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  1. I watched a film recently called "would you rather ". The cast in the film get two options and they have to do one. Anyways just pick what option you would rather do and suggest one for the next person.

    Would you rather have one leg or one arm?

    Hope you guys enjoy this thread, it's just a bit of fun x
  2. One Arm

    Would you rather look straight ahead and fall down into a deep hole or look down and hit your forehead into a pole?
  3. look down and hit my forehead on a pole

    Would you rather lose all your money or get hit by a truck
  4. Get hit by a truck.

    Would you rather do it with a giraffe or do it with me?
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  5. Do it with you ;)

    Would you rather fart really loud during an interview for a job or fart loud during an exam?
  6. Fart loud during an exam.

    Would you rather bake a cake with vampire or walk through a spooky forest?

    Would you rather jump off a cliff or drown under water (considering both would make you die)?
  8. Jump off a cliff. (Death is quicker)

    Would you rather talk to Chuck Norris or talk to Chuck Norris?
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  9. Hmm talk to Chuck Norris :P

    Would you rather eat raw meat or eat slugs?
  10. I bet both will poison me T-T Sssslugs.. *I said hesitantly*

    Would you rather
    murder your whole family
    get murdered by your whole family
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  11. I'm a proactive guy. Murder the family.

    Would you rather take a dump or take a piss?
  12. Take a piss :P

    Would you rather get kicked in the groin area or punched in the face?
  13. Kicked in the groin (it's not as painful for ladies lol)

    Would you rather eat chocolate covered shrimp or strawberry chocolate covered cheetos (yes, these are real food people)?
  14. I dislike shrimp so I guess i go with the strawberry one :P not appetising lol

    Would you rather have hairy ears or hairy arms?
  15. Hairy arms and if it's insanely hairy like a beast you could just trim it :p

    Would you rather swim with sharks or piranahs?
  16. Swim with sharks. (Some are only curious)

    Would you rather lose your sense of taste or sense of sight?
  17. sense of taste. It would probably make me eat a much better variety of foods xD Will miss the chocolate, but I can sacrifice that as long as I get to read my roleplay posts.

    Would you rather
    Die in a fire (by the flames, not the smoke)
    or drown?
  18. Die by fire. Drowning would be too wet.

    Would you rather fight a zombie or a velociraptor?
  19. Zombie. A velociraptor would destroy me in a matter of minutes lol.

    Would you rather drink salt water forever or not eat forever
  20. Drink salt water. I like eating. Like a lot. Like if there was a cardinal sin I had to commit, Gluttony would be it every time.

    Would you rather rule in hell or serve in heaven?
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