guess in a million years. For years he has harbored a fondness for her, her age and her attitude toward him holding him back from ever sharing how he feels. At first he only watched her, his feelings something akin to a guardian lurking in the shadows, keeping an eye on her, watching as she grew from a happy child to a normal, well adjusted teenager. It was when she first started dating that his feelings turned from brotherly to something more complex, but he knew deep down that she would never feel anything but resentment toward him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]The accident gives him a chance to grow closer to her, taking up her older sibling's responsibilities to see that she is looked after. Naturally ths wings areg tense between the two. She resents his closeness to her brother, and believes that he's using her sibling's accident to use her the way he uses so many women. He takes her ridicule and abuse, never saying a word to her, only letting her speak her mind and say whatever she wants to hurt him. And it does hurt. He doesn't show it, but deep down inside every word that she spews against him is another blow to his heart. His feelings hold true though, believing that if she would take the time to get to know him she would see him differently.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]He gets his chance to show his true self to her when he catches her boyfriend abusing her, intervening before the damage can become too great. He saves her, and silently vows he will be there to protect her whether she wants it or not.(Age Difference, Abuse, Fluff, Adult themes)[/BCOLOR]


    Modern/DarkShe's a psychotherapist for troubled individuals. He's as troubled as can be, coming to her since he was 13. His crush on her started out small, as did the things that he would do. At first he would steal little things from her home office; hair brushes, paper, pens, any trinket that would not be missed. As he grew older, things began to escalate. He would show up extremely early for appointments, sometimes coming in for appointments he didn't even have claiming that his mother was supposed to call. He'd call her all hours of the night for small problems just to hear her voice. When she responded each and every time believing that he truly needed her help, his minded twisted it as a return of his feelings. He's waited long enough, and now that he's finally legal he's ready to up the stakes on their imagined relationship. (Stalking, Jealousy, Possible rape, Age
    Difference. Absolutely no fluff!!!!! This story will not have a happy ending!!!!)

    Modern RealisticShe was obsessed with him. It wasn't a simple case of stalking, or calling up to hang up when he answers. For the longest time she keeps her distance away from him, watching from afar as he lives out his daily life. Finally she gets tired of waiting and comes up with a plan so that the two of them can be together with no chance of anyone getting in the way. Building her 'dream house' and filling with with years worth of supplies, she kidnaps him and locks him in the basement of the house, refusing to let him loose until he agrees to be with her and only her. (Torture, Abuse, Adult Themes)

    (Roles can be reversed.)

    Modern Realistic (Craving!!!)They were high school sweethearts, madly in love with each other. Everyone thought that they would get married after they graduated, but that was when the two began to drift apart. She was focused on college and doing something with her life, while he began to head in the opposite direction, getting involved with drugs and partying all the time. Eventually they went their separate ways, but remained in contact through email and phone calls.

    She went off to become a physical therapist, buying herself a small house in her home town, and doing well for herself, while he wasted his life away. As tends to happen, his life began to spiral out of control, and eventually he finds himself in the very same hospital that she works out, with her as his therapist. They get to talking, and he admits that he's ready to clean up his act and sober up, but the problem is he can't find a way to do it. Having her doubts, she makes an agreement with him. She will let him stay with her, help him get clean and back on track on one condition; the second he messes up, he's has to fend for himself[BCOLOR=#000080].[/BCOLOR]

    ApocalypticShe was a spoiled rich girl when the world as she knew it came to an end. He was a loner, moving from place to place just trying to get by. When the world went to shit, the two found themselves stuck with one another, protected from the forces outside the would bring about the end of mankind as they knew it. Now they must travel together to find what is left of humanity, and enough resources for their continued survival.(Violence, gore, mild fluff, action)

    Please, for the love of God do not respond to this if you're wanting to do a zombie apocalypse!

    Created World (Steampunkish) The world that the roleplay takes place in is neither medieval, nor modern, but a combination of the two in a sense. Weapons are all steel, no guns, bombs, or anything of that nature. There are trains and ships, along with basic electricity and indoor plumbing.

    The story begins with two families of assassins who have been feuding for the past century. The bloodshed had spilled into the streets of their country, forcing the king to take action. Believing that he has found the perfect solution he makes a decree; the eldest daughter of one family is to marry the eldest son of the opposing family. They are given one month's time to prepare for the wedding, and a year after their marriage to conceive a child to verify that they are living as man and wife. (No guns! Possible rape, violence, gore, arranged marriage)

    MedievalShe had talent that most men could only dream of. Her father, a world renowned weaponsmith having taught her how to wield a weapon from a very young age. She took to it like a duck to water, her skills surpassing even those in the Royal Guard. There was not a single man who could beat her, not even the king's more powerful knight.

    The posters for the challenge pique her interest, a calling for all swordsmen of great skill to earn their place in the Royal Guard as the prince, and sole heir to the throne's guard. Try as she might to put the challenge out of her mind, she knows that she will be able to beat all who answer the call. It's not her pride that lures her, but a sense of duty in protecting her country's future leader.

