Would You Shut Up?

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  1. Would You Shut Up?

    "And after Turont, we'll move over the base in Ismeer, but we won't completely wipe that out. We still happen to need their source of fertile soil. That much we can handle without the people running around screaming their heads off. After Ismeer, let's just travel to Bae since Gerotate is pretty much out of the picture..."

    Wari half listened to what Hitake was saying anymore. It was the same old war plan thing that had been going on for the past week or so, yet they hadn't made the slightest move to advance any of the towns mentioned. Gerotate was supposedly the first town to go, but every time Wari got itchy for the thrill of killing and destroying the town, plans got back tracked and he was found at the odd end of the war table again. Hitake, however, took pride in his speeches, because they seemed to have gotten longer and longer each time Wari heard them. Everyone else around the table seemed to be listening intently. All but Wari, who, at the time, took a look out the window beside him.

    Nagi was nothing more than a thriving land of few colors. Every tiny little person he saw walking around were dressed in black, grey, and even green. The few people that wore red were a part of the Nagisma, just like Wari. He brought his auburn eyes down to his own white, black, and red rimmed suit. The outfit made him nothing like the Nagisma. He didn't give a damn about their plans, their future, or their paradise. He just had skills that were good for something other than landing him in some kind of prison. Even those couldn't hold Wari for long; he was a tough one.

    "Wari. Is that understood?" Hitake's voice reached his ears but nothing but his eyes moved. He looked over to the man with the long green hair expressionless. Once the two exchanged glances, Hitake immediately knew that Wari was paying no attention to the meeting whatever, his prize being a hard glare from Hitake.

    "You do understand that we need you to scout the city because you are the quickest among yes, correct?"

    "Obviously." Some people at the table snickered at Wari's comment, but Hitake remained unphased.

    "Then we need you to go there. Now. Scan out Gerotate. Make sure there are no potential threats or barriers getting in the way of our rise. And try doing it without any sight seeing this time." A couple of more snickers sounded before Wari stood from the table, shoving his chair back and making a loud shriek. Hitake glared some more as Wari walked out, but he couldn't bare looking into Wari's red eyes for long. No one really could.
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    "Lucilia, are you listening to me?" Lucialia was daydreaming out the window, she never paid attention to her lessons, especially when
    Fertadi, he was a nice guy and all, but dang was he boring. "huh?" Lucilia snapped back to reality and looked at Fertadi. he just glared at her. "you really should pay attention more, I understand that you don't care about this, but it's important for the towns people to know that you care about them." Lucilia nodded and sat up straight. "OKAY! I'm listening." Lucilia smiled as if she was suddenly interested. she loved this town and all and the peacefulness of it, but why did its history have to be so bland.

    Lucilia looked back out the window and saw a fruit tree outside. Its fruit looked so fresh. She watched the people in the town walk by the window. they all looked so happy, but none of them should be, Lucilia knew of her fathers plans to destroy this town, she had no way to stop them and all the warriors and fighters in that town wouldn't listen to her, because she was a girl and too young to know anything. She loved this town she really did, but dang the older people were so mean to her.

    "Okay, Lucilia, I believe we are done for the day, if you have any questions about today's lesson, feel free to ask." Fertadi glanced at Lucilia and realized she was already walking out the door. Lucilia walked outside and let the sun hit her face, it was so warm. she walked slowly to the tree she had been staring at
    during her lesson. it shined in the sun. "LUCILIA!!!" Lucilia turned at looked who had screamed her name. "Oh no." It was a boy named Pluto, he was the town dork. "I heard you were done with your lesson and wanted to know if you wanted to go down to the river with me?" Lucilia waited for him to stop running towards her and then sighed. "Listen Pluto, I really cant. I'm sorry." Lucilia turned and started walking back towards the tree. "Maybe later though okay?" Pluto smiled and nodded his head quickly.

