Would You Survive: Round One - A Slasher Flick

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  1. Would You Survive
    -Round One-
    A Slasher Flick


    Player One -- _________________

    Player Two -- _________________

    Player Three -- _________________

    Player Four -- _________________

    Player Five -- _________________

    Player Six -- _________________


    -----Short Introduction to WYS

    Hello, and welcome, to Would You Survive! This creative form of role playing follows a different set of rules than most you've participated in, in that it does not follow the storyline or process of other role plays. The way that this role play works is as follows:
    There is a team of six contestants and one RPM (Role Play Master). Before each game, the RPM deals each of the six contestants a total of a random 10 SOC (Survival Option Cards). These are explained below and yeah. This form of RP works much like a turn-based game: the RPM makes a call, one by one the players play a single card or uses one of the choices/options given by the RPM on certain turns of the game, then the RPM makes his call based off theirs and continues into the next turn. This is a new form of role playing in itself which inspires the player to think creatively and effeciantly, and will be taking shape right here on Iwaku!

    -----Cards/RPM Specials

    --Card Types:

    Offense/Weapon: These cards are normally played alone, but can be combined with other cards or items in some cases to make stronger weapons or different tactics.
    Ex: If you have the card "Baseball Bat" and the card "HammerAndNails", you can combine the two to make a "Nail Bat".
    Ex2: If you have the card "Melee Fight" and the surrounding area has the boundary item "Rafters", you can combine the two to attack by "SwingingFromRafters".

    Item Card: These cards consist of basic items people may carry with them such as "Lighter" or "PocketKnife". These can be used in various ways and can be combined in some cases. Some boundary items can be collected and made into cards, but a player cannot have more than ten cards at a time.
    Ex: If you have the card "Pocket Knife" and the card "Stone", you can combine the two to make a "SharpenedPocketKnife".
    Ex2: If you have the card "Lighter" and the surrounding area has the boundary item "Gasoline", you can combine the two to make "FlamingDeath".
    Ex3: If you have the card "Whiskey Bottle" and the card "Lighter", you cannot use them together. If you were to collect a boundary item such as "Rag" you could combine the three to make a "MolotovCocktail".

    Action Card: These cards are exactly what they sound like. Action cards are used to get out of a tight spot, maneuver an area, sometimes even evade a killer.
    Ex: If you're cornered in a room and the killer is outside the door, but you possess the card "Crawl", you can use a surrounding item, such as a window, to crawl through and escape. These cards are very picky and are also very risky at times.

    Special Card: There are six players, making a deck of 60 cards that are dealt to the players. Much like any deck of regular playing cards though, there is a set of two extra cards. In a normal deck, these would be called the Jokers. In WYS, they are the Special Cards. These cards are the 61'st and 62'd cards in the deck, and each on has a very unique ability. The Special Card "Healing Vibe" can heal any injury(ies) a player may have as well as restore one card they or a teammate has used. The healing portion can only be used on the person who holds the card. The Special Card "Gatherers Growl" summons all characters in the game to a random place on the map. It has no other affects, but it can be used twice. This card cannot be used within 3 turns of itself.

    --RPM Specials

    Movement S: This special allows each player to move for free in one of the offered ways. It is offered during the second turn on the game and then at other random times throughout. The players may not use any cards on a turn where this is offered and the killer does not move during this turn.

    Draw A Card: This special allows each player to draw a new card from the deck. This is an optional special and is normally used towards the end of the game. The player with the most cards at the time of use may not draw.

    Deck Recall: This special is used at an entirely random time during the game and causes every player to lose the cards they have at the time and to be dealt a new set of cards of the same quantity.

    -----How Things Work [A Basic Step-By-Step]

    1: Each player is dealt a set of cards. These cards are kept track of by the RPM as to ensure nobody cheats.
    2: The RPM posts an area map. This is the basic area in which the RP takes place.
    3: The RPM selects starting areas around the map for each player and those characters, during their first turn and only their first turn, may exchange two cards in their hand for two items in the room.
    4: The second turn of the game is used as a Movement S turn. After this turn, cards may be played. Players can move one area per turn. Areas are marked on the map.
    5: The killer appears randomly on the map now, the players must avoid him at all costs.
    6: Starting now, the game rotation goes as follows:
    Play 1's Turn > RPM Judge/Update > Player 2's Turn > RPM Judge/Update > Player 3's Turn > RPM Judge/Update > Player 4's Turn > RPM Judge/Update > Player 5's Turn > RPM Judge/Update > Player 6's Turn > RPM Judge/Update > RPM Rotation Summary/Killer Update > Repeat


    1. You may not trade cards. You play with what you get.
    2. You may not ask the RPM for a special round. He/she decides when to give those.
    3. If the RPM denies a player the turn they made, a reason will be listed as to why. Do not bitch and moan about this, just re-do it.
    4. If you die, you die. A special card cannot bring back the dead.
    5. You may travel as a group, but there can only be up to three people in these groups.
    6. This is a turn-based game, if you go when it is not your turn, the post will be removed and you will need to continue waiting through the rotation until you would normally go.
    7. You do not win by being the last one alive. You win by using logic and figuring out how to kill the killer, once that is done, whoever finished him off wins.


    Q: How do you decide what cards go to who?
    A: Simple, really. What I do is I use this resource here and it decides for me. I go by suit for card type, and each card in the suits represent a different card of that type. The jokers, clearly, are the special cards. (I try not to give two people the same thing, but it will happen sometimes. I've also posted my settings and such lower down for this.) I don't use the Hearts suit just because.

    Q: Do I need to fill out a big character sheet for this?
    A: Only if you want to, it isn't required though. All you'll be going by is Player # through the entire game, there isn't much PxP interaction.

    Q: How do I know if I've died or not? Do I die if I run out of cards?
    A: There are three ways to die in WYS. First, the killer can catch you and kill you. Second, you can run out of health from injuries that will be told to you as you play. Third, another player can kill you. That's right. They can. It is not permitted unless the person being killed and the killer agree to the situation. DO NOT RANDOMLY KILL PEOPLE.

    Q: What if the player before me is taking a long time to go? How long do I have to wait?
    A: Each player is urged to take their turn with 24 hours of each other. If a player misses their 24 hour period, their turn will be skipped. There is no penalty for this directly, but it does give the killer an advantage to move in on that player.

    Q: Are there stats in this like health, hunger, sanity, etc?
    A: Yes and no. There is no hunger or sanity or anything like that. There is, however, a health stat. This starts at 10 and if it reaches zero you die. Your health goes down from injuries you may take, such as tripping down stairs or falling off a balcony. Each injury will be rated on a scale of 0-2 Health Points (HP) and will be deducted as such. For example, if the killer hacks one of your arms off, that'd be 2 points. If you jumped through a window on the second story, that would be a 0.5-1 depending on if it was open or not.

    Q: Can I die from blood-loss?
    A: No. Each character is assumed to know how to properly bandage a wound and would not die from such. You also cannot die from infection or bug bites.

    Q: What if I don't want to play anymore halfway through the game?
    A: Arrange for another player to kill you. You cannot kill yourself and you cannot just leave.

    -----Card Settings

    Step One
    Draw = 10
    Decks = 1

    Step Two
    Suits = Spades, Diamonds, Clubs
    Cards = All
    Jokers = Both

    Spades - Offense
    Ace = LoadedPistol
    Two = Bat
    Three = Hammer
    Four = Nails
    Five = MeleeFight
    Six = ShotgunShells
    Seven = PlankOfWood
    Eight = Firetender
    Nine = Log
    Ten = Brick
    Jack = Nail-gun
    Queen = Saw
    King = Shotgun

    Diamonds - Items
    Ace = PocketKnife
    Two = Lighter
    Three = Book
    Four = WhiskeyBottle
    Five = String
    Six = Stone
    Seven = iPod
    Eight = Money
    Nine = Nokia
    Ten = Stick
    Jack = Chain
    Queen = Flashlight
    King = Backpack

    Clubs - Action Cards
    Ace = SpiderClimb (Climb up ANYTHING EVER. Also hide on the ceiling.)
    Two = Climb (Climb up things like ladders or vines.)
    Three = Jump (Use this to avoid traps or large holes.)
    Four = Crawl (Use this to crawl out a window and snatch all dem people up.)
    Five = Sneak (Use this to stealthily avoid being seen.)
    Six = Run (RUN LIKE A MOFO.)
    Seven = DodgeLeft (Dodge to the left. Self explanitory.)
    Eight = DodgeRight (Dodge to the right. STILL self explanatory.)
    Nine = Duck (Use this to avoid some traps or coinsurance, on occasional this can also avoid an attack by the killer.)
    Ten = Walk (Out of cards? May as well walk about aimlessly.)
    Jack = Hide (There's the killer! Hide yo arse!)
    Queen = Disquise (Hide behind a plant or something, I dunno. It needs to make SOME sense.)
    King = Detect (Use this to find out if there's someone or something in the next room over without entering it.)

    Jokers - Special Cards
    Red Joker = Healing Vibe
    Black Joker = Gatherers Growl

    This RP is first-come-first-serve, so join as soon as you can and we'll start things up!
  2. Do we still write about it in detail, such as if you play a card saying "Dodge Left" you would post more then just what cards you're using? For example, your post would go "He saw the killer step forward again, and in one last attempt at escape he leapt off to the left just as the knife was brought down, narrowly missing his arm..." and so on rather then just "Dodge Left"?
  3. Yes and no. What you would do in that situation is you would write the little sentence for it, as you did, and then either underline the action card being used's affect or write down which card you played beneath it. Ex:

    "He saw the killer step forward again, and in one last attempt at escape he leapt off to the left just as the knife was brought down, narrowly missing his arm..."


    "He saw the killer step forward again, and in one last attempt at escape he leapt off to the left just as the knife was brought down, narrowly missing his arm..."
    ​Dodge Left