Would you stay at home if money wasn't an issue?

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Would you stay at home if money weren't an issue?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. So, imagine the scenario you get hitched with someone who got the money to provide for a relatively comfortable lifestyle for the both of you. Not talking seven villa's and a yacht named after you, but still a decent life without too many worries. Technically you don't have to work and your partner is okay with that. Would you be fine with staying at home?

    Please vote and post your reasoning. Feel free to elaborate. Perhaps there are things that would sway your mind, like kids? Maybe you have already made a similar choice in the past. How did that work out for you? Are you happy with that?

    Also the tag to this thread says discussion, so, ya'll know the drill. Let's all keep our judgements to ourselves.

    I was born to be a little homebody house elf. >> I like housekeeping, making dinners, doing the finances, etc. I don't like interacting with strangers as it's mentally and physically draining on my introverted little hermit self.

    I did work for a bit and I liked it at first cause it was fun doing something new and different for awhile. O_O But it really was draining on me AND on my relationship because we never saw each other, and when we did, we were both too tired. Nothing else in the house got done (cause we'd be at work and then too tired to do chores), and bills were forgotten and the whole balance of how our household works kinda fell apart. @.@
  3. Yeah. If money were not an issue, I would stay home all day and write endlessly. Sadly, I don't have the luxury, so... :ferret:
  4. Definitely. Definitely. Definitely. I would do as Brovo mentioned, write. Get my writing off the ground solely because the job I am at right now is something I would not miss especially with the holidays coming up.
  5. One of my hobbies is to just go out to a random mall/shopping centre/vacation spot without much pre-planning and just... have fun! So... nope. :P
  6. Yeah, I would. I'm not one of those people who needs to work to feel fulfilled. Very little of my self worth is tied to supporting myself financially, so I'd be totally cool with having a spouse that makes all the money. I'd be a lazy piece of shit sitting at home writing and watching stuff on Youtube and playing games all day and it would be great. 8D
  7. When you say 'home' do you mean my own home with a working partner, or my mother's house/family home

    If it's the first I think being able to work from home would be badass, but I honestly don't mind going out to work, it's conducive to a social life.

    If it's the second, HELL NAW
  8. It's a dream.

    I would do it, no questions. Maybe take up a part time job doing what I do now for savings or spending. Volunteer maybe, work at a kitchen, or finally do college stuff myself.

    Either way, yeah. Would work full time if it meant money wouldn't be an issue now!
  9. Hell no, I would go insane. I need to get out and do stuff, and after being unemployed for 4 months, I never felt more worthless in my entire life.
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  10. Part of me say yes, I would stay at home. Another part says no. I hate to feel I am not contributing, or that I am beholden/dependant on others. Add to that the fact that isolation is a terrible thing for me and I need to keep myself active, I say no.
  11. I'd probably be having outings more frequently, stuff like Conventions, All you can eat Sushi with friends, The Movies, Some LARPs and Hobby Gaming etc.

    But I'd still be spending the majority of my time at home, I'm just the most comfortable at home in front of my computer.
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  12. I would do it. Heck, I'd start a home business while I'm at it. Why not? xD
  13. I like Money. If I had a superior other that is paying for a comfortable life, than if I get a job of any sort, the money I make would be extra and "fun" money for things that I'd want or that (s)he'd want. This will include books, things with dragons on them, video games, more things with dragons on them, very, VERY kinky things (Like cars), pets, MORE books, videogames and dragons, nice dates with superior other, vacations that involve travel and lottery tickets cause I'm one of those overly hopeless optimistic fucks,

    If by comfortable, I would have all that and I'm basically hitched with someone who was overly wealthy to feed my endless greed. I'd then change my answer to "Yes" and just learn things that i want to learn, hire people to teach me those things and do whatever wanted to do. Even then, I might still work to feel somewhat useful or try and create a ton of shit.
  14. Nope. I have so many things I wanna do, but doing the job I have dreamed about doing is one I want to do the most. Sure, staying at home would be badass, but I'd personally feel like I wouldn't be contributing as much as I could be whilst working.
  15. Being a stay-at-home partner just does not sound like a fulfilling life to me. I want to go out and do stuff. Not to mention, I'd feel like I'm just a burden, living off my partner's money like that. I'd want to contribute.

    But yeah, I tend to actually feel a lot more fulfilled during the school year than during breaks just because I feel better about having something to do -- and having some purpose in life other than a bit of housekeeping. The upside to money not being an issue, I suppose, is that I won't have to work myself any harder than I want -- so I don't have to take on a job that's too strenuous on me or w/e, but yeah, I'll want to go out and do something.

    Besides: I go to college for a reason, yo. I don't just want a job to sustain myself; I want a career. Something fulfilling I can do with my life. Something I'll enjoy. Staying at home would just make me feel kind of worthless and directionless. @_@
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  16. There's a small, vague part of me that says yes, simply because I'm a lazy sack of potatoes that plays videos games and watches YouTube all day long.

    And then there's a bigger, much clearer part of me that says no way, simply because, deep down, I would love to travel around the world and see things I've never seen before.
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  17. I was going to say yes, but I don't think I could be 100% a domestic. I'd either have to have a part time job or I'd be doing all sorts of volunteer work I think. So my yes is very soft.
  18. A clear yes.

    Coupled with anxiety and a general dislike of going outside and actually doing stuff, work or not, staying at home would be ideal. I could get so much art done, I could polish my novel ideas, play games and stuff.

    I'm also a lazy piece of shit, so yeah.
  19. Nope.

    I'm not programmed for the domestic chores of running and taking care of the house, especially if kids would ever be involved. I don't really have a nesting instinct to make any home feel comfortable and livable. I also hate answering to someone about and for money.

    I rather be the one making enough money for my partner to have a comfortable life if they choose to stay at home.
  20. I hate house chores.

    Asides from that I get really, really, restless (and listless) when cooped up at home with nothing to do. To the point that it tires me out more than actual work. It is a reason why I'm in lower moods when summer break arrives when the only thing I have is a part time job. One doesn't want me to be in that mood, I tend to find everyone and everything stupid then.

    Along with that, I like my independency too much to depend on someone else. After moving out of my parental home I fell in love with that independency, even if I hate doing the chores. Besides, I'm much too paranoid to have someone do it on their own. The worries would gnaw at me more than a little stress at work. I like the latter, the first is unappreciated.

    So my answer is, no. No, I wouldn't stay at home even if someone could support me on their own. It would be unhealthy for me and our relationship.
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