    Lucilia walked over the the tree and picked up a basket that had been sitting next to it. It was an peach tree. she reached up and picked one and smelled it, placing it in the basket afterwards. she continued to pick them. she could maybe make something with them.
  3. If there was anything he hated more than people, it was a lot of people. And that was exactly the definition of Gerotate: slam packed full of people. There were children, lots of them, some with adults, some with elders, some by themselves. It seemed like everywhere they went, they met someone with a cheery smile, a wave, and a 'hello.' The town was practically bursting with brotherly love and peace and joy. Just the kind of town Wari hated to be around. The Nagisma swore up and down that he was the right person for the job because of his ability to control the Wind and Fire. Though Fire didn't help him too much in the spying business, the Wind was what made him quick and silent as he darted from tree to tree on the outer skirts of the village. A small tuft a wind beneath the soles of his black sandals here and there, and Wari got exactly where he wanted to be in no time at all.

    The problem was that there were too many damned people.

    "Perfect," he muttered, sitting atop a tree that was laden to the brim with small peaches. The tiny, succulent little fruits glimmered in the sunlight, giving off a warm and inviting flavor. It was torture to the tongue, but he was on duty. He didn't have time to just pick his share of delicious fruits and eat his fill. Then again, no one really cared about this scouting anyway. All he had to do was look out for potential threats and report it back to the Hierarchy at Nagi. So far, the only threat he saw was a peach barely hanging onto its stem before falling to the ground, and god forbid the Nagisma had to deal with fallen fruit. Wari sighed and shifted his foot, causing the dangling peach to fall out from the highest point of the tree...

    ...and right into the basket of a girl.

    Shit! He froze and didn't move for a long time, red eyes staring directly atop her head, which was colored a brilliant blue. There was a exceedingly large bow placed on the side, laced with a silken white embroidery. The burst of colors hurt his eyes a bit, but he dared not move a muscle. If the girl saw Wari, he'd be forced to kill her, and what nuisance that would be.

  4. Lucilia, stood continuing to pick Peaches from the tree. She almost had a full basket when she felt a gust of wind, a few seconds afterwards a peach fell form the tree and right into her basket. She figured it was the wind, but that wind had to have been pretty strong to knock it down. She wondered what had caused it. She looked up in the tree and could really see anything. she let her eyes wander around the top of the tree, she looked right a boy sitting in the tree, his red eyes, piercing her soul, his blonde hair blowing in the wind. "He-"

    "Lucilia, what are you doing?" her teacher Fertadi walked over and looked up in the tree, not seeing anything. "Oh. I uh, was just picking peaches. what one?" Lucilia picked up the peach that had fallen in her basket and offered it to her teacher. "Oh well, yes I would love one." Fertadi grabbed the peach from her hand and took a bite out of it.

    "What do you plan on doing with all of these peaches Lucilia?" Fertadi asked as he continued to each the peach. "Oh, I don't know I might make like a jam or something...or I can take them to the market and see them." Fertadi smiled. "I think that the towns people would love these, that's a great idea. Let me walk you." Fertadi held out his arm for Lucilia to hold onto. "Okay." Lucilia smiled and began to walk away with Fertadi. In town she offered them to the fruit seller and he gave her some coins for them and told her that she could keep as many as she wanted. Lucilia kept three, she put three back in her basket and walked back to her house.

  5. Wari held his place for a seemingly long time, holding his breath even longer. It was strange how everyone was laughing, smiling, and being cheerful while he perched atop a tree with a dark aura about him. He felt more like a cat than a human, moving not a muscle while the girl found her eyes wandering to where he was. When they made contact, his pupils slanted and his fingers twitched, feeling a small burst of fire ready to well up and shoot right towards her, burning her into nothing but ash right then and there. That is, until a voice called out that she answered to. Once her line of eyesight was off of him, Wari sent another tuft of wind to the bottom of his feet by sheer will, leaping off to the next tree, to the next, until he was well away from where he was before.

    He glared behind him as he sat perched atop another tree. Gerotate stood in the middle of the forest, seemingly brighter than any other area around him. It was enough to make him choke. The happiness, the friends, the care. To him, it was nothing but a posion that he refused to get into his veins. As soon as he was done his scouting, the Nagisma would take a couple of days or two to strike on the village, burning it from Wari's memory and life. The sooner that happened, the better. Another gust of wind past through the locks of his white hair, sitting still in the tree as he watched Gerotate with wary eyes. He was almost caught in his spying by a simple little girl. He couldn't let that slow down his spying, however.

