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  1. yay!

    So I art sometimes and am always looking for more practice. I'm trying to fight off my art block this summer so I'm definitely going to try and complete every single request. If I can't, I promise that I'll try to make up for it with something cute like fat...birbs.

    Anyways, art example:
    PSA: I can't do full bodies so expect head-shots!
    PSA2: I can draw animals so if ya want that instead... (sweats)

    click (open)


    Reference Picture:
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Other: (Scars? Tattoos?)

    * feel free to add stuff!
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  2. Wow, love that example! Do you have a form you'd like us to fill out? Any preference on gender and/or species?
  3. hi! thanks for the reminder. I added in a form to OP but you don't necessarily need to follow it. I'm fine with both genders and I can attempt to draw furries/anthros if that's what you meant by species.
  4. Sure, I'll send you a request for practice!

    Reference Picture: Charahub Profile w/ Art
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Purple
    Hair Color: Also purple
    Other: Really likes cute things and has an eye for fashion
  5. Oh, I don't have any reference pictures... owo' I could go into heavy detail and give references for things like hairstyle and colors...? I understand if you don't want to do something without a complete ref, though.
  6. HGSFJDKGJ YOUR ART IS SO NICE..... kudos kudos

    Reference Picture:
    Gender: male
    Eye Color: amber
    Hair Color: blue!
    Other: tons of freckles, a beauty mark above his lip (it's below his eye in the picture but pshaw dont mind that), and an eyepatch
  7. @Moogle-Girl

    Nah dude! I'm totes cool with that so go ahead. :^) My only concern is that I won't be able to completely fulfill your request but I'll certainly do my best!

    @ Everyone else
    Thanks m8s, will start working on yer requests tomorrow.
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  8. *glomphs*

    That sample is glorious. Like, ehmehgawd. I am on my phone right now, which means I don't have the ability to pick out a character and fill out a form right now, but as soon as I get back I'm filling out a form. Or two. Or ten. XD
  9. Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Face description: Makes him look younger than he really is. Large round eyes, low-set eyebrows, high cheekbones, round cheeks, a small slightly upturned nose, and a short chin.
    Eye Color: Emerald green. (#245C35)
    Hair style: Short and scruffy, often completely unmaintained. One lock of his bangs is grown out much longer than the rest; it hangs from the right side of his forehead (his right) and down in front of his eyes, stopping at his cheeks. This one lock is dyed vibrant green (#009700) all the way up to the root. (General hairstyle reference without the extra lock)
    Hair Color: Black, save for the dyed part. (see above)
    Clothes: Just a regular black t-shirt.
    Other: Never seen without his expensive black over-ear headphones, which wrap behind his neck rather than over the top of his head. (Reference, minus the logo) He's generally very quiet and reserved and prefers listening to music to talking to people 95% of the time.

    Let me know if you want more detail or can't manage something. :o
  10. This doesn't exactly follow your form, but it is this character's character sheet, plus a number of reference photos. I hope it suffices!

    Name: Kerian

    Age: appears 29

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Kerian is a highly complex character, consider he is actually much older than he looks. I have a long list of adjectives to describe his personality, plus plenty of background information, but I'll try to stick to the stuff that is strictly relevant for a picture. Kerian is generally calm and somewhat contemplative. He generally sports a half or full smile, unless he's feeling particularly intense. His face seems naturally open and honest, as it is not in his nature to be deceptive. He's, at heart, an artist. In this particular portrait I would like him to be relaxed, comfortable, casual, and maybe a touch amused.

    Physique: Kerian is a fairly neutrally Caucasian man, in terms of ethnicity. He is light blonde haired and pale skinned, with nothing that particularly stands out. He is handsome more because his face works well with itself than because he is particularly stunning. His hair is slightly wavy, just enough to add a trace of interest to mostly straight locks, and not enough that most people would actually describe it as "wavy". It rests comfortably close to his head, and is just long enough to brush or barely cover the tops of his ears. His eyes are a light bluish grey with a dark ring around the edges.