    Disguising herself as a man, she enters the contest and, as predicted, wins. It is only when asked to reveal her face that the truth comes out that the greatest swordsman in the country happens to be a young woman no older than nineteen. The king is furious, insisting that his son could not possibly protected by a woman and demands that the man who took second place be named as his son's guard. The prince however, stands by the promise of the contest, informing his father that she is now his personal guard. The relationship between the two is shaky at first, with the prince taunting and teasing the woman (All in good fun of course!), but she soon proves herself when she saves his life from an assassin.

    Realizing that he made the right choice, the prince begins to trust the young woman with not only his life, but his counsel as well.
    (Violence, Gore, mild fluff, adventure, character death)

    Fantasy20 year old Cassandra Lane is down on her luck. She's on the verge of losing her job, her boyfriend dumped her, and her rent is two weeks past due. The only light in the dark is her five year old niece who she adores. One night while babysitting, the two sit down to read a book of Fairy Tales, after which Cassandra tucks her niece into bed, but not before they make a wish on a star, that somehow ends up being granted. Cassandra wishes for the fairy tale life. Unbeknownst to the young woman, her niece makes the same exact wish for her aunt.

    The night goes by normally. Cassandra returns home to her apartment and goes to bed ready to go to work the next day and do everything to save her job, but when she wakes up the next morning it is not to her bedroom. Instead she finds herself in the bedroom of a princess, and soon learns that she is Snow White who is about to be sent off by her stepmother to be killed. Knowing what she knows of the story, Cassandra goes along with the woodsman that was ordered to kill her, but on the way to their destination tries to convince him that not only should he not kill her, but that she is trapped inside the story and from another universe.

    Pairings without PlotFandoms:
    Jack and Sam (Stargate)
    Abby and Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
    Dark Tower series
    Firefly/Serenity AU
    Divergent (Tris X Four)

    Forbidden Romance (Haven't figured out exactly what though)
    [BCOLOR=#000080]Unhealthy Relationship[/BCOLOR]
    Celebrity x Normal person
    Ghost X Haunted
    Stalker x Victim

    I marked a few with possible rape, simply because it all depends on how the characters interact. In some cases, fluffiness and romance is easy between the characters, and in other cases it's not. HUGE NOTE: If there is a rape, chances are there will not be a future romance between the characters! Let's be realistic people! No one, no sane person that is, falls in love with their rapist....

    As for kinks/fetish and all that other stuff. I can't say that I have any or looking in that direction at all, but I will not tolerate anything involving bodily fluid, abuse of children/animals, extreme torture/pain, furries, and that's about all I can think of at the moment. Just ask, and I'll let you know if I'm comfortable with something or not.

    That's pretty much all my twisted, insomniac mind can think of at the moment.

    These are the plots that Im craving right now. Ill probably change them at some point as my mood changes.

    If youre interested, drop me a line on here or send me a PM.
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  2. As usual, impressive Nydanna, I just don't think I can meet your standards
  3. You never know until you try. :P
  4. I found one partner, but I believe I have some wiggle room for one more.
  5. Added a few more plots.
  6. If you're wiling to give it a try, I'd like to talk to you about your medieval fantasy storyline. The demonic character really sounds like he'd be fun to play.
  7. Sure. Send me a PM. :)
  8. I feel like I'm eating potato chips. I keep saying 'One more!' and grab another one. However, most of my partners are caught up in real life, and my munchkins are finally back in school soooooo..........

    Last spot open! Grab it while you can!
  9. Truthfully, I've seldom written a male role, but I'm really interested in giving it a shot, if you're still looking for someone to write with? The very last prompt about the letters and finding your character in the hospital really tickles my fancy.

    Let me know if you're still looking for that :)!
  10. I could do FxF for that plot if you'd feel better doing it that way.
  11. I would most certainly prefer that; however, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable.
  12. It's fine. I don't usually do FxF, but I've been kind of itching to give it a try. :)
  13. Aww guess its all filled up! I'd be up for that dark rp about the troubled kid, and probably the one about the woman who kidnaps her "love" if you have space let me know! If not, thats fine.
  14. I'm not too sure you and I would be compatible. o.O I tend to write quite a bit.
  15. Well, I can write more...kinda unfair to judge someone before you even really write with them but thats fine.
  16. Sorry! I'm not elitish, but I tend to have bad luck with partners that don't always write long posts. They get a bit too antsy when things aren't rushed, and usually end up dropping on me. X_x
  17. I dont usually rush things, I was kinda looking for a nice slow rp to have a big replies for, the only reason I have shorter stuff sometimes is cause we usually reply super fast and it just gets tiresome to make this big posts.
  18. I believe my list of plots is now complete....might come up with something else, but for now these are the ones that I'd like to do. The apocalyptic plot is not a zombie apocalypse! Please don't ask. I'm thinking something more along the lines of Book of Eli, only immediately afterwards. I haven't decided if it'll be a nuclear holocaust, or some kind of natural disaster. Either way, the enemies will be other humans, possible some mutant creatures, but mostly humans.
  19. Hey lady, If you're ever looking for new partners, let me know. I'd love to see how we mesh :)
  20. I'm looking now. :P Most of my partners are being cursed by real life stuff. X_x
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