    The tree creaked beneath his weight as the sun dropped down a notch. Wari turned his head to the sky and back to the outskirts of Gerotate. He should probably try to scout out the village before it got too dark. The spook he got before was still lingering inside his head. He clenched his fist, snarling behind his teeth at the town.

    Just wait until it gets darker...
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    Lucilia, walked into her house, setting the basket of peaches down on a window sill, she lived kind of out of town, so nobody every really came around her house. She sat at the table in her small kitchen and looked around, she couldn't get those fiery eyes of that boy she had seen out of her head. The guy looked so evil, then it hit her, he was a scout for Nagisma. Lucilia gasped and stood up quickly, id they were sending scouts the they were preparing to attack. Lucilia grabbed a white hooded cloak and put it on before walking back into town.

    She was determined to either find this scout or convince the protectors of her town, that battle was coming. Lucilia came to the local tavern before she found the guy, so she deiced to just confront the warriors, she walked in and everyone thought she was a witch because of how her hood hung down in front of her face, she pulled the hood down and walked over to a table of drunk warriors. "Listen, I saw a scout today from Nagisma, they are going to attack, you have to prepare for battle!" Lucilia said in a demanding voice, the Warriors just laughed at her and pointed, one pulled her close to him and said. "listen dolly, if you sleep with all of my men, then I will personally force them to "prepare" for battle." The warrior laughed and pushed her away onto the floor. Lucilia stood back up and dusted herself off.

    There was no hope for this town, the only people strong enough to protect her beloved town, didn't listen to her and didn't care either. Lucilia had nothing else to do. She only had one option. She had to train herself, she walked to her teachers house and banged on the door, he was a fighter himself when he was younger, but being injured in battle and being kinda old, the made him give up his place in the town warriors. Fertadi opened his door and yawned. "Lucilia, what do yo want? It's dark and there is nothing I have left to teach you tonight." Lucilia sighed. "I don't want a lesson in history, I want you to teach em how to fight!" Lucilia smiled and looked up at the Fertadi, he laughed. Lucilia just turned and walked away, nobody listened to her, just because she was a girl and smallish, didn't mean she didn't know what she was talking about. Lucilia, disappointed and sad, slowly began to walk back to her house.

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  7. Waiting in a tree seemed like the wrong thing to do. He was getting fidgety wasting all of that time perched in a tree when he could have been doing some scouting. The Nagisma called him to scout out the town for a reason, and looking at the town from atop a tree was not what they were looking for when it pertained to raw skill. Cautious tendencies filled him even though he was ready to stalk the town. What could being seen by that girl have meant anyway? It wasn't like she was going to attack him out of nowhere with an overly large sword. She could barely swat away a butterfly let alone lay a finger on him. Wari was fast and mean, and those two combined together against a frail little girl?

    Chances were, her body would be lying in the nearest gutter before the sun even hit the horizon.

    Not only did the sun hit the horizon, it completely dipped under it, shadowing Gerotate in a foggy darkness. It wasn't the kind of spooky darkness that you had to be wary of. It was the beautiful looking kind. The kind where lanterns shown a dim light on every corner, a bug or two wistfully flying around the light, creating patterns in the sky. House windows bore tiny lamps that livened the night also, and, on occasion, an animal or two barked, howled, or mewed at the pale moonlight ahead. Wari looked up at the moon and scowled. The color matched his hair, silky and laden in a soft creme color white. When it came down to his eyes, however, the moon was washed in blood.

    A crack in the distance caught his attention, and this time, he decided not to falter. He lept from the tree, crouching low to the ground. The wind beneath his feet was a suppressant to the sound of his landing, but he knew he had to use his powers to a minimal. The minute he landed on the ground, he latched out at the fist thing that walked by him. It was a human, and the white cloak made it easier to spot. Baring his teeth, he grabbed the cloaked figure by the neck and squeezed.

