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  1. Hello there!

    The new expansion for World of Warcraft has been released and needles to say it has rekindled my love for the in depth lore an atmospheric world they've created. So much so that it's sparked an idea that I felt to push upon the forums to see how much interest it would gather. The idea is simply this:

    An Iwaku guild for an RP server. A guild that'd utilize the world within WoW as a place for which to create an interesting RP dynamic. A place where you can create your own character and be apart of a long term engaging plot, developed by everyone involved.

    Of course this idea needs elaborating upon and stuff will need to be ironed out, such as what the guild stands for and represents, the long term plot and then the trivial details such as servers and realms. However for now, I'm mostly interested in seeing whom would be interested in participating in this kind of thing.

    Additionally I'm going to add a poll above to see where the majority of the community plays in terms of region. After talking with @Alan about it, it'd be useful in knowing which region to base it on. I play on EU as I'm English, however I would be willing to create and NA account if that is where the majority interest lays.

    Thank you for taking a moment to read my nonsense :)
  2. Sadly, I haven't gotten the expansion yet. :( Not sure if I'm going to get it any time soon or not. I want to, but unfortunately I'm broke. @_@ Why do they have to make it $50? ; ;
  3. I would join something like this, though if it's not a server/faction I'm not already established on then it'd be on an alt that I might not play much. :P

    I'm on NA, and I mainly play on Earthen Ring, Alliance side only. It has been basically dead RP-wise for years though, and I've been strongly considering moving my main character to a more lively realm when I have money to throw at their stupid fees for such things. I also play a little on Wrymrest Accord, Horde side mostly but a little Alliance, because an old friend moved there from Earthen Ring to find active random RP in cities. Oh, and I've got a couple characters both factions on Moon Guard from that same friend dragging me there back in like.. WotLK era. The stories about that server are SO true, a walk through Goldshire or the Silvermoon City inns with an RP addon just to read what weird shit people put in their profile is always a blast.

    Anyway, all that said, I have no problem starting fresh on a new character/server for an Iwaku guild. Just not gonna be like super duper active on there. Though thanks to the magic of cross realm stuff, we can always do the bnet account friends thing and do stuff together on characters from different servers. :D
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  4. Oh that's right I forgot about that. That'd make things a lot easier ^^
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