INTEREST CHECK Would you want a Silent Hill or Castlevania or Vampire Hunter D RP?

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  1. I won't get into the exact way I might plan on handling these RPs just yet since I do not wish to scare anyone off. I am simply wanting to determine how many people would be interested in an RP based in the established universe of one of these series. Although I know that some of you may not have any familiarity at all with any of these three so I will give a basic breakdown of the three so that even without any previous knowledge you could still make it known which of the three concepts would interest you the most.

    Silent Hill- A town tainted with a horrifying past, completely blanketed in a thick fog/ mist. No 'normal' people are in this town. No one can leave until they complete their personal "journey". . . or die. Only those drawn to the town for a specific reason walk the otherwise empty streets. . . aside from monsters. Monsters that some see and others do not tailored to each person's own personal demons. The coming of darkness and the sound of a siren herald a transformation of everything as you know it into "The Otherworld". A horrifying realm tailored to your own personal hell. Peril along with strange puzzles await you on a journey that could be redemption. . . or punishment. . . or both.

    Castlevania- A world where the Supernatural runs loose depending on the year, specifically whether or not the Castle of Dracula has been resurrected once more. Filled with monsters from every known bestiary in the world, they roam inside the ever-changing castle and claim domains in the various parts of the castle. If left alone long enough, the evil of the castle will spread throughout the land. The only way to end it all is to defeat Count Dracula after making it through the countless corridors of the Castle alive to his throne room. Normally this duty falls to a the latest descendant in a family of Vampire Hunters known as the Belmonts. This clan possesses a whip known as the Vampire Killer. But history has shown that in their absence others have shown themselves willing to step up to the cause as well.

    Vampire Hunter D- The year is 12,090 AD. After a nuclear war between the countries of humanity in the year 2000, Vampires that had been slumbering and waiting in the shadows show their faces at last. What followed was a 10,000 year reign under an aristocracy of Vampire "Nobles" led by who they call The Sacred Ancestor. We know him as Dracula. In 12,090 AD technology has advanced to the point that just about anything is possible from castles with laser defenses to atomic grenades to cyborg horses. Earth has been left divided into frontiers and sectors based on the boundaries between the strongholds of the most powerful Nobility. The Nobility in their infinite cruelty have used science to bring back countless monsters that were once thought legend while also creating countless mutations and variants of regular species humanity once knew. But now for reasons that even the Nobility seem unable to understand, they are falling into decline and a new class of hunters has emerged. . . Vampire Hunters.