    "Stay quiet or I'll make it longer."he growled, not getting a full glimpse of his victim.
  8. Lucilia, walked along, minding her own buisness, only glancing at the occasional house window, the light shining through it, made her blue hair shine, in the light, along with the light form the moon, she could have been easily noticed, along with white cloak. Lucilia walked along for a little while, not saying or doing much just that, walking, she would feel the occasional breeze, but that was normal for these woods, they were not very crowded, so it was easy for the wind to breeze through.

    Lucilia was beginning to approach her house when she spotted a rabbit. 'awh'she thought to her self she stopped and pet it. Its soft fur, running between her finger tips. It looked up at her and wiggled its nose. The bunny seemed too look up past her at someone and ran away.

    Lucilia stood back up and started to walk again. It was dark, too dark to see anything in front of her or around her. Lucilia heard noises and stopped, she had been hearing them for awhile but, they hadn't really bothered her until now. Lucilia stopped and looked up in the trees, nothing. She just shrugged her shoulder and continued walking. Lucilia walked a little farther until she was suddenly grabbed and choked. She hung her head down low. She figured it was a guard that thought she was a scout or a warrior from the tavern, that had been following her for awhile now.

    Her blue hair hung down past her shoulder over her chest. Lucilia gasped, as much as she could as the man tightened his grip. "
    Stay quite or I'll maki it longer."The man said and tightened his grip. He didn't seem to recognize her. Lucilia raised her hands up and grabbed his trying to get them off her neck. She couldn't scream or move, she was to scared, she was going to die, when she had done nothing to harm or anger this man. Lucilia gave up and stopped struggling, laying her hands back down at her sides.

    "Okay, I'm quiet. Just do what you came to do and get done with it." She looked back up and locked eyes with the man. A light form a nearby house came on and shined on her face. The man white hair blew and shined in the wind. Lucilia realized it was the man from earlier as she looked at his red, burning eyes. The feeling of her soul being eaten away from her, covered her body, as her mouth opened slightly and her eys wideened.
  9. Wari was about as surprised as her when he found out who he was holding by the throat. It took a flicker of light from a nearby lantern to douse her face enough for Wari to tell who it was. When her blue hair passed down her shoulder, Wari stiffened and glared at her face, recognizing her quickly as the girl from before. The same one who caught him in the tree. Wari's lips parted, his eyes sharpening even more than they had before. She was struggling to pull his hand off of her throat, but it only made him compress more. Wari watched as some of the color drained from her petite face, blinking while she began thrashing against him. He narrowed his eyes and listened to her choked voice through his squeezing. Her voice was a light crystal, something pure and different.

    It hurt Wari's ears.

    "What I came for is none of your business and will remain none of your business, human. Now, stay quiet before I bur--"

    "Did you hear something?" Wari acted quickly. At the sound of another voice, Wari released his hand from the girl's throat and slapped it over her mouth just as quickly. With his free hand, he grabbed her arm and yanked her body close to him, pressing her back against his chest as he backed up against a tree. There was a snap in the distance and he knew people were roaming around near the two of them. Wari kept he close, making sure to keep a firm grip over her mouth so that she wouldn't scream. He pressed his lips close to her ear and breathed out in a low voice.

    "Don't you dare...make...a sound."
  10. Lucy froze, she didn't know what to do, she could do nothing. When Lucy heard the sound, she attempted to scream, but was quickly pulled behind a tree and pulled close to the man's body. She tried to push away. When he whispered in his ear, Lucy froze again trying to be silent but continuing to try and push him off of her. She attempted to bite his hand but could not get her teeth around his hand. She didn't know how to react other then try to get this man off of her, she had no idea what his plan was to do with her.

    When the people walked by Lucy attempted to scream, only coming out with a silent squeak. The people must have heard it though because they stopped and looked around, the didn't look like anyone from her town they were dressed differently. Lucy stopped trying to push away and gave up standing there close to the man's body.

