Would you visit Chernobyl?

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Would you visit Chernobyl and/or Pripyat?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Title pretty much says it all. After the thread earlier, and on the anniversery of the disaster, I think it's a reasonable question to ask. Vote, and explain why below.

    Personally, I'd go.

    I'm not too afraid of radiation, but you won't catch me skinny dipping in the reactor cooling lake, rolling around in the old reactor, or trying on the discarded firefighters gear. But an oppurtunity to see Pripiyat, a city that packed up and left in hours. How nature has been changed by radiation, and moved into the urban areas. Even a look back into Soviet life.

    And going places I've seen in CoD 4 and STALKER is pretty fun too.

    What about the rest of the denizens of Iwaku? Radiation paridise, or safe at home?
  2. I like creepy, abandoned places. And STALKER has influenced me.

    I'd visit.
  3. I have enough anxiety concerning my health that I don't need to add cancer to my worries. No thanks.
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  4. I get one life. I will not spend it in fear. If I could visit without getting guaranteed cancer or something equally nasty, I would.
  5. Chernobyl is pretty safe now actually! They say the chance is bigger to get some sort of mental breakdown (because of the scary ghost town vibes) then a physical disease. I would totally go, no doubt.
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  6. Yes, if the health risks were minimal. It's a very unique place.
  7. They say it's pretty safe now(wildlife is coming back), but I trust people about as far as I can throw them, so I'll stick with documentaries. I also have travel anxieties and that is a looong distance.
  8. Gladly. It would be an experience to witness what happens when humans simply abandon entire areas.

    anuuu cheeki breeki
  9. Yes. Because how often do you get to see a place like that. O__O Once in a lifetime opportunity.
  10. It'd be a great opportunity. I would love to see the Pripyat from a top one of it's tall apartment blocks and really just take the view in.
  11. I already have somewhat of a death wish, I'd go in an instant.
  12. I would go with a Hazmat suit and pray for the best.
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