    Slightly more technical description. Kerian's face shape would likely be described as either an inverted triangle or a diamond, as he has a slightly longer chin with a narrower jaw, and a slightly broader forehead. All the same, his chin and jaw are still somewhat rounded, not just straight lines. His lips would be slightly wider, with the lower lip thinner than the upper lip, and a fairly well shaped cupid's-bow, for a man. His eyes are deepset, rounded, and slightly upturned, with the outer corner just a bit higher than the inside corner. His brows are fairly high over his eyes, and curved. His nose is fairly Greek, with a high, narrow bridge and a straight line to the tip of his nose. His body shape is lean and strong, but probably wouldn't be described as athletic, as he doesn't really have the muscle tone. His shoulders are not particularly broad, but are not notably narrow either. For his height, which is just shy of 6', his legs are fairly long.

    Reference Photos (open)
    None of these are obligatory to reference, and please use your own discretion as an artist to make decisions. This is simply to save you the work of having to look some up yourself if you want/need them.

    Face #1 and Face #2 His face length would be somewhere in between these two.


    Eye shape and color


    Body type

    Hair style and color

    If you would like more or other reference images, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll go hunting.

    Clothing: Kerian would be wearing a plain, clean grey t-shirt with a lower curved neck. He wouldn't wear any accessories.
  11. Oh dang. Your art is so nice! <3 I hope you don't mind me making a request!

    Have multiple, if you'd like!
    Glowing yellow-green. Slightly wide. Dark circles underneath from lack of sleep.
    Black, cut short and uneven, and it drips thick ink (oozy consistency).
    She has lots of freckles, wears plum-colored lipstick, and has pointed elf ears. She prefers modest purple clothes, especially ribbed sweaters. She's chubby and busty, and blushes super easily. Her favorite color is purple.
  12. Something tells me that I'm too late to make a request. ^^; Oh well. I love your art.
  13. @wolfgurl1999

    It's never too late! I've just been super busy with family things so I haven't been able to find the time to sit down and properly line the art. ;'^)
  14. Oh, okay. Well if you're too busy, then don't worry about mine. ^w^ I don't suppose you have a deviantart account by any chance?
  15. Can I slide in here with a request please? ;o; your art is beautiful!
  16. Holy jeez, spacedog, that's some hellaciously DOPE art !

    You don't have to get around to it anytime soon but I gots a request.

    Reference Picture:
    His picture is here, although you only gotta do the head !

    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Straight white
    Hair Color: Wearin' a hat
    Other: It's up to you wether you want the bandana to cover his eye, both eyes, or sit just below the both.
    It usually varies.

    Really, you can do whatever you want with him.

    Reference Picture: THIS ONE ^^
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Red
    Hair Color: Black
    Other: If you could please draw the one from the back with the moon behind it I would appreciate.
  18. O: ! Oh wow your art is so prettttyyy! I would like to drop a request ~
    Feel free to take as long as you need with it. c:

    Reference Picture:

    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Silver
    Hair Color: Black
    Other: I would love it if you could draw him with a wand drawn out. If not, then it's alright as well :D

    Thank you so much in advance!
  19. @MsGrump

    If you fancy drawing some horns, I'll offer up my tiefling, Ebonoch. He's a klepto who hangs around Terrible People™ because he finds corruption profitable.

    Reference Picture: Charahub link above. Along the top tab, there's more under "Images".
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Red
    Hair Color: Black (long, braided)
    Other: Just his horns and deer-ish ears. Piercings and all that are totally optional.
  20. @wolfgurl1999

    No problem! And no, but I do have a super dead tumblr if you'd like that instead. ;'^)


    Go ahead! :^3

    @ Everyone

    I'm just slowly working on each request so I don't get burned out! I should change my username to (sweats) also cause i'm a huge perfectionist rip
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