    Lucy looked up at him as best as she could. she mumbled something under his hand.
  11. The girl continued to try to force him off of her, but to no avail. Wari held an iron grip around her waist, the other hand not letting go of her moth. He applied pressure in the old, pulling her body harder against him in fair warning to stop struggling. When he did so, she let out a light squeak, but other than that, stopped moving all together. Wari sent the top of her head a red eyed glare before he looked at the two people walking past them. They were both mean, heavy set. They looked like they could smash a man with their bare hands. Workers, Wari was sure about that. They were getting closer to where Wari and Lucilia were, but Wari made sure to hold still, not making even the slightest of sounds.

    "You sure you heard something?"

    "I...Iuno, I thought I did."

    "You drink too much."

    "Shut up, Palo." The two began to walk away, not even chancing a sideways glance to where Wari and Lucilia were. Wari's white hair shifted when the wind blew from the left, billowing the hair around his pale cheeks. Moonlight tried to peek through the canopy of trees ahead, but the most it did was douse them in a pale light of some sort. The light shimmered off the blue of her hair beneath the hood when Wari finally brought his attention back to her. He felt her lips move under his hand and, releasing her from him, he gave her a questioning frown.

    "If you whatever you muttered wasn't a plea for your life, then I don't wanna hear it."he glared at her, advacing to her with one large, foreboding step. "Now. I believe I was in the process of spilling your blood, wasn't I?"
  12. Lucy stepped back from him when he let go. "I just asked why, what did I do too you, I am just a girl I mean to harm to you or anyone." When he stepped forward and said what he did, Lucy gasped. "NO! I did nothing wrong to you of whoever you work for, listen I am Lucy, that is my name and I am the daughter of Hitake, You have to believe me, I mean you no trouble or harm. Please if you let me live I will do what ever it is you wish. Lucy had never plead for her life, so she didn't do a very good job, and doing do would probably just make him kill her fatser. She didn't know what else to say, she did nothing so why would this man wish to kill her.

    The moon light shined on her back, making a glow come from behind her. She could clearly see the mans face. His red eyes, white hair and emotionless face stared at hers, she did not know what to say, or do. she knew she could not fight for herself and she knew thus man could destroy her. Lucy fell to her hands and knees, slightly sobbing, Lucy looked up at the man. "go ahead think I am pathetic, but at least I have the guts to show my fear and my emotions to at least let you know who I am. Now if what I have said has not moved you at all, please just kill me and get over with it."

    Lucy expected nothing less then for him to kill her. She clenched her jaw and started at the man, waiting for him to strike, to kill her.
  13. Wari listened to her beg and plead for her life like people usually did when they realized they were about to be killed by him. It was boring, actually, as it always was. He sighed out and humored her by actually looking like he was paying attention to what she was saying, though one look at his face told otherwise. His eyes were slanted, annoyed by the fact that she felt the need to tell him her entire life story before she died. He found out her name was Lucy and that she was just a woman. He could have found all of that out without her saying all of that. Her voice was light and high-pitched, sounding even worse when it was tinged in fear. A light flame lit in the palm of his hands as she continued to talk. He was no longer looking at her, bringing his red eyes to the flame in his palm instead.

    "Now if what I have said has not moved you at all, please just kill me and get over with it." Wari brought his eyes from the flame to Lucy who had thrown herself to the ground. He smirked, pearled teeth flashing in the dim sliver of moonlight.

    "Oh, you were trying to move me? I thought this was just the regular speech all people gave me before they died. Sorry to burst your bubble, human, but I'm not moved." He decided not to touch on the fact that she was the Lord's daughter, because what did that matter? King Nagi was going to destroy Gerotate anyway. Surely he knew that his daughter resided in the same village. Lucy was no princess; to Wari, she was nothing more than a problem in his way.

    And he was going to take her out.

    "Let's make this as quiet as possible."he said, breathing life into the flame with a flick of his finger. The flame in his palm grew and danced, flickering across his skin but not damaging it whatsoever. In the moonlight, it looked inviting, much like the flames in the lanterns, but this one was different. This flame was created to kill. Wari took two more steps up Lucy and held his hands above his head, ready to strike down and burn her cloak and body into nothing more but ashes. Wari's red eyes flashed beneath the white of his hair that blowed in front of his face, and he held the flamed hand above his hand.

