Would your character need a babysitter?


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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
I've been sucked into watching Supernanny today and a thought popped into my head. What was your favorite RP character like as a child?

Did they need a babysitter? Were they well behaved or spoiled brats? Did they get away with murder with their parents or were they on constant punishment?

What about you? Do you relate your character's history to your own?

Questions, Questions!
Recently Diana and I explored what happened when my witch character was age reversed by her sister so that she was a wee thing and her normal human boyfriend had to watch over her for the day. You'll note that both sisters are adults, so by her sister pulling this sort of prank, even if it was somewhat by accident, should give you an idea what childhood was like for them.

Yes, hilarity did ensue. Poor Aidan, and he still wants to have kids with her. The man is nuts!

I don't think I have any hell raisers in my folders. Though I'm betting that Babs, my most morally gray character, enjoyed getting away with stunts as a little girl. She had several older brothers and parents that put her in way too many activities so she didn't have a lot of freedom to cause havoc until College.

Toshi/Tasha likely needed a babysitter so she didn't go walking off with strangers. The girl is way too lovely and thinks everyone is her friend, until they prove otherwise. She would have walked home with anyone!

Azra, being a demi-god. you would think would need to be watched over pretty much all the time, but when your convinced your mother is nuts from an early age I suppose it takes all the fun out of driving her crazy. I think though he did enjoy getting into a modest amount of harmless trouble with other boys from the village.
Hideo from Mango Drama would. He's a trouble-making pervert that would probably set an establishment on fire by accident. D: You can't leave him alone for a single minute, else hell will ensue. He definitely needs a sitter.

I made a 19 year old some time ago named Mary Jane who's a partying college student. She'd likely need somebody to look after her, too. As a homework procrastinator, she must be kept in her room to study. Instead, she goes out to have fun. >__> Silly girl.

Probably the only ones. I'm sure some of my evil characters might need a sitter, though one that can keep them in a jail cell more than on the couch with cartoons. XD Otherwise, mine are responsible enough to keep themselves out of mischief.
My favorite character ever is Evangeline. And she needs a babysitter NOW as an adult, so as a child it's a miracle she wasn't kidnapped and murdered. o____o She was a seer/psychic child that her parents found very creepy, even though she was a sweet and trusting thing. She automatically assumes that everyone is a nice person and is friendly. But she has a habit of spilling out prophecy and visions mixed in idle conversation like it's no big deal... and that leads to chaos. XD

Now, Kendal... Ocha's Sasha's sister. >:D Yeah. "Technically" she was the babysitter for her older and younger sister, since Kendal was the one with the ideas to get everyone OUT of trouble. But Kendal's ways of solving problems often caused just as much trouble.
GMK and Konrad grew up in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, no babysitters there exist. the sisters of battle cannot be bothered with such a menial task.
Well, I just typed a post for Katrinka's, so I'll focus on those three!
Ebrille and Avani are childhood friends and together, with Ebrille following her so trustingly and Avani being so hot-tempered and bold, they'd surely be trouble. Poor Ebrille would get in trouble for so many of her antics... Poor Ebbi!

As for Adare, he's so rowdy and effervescent, he'd definitely have needed a babysitter too. He's a very active, which means he'd have been a handful as a kid.
Hideo from Mango Drama would. He's a trouble-making pervert that would probably set an establishment on fire by accident. D: You can't leave him alone for a single minute, else hell will ensue. He definitely needs a sitter.
I tried to step in on that capacity...
Favorite RP character of all time: Obsidian from Vampyres! no one probably knows this rpg cause Diana and Alaricerz and I had our own private chatroom back in old Moonwings, but good god she needed a babysitter .-. Forever! And maybe the ball and chain to keep her from wandering away.~ Diana knows it's trueee.
Seeing maggerz post I remembered some of my masquerade characters.

Serias was always too rambunctious for anyone/thing to hold him down, trust me people have tried many creative things, and got eaten.

Virgil, growing up as biblical royalty probably had many nanny's/maids to wait on him, but didn't need it, he was rather gifted mentally, though he didn't have the greatest constitution in the world his relatively sheltered lifestyle didn't much need it.

Damien definitely did, he get's into waaaay too much trouble on his own.
Those characters were epic Karsikan <3333333