Would you want to watch your own funeral?

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A weird question, yes. >> If you died and could watch your funeral... would you want to?
I think I would...but then again I don't want to see all my loved ones crying and being sad.

So I guess I wouldn't watch it, although I would be incredibly curious as to what happened!
Watching your own funeral, huh?

To those who have played Ace Combat since the PSX days, have you ever played Ace Combat 3?

The main antagonist of the story, Abyssal Dision, undergoes Sublimation - that is, the 'copying' of human consciousness into what is essentially the internet, sort of like making an AI copy of yourself. Dision's electronic copy manages to get into a security camera network, and while he watches his 'real' self make out with his lover, he also spots a bunch of armed individuals of unknown affiliation plant a bomb just outside the room his original self is in. Desperate to save his lover, the guy yells out her name, but to no avail - no one can hear him.

The bomb explodes. Dision watches his lover, and most notably, himself, die.

I'd watch my funeral if it meant I had to start a new life.... or an afterlife. See how people will feel. Will I be remembered as a saint or as a demon? Or will I pass into obscurity?
Hell yes I would! I will be leaving very specific instructions in my will. I'd love to be able to watch and make sure people don't screw it up! But, since I can't REALLY do that, I'm tying the instructions to the dispersement of my wealth. Meaning, if they DO manage to screw it up, everything goes to charity or something.
Only if its as funny as the Monty Python funeral. Oh man, I'd kill to have John Cleese say "fuck" at my funeral.
Yes. I would totally love to see my own funeral. The ultimate evesdropping. Everyone says really nice BS at funerals.
And watch people say thing about me they don't mean as not to disrespect the dead. No thanks.
Nope. Mostly because there wouldn't be anything I haven't already seen from whoever would show up. Besides... it would be a short show.
I would for a few reasons.

1. I want so see if they really do carry out what I have put in my will.
2. I also want to see if like Vay says, they say nice things but deep down they are shit fucks that never really liked me.
3. And to keep things light, yes... I do wonder what would really happen.
I would do what I've learned from Rayne Summers in Least I Could Do: Have a statue erected above my grave with an erect penis so that comely women of childbearing age may pay tribute.
Totally going to go with Raz's idea.

*gets to work on giant penor statue*

It will be GLORIOUS.
No, it will be Raging, then it will be graffitied on and smashed up by vandals with a sledgehammer.

*Goes to buy spray paint and a sledgehammer*
When I die I'm going to haunt a girl's locker room. So I'll be too busy doing that instead of seeing my own funeral.
I'd watch my own funeral, just to see who actually comes. But like I told my mother, if I ever want to die I want it to be a giant roast, not anything depressing.
why would i deny myself the chance to see my family freinds and loved ones one last time before whatever happens?

i wouldnt do it to see or hear what they say, but merely to hear their voices and see them.
No one would be at the funeral...... so no : ) I would NOT want to see it. but that was a very cheerful question! haha.
C'mon Tara, I would go!

No I would not like to watch my own funeral.
It'd be an interesting thing to see, presumably before going off to the great beyond. One last glance and then gtg.