    And held it there. And...kept holding. Still holding.

    He blinked once and frowned, his nose wrinkling and his head tilting to the side, much like a cat.
    "Why aren't you screaming?"
  14. Lucy sat in the ground as the boy spoke. she felt no fear she felt to terror, what was going to happen was going to happen, screaming would do nothing to benfit her. When the man, lifted his hand with the flame in it, Lucy looked up at him and stared into his eye's, his red eye's, they were filled with fire. Lucy began to wonder what he was thinking, why he did what he did and if it made him happy.

    Lucy continued looking at the man, the wind blowing her hair in front of her face, no tears streamed down, no sadness covered her face, just blank, he teacher had always taught her that someday, she was going to die, so Lucy had always expected it, she had just made every day worth living for, she never wished for a second chance, just that one time to get it right was all that Lucy had ever asked for, and so the fact that she was about to die, didn't move her at all, she knew that she was proud of the life she had lived.

    When the man asked ehr why she was not screaming, Lucy tilted her head to the side and looked confused at him. "I'm sorry, is this not entertaining for you, I apologize, ahhh." Lucy said tilting her head back up right and screaming with out much enthusiasm. "I am sorry I do not show the fear that makes you happy, I have no fear of death, only the fear of what will happen to those who kill, does this make you happy, that I am being pitiful." Lucy could be quite depressing when she wanted to be, so she was. She noticed a man walking down the street. She stood up and pushed the man against a tree, his flame dying in his hand, she put a hand over his mouth. "shh, or you will miss your chance." Lucy looked into his eye's. She waited for the man to pass on the street and the let go of him. backing up and looking him in the eye's
  15. He watched and listened to the entire ordeal with an amused expression. That was odd. Usually he was frowning so hard, his eyes looked like they would bore right into whatever he was staring at. He was also usually nonchalant, looking away and messing with something else while the victims begged for their lives. But with Lucy, he looked dead into her eyes with a lifted brow. The fire was still alive in his hand, though not as big as it was seconds before. It still flickered in his palm, but instead of looking menacingly, it looked like nothing less than an innocent light. Wari tilted his head a little bit more, and, at any other time, it would have looked oddly adorable.

    "Your apologizing to me for not showing fear? That's...Are you crazy or something?"he asked. He straightened up for a second only to bend down closer to her. his head straightened out as another gust of wind passed between the two of them. With it, it carried a light breeze that pushed the fire a tad bit, almost lighting the end of her blue hair. Before it could even hope to touch a strand, Wari close his palm, diminishing the flame on contact. He slid his eyes over to hers when she asked the question, but before he could respond, her body was immediately on him, shocking him against a tree. She was surprisingly strong for her build, and fast too. She wasn't as fast as Wari, but she definitely got the job done.

    Her hand slapped over his mouth and instantly, Wari's curiosity and amusement died, quickly replaced by the earlier frustration and annoyance he had for her presence again. He was bothered that she was touching him, and his body instantly tensed. While she shushed him, he flexed his hand, ready to snap her neck at a moment's notice.

    "Shh, or you will miss your chance." Wari stared at her when their eyes locked. They were large and blue, so contradictory to his one small and red ones. She looked neither afraid nor out of it as she was moments before. His hand twitched, but nothing else happened. The passerby who had walked by was gone, but Lucy continued to hold him there. Of course, he could have broken away at any time, but something kept him plastered there. What the hell am I doing?
  16. Lucy felt the man tense up under her, and after the man had passed she backed away and looked him in the eye's twirling a clump of her hair on her finger, she looked at. she really looked at him, he didn't look that strong, but he did look fast. Lucy looked around and then began to walk away but stopping and turning back and looking at the man. "oh wait I probably shouldn't do that because you would just catch me and kill me right?" Lucy turned and faced him again.

