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  1. :jail:Would you Rather….?:jail:</SPAN>

    This is a really simple game, which anyone can play –all you need to do is reply to the WYR question in the post above you, and then post one of your own.

    “WYR jump off Big Ben or be stuck cleaning the whole of Buckingham Palace?”</SPAN>
    I might answer with:</SPAN>
    "Jump off Big Ben.</SPAN>
    WYR have an affair or have your heart broken?"

    See? Really easy!

    Starter Question:
    WYR milk a cow, or deliver a baby lamb?
  2. Milk a cow. I would get nightmares of the second one xD

    Would you rather
    Die in a plane crash
    die in on a sinking ship?
  3. Die in a plane crash

    WYR only have dogs as a pet for the rest of your life or only have cats as a pet for the rest of your life?
  4. Cats

    WYR be a sad clown or a happy undertaker?
  5. Sad clown, don't know why.

    Would you rather change into someone else or be you?
  6. Depends on who it was and for how long...... but I would have to say stay as me :)

    WYR date a One Direction guy OR date a Little Mix girl?
  7. A little Mix girl.

    Would you Rather ride on a turtle, or walk on foot.
  8. walk on foot - turtles give me the creeps

    WYR be rich and ugly, or poor and pretty?
  9. I'd Rather be poor and Pretty. It gives me charms when I steal from the rich.

    Would you rather only have arms, or only have legs?
  10. only arms - that way I can write my fanfics

    WYR meet Robin Hood or Maid Marian?
  11. Robin Hood all the way~

    Would you rather wear the same outfit for a year or stay completely bald for a year?
  12. Bald I guess, you could always wear a hat.

    Would you rather get in a fight with Sephiroth from Final Fantasy, or Wolverine from X-Men?
  13. Wolverine

    WYR be hexed by Tonks or hexed by Ginny Weasley?
  14. Ginny

    WYR hear everything scremo for the rest of you life or hear everthing as a high pitch NIkki Minaj rap
  15. Tits.

    Would you rather spend your last dollar on a soda or on a sandwhich?
  16. Probably the sandwich. Most soda is terrible.

    Would you rather become increasingly intelligent with the consumption of alcohol but simultