Would you stay at home if money wasn't an issue?

Would you stay at home if money weren't an issue?

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Oh yeah, definitely. Just because I think I should be making most the money, it doesn't mean I won't date anyone who makes more than me. Like I said, I just think it should be the other way around.

Being flexible gets you far! I read your post shortly after you posted it and was mulling it over for a day or two amd was genuinely curious if that was a relationship criteria for someone like yourself who generally favours the man being the provider.
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Yes. Easy choice.

I'm no good around people, I have really bad anxiety, and my room is my safe and happy place... so if I could here without having to worry about money or getting food... SIGN ME UP. I don't need a job to keep my busy or entertained either.

Ah, a girl can dream...
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