    Waiting fro him to do something, but he never did. "are you going to finish or should I run?" He still stood there and just stared at her. Lucy glanced over and saw a group of soldiers walking by, then moon light was shining intensely around her figure now making it look as if she was glowing. Lucy just stood there. "so if I may have a final request, may I ask your name?" Lucy looked at him and waited for him to reply. he still never replied so Lucy got bored and looked around. why she was not running or screaming in terror she did not know, but this man did not scare her not in the least of ways.
    Lucy stepped closer and whispered in the man's ear. "you know you arent very good at this." Lucy said as she turned and began to walk away form the man, him still standing there, the streets were now empty and completely dark.

  17. Wari had absolutely no idea what was going on.

    Lucy kept turning to leave and turning back to ask him something. Each and every time Wari attempted to answer, she cut him off with another question or comment. It got so bad that he decided to close his mouth until he was sure she was done speaking. Why he wanted to answer her, he had no idea. She should have been dead a long time ago, but there she stood, alive and breathing. The moonlight twinkled around the leaves around him, dousing his white hair in a fainter glow. He shifted in his shoes, folding his arms in front of her as she asked him his name. Again, he opened his mouth to tell her off, but before a word could come out, she stepped up to him and whispered in his ear.

    Once she did, Wari returned to his former self.

    "Oh really..."he growled, grabbing her wrist and squeezing it. Tight. He no longer cared if the soldiers heard her yelp. If they did then it was just more for him to kill. It was dark and Wari should have been completed the scouting of Gerotate, but Lucy had gotten in the way. He had hesitated in killing her before, but he would no longer make that mistake. So, lifting his right hand up, he cracked his fist to the side of her head, feeling her body go completely weightless in unconsciousness. Not a moment later, Wari grabbed her, leaping into a tree without a sound. The soldiers made a move to where the two once were, but Wari had already begun to bound off into the night, holding an unconscious Lucy over his shoulder.

    "How good am I now?" He said, knowing she could no longer hear him.
  18. Lucy jumped, when the man grabbed her wrist, she became scared, she enjoyed toying with him, but she didn't think it he actually going to get angry. When he stuck her Lucy felt a crack and felt her body become weightless and she collapsed, blacking out and not aware of her surroundings.
  19. As soon as he got to a stop, the questions started to flood in. Lucy lay in an unconscious heap on the forest floor, though nowhere near where they had been before. Wari had to take a detour due to the other men that were prowling around at night. To avoid being detected by any unwanted eyes, he had to leap around the men, making his destination longer than intended. Lucy's weight was not heavy against his shoulder and back, though, at won't part, he grunted when he nearly lost his footing leaping from one branch to another. He had to constantly keep her body close to his, her cloak snagging on branches whilst he continued to venture farther and farther away from Gerotate.

    The town was nothing more than a tiny speck by the time Wari concluded it was safe enough to stop his travelings. lucy had not arisen the entire while and, looking towards the sky, night would stay with them for a long while. The two of them were no longer stationed feet above the ground, Wari finally landing his footing in an underbrush below a tree. Pine needles and a litter of leaves coated the forest floor; a floor that would be Lucy's eternal bed. He placed her down below a nearby tree, flicking a scuttering bug away from her hair. The questions rolled in when he scanned her body over.

    What in the world is Nagi's daughter doing in Gerotate of all places? Why didn't she just stay in Nagi and grow up in a pampered fame like her other siblings? And why in Hell's Gates was she not afraid of me at all? Wari looked down at her, wondering if she would feel any pain as he killed her in her sleep. Would she suffer or slip into death silently? Would her whispers haunt him or will she be nothing but a forgotten and minuscule soul that made absolutely no difference in his life or anyone elses? If he hated her so much, would he be pleasing her by sending her into her impending darkness?

    In short, will he really kill her?

    Wari stared at the closed lids of her eyes, not moving an inch.
  20. Lucy felt nothing as Wari glided through the air and she was carried. Lucy awoke slightly what seemed like hours later. "uh." Lucy said as her eye's opened and she looked up at the night sky, which now seemed to have a faint glow of orange in it. Lucy looked around her eye's not yet cleared up enough to see anything, once her eye's had cleared up and foucused she felt her head start to pulse with pain, and she saw the man that had struck her standing above her. just staring. 'why am I still alove? Why is he just staring at me?'‚Äč Lucy looked at him for a moment longer before feeling herself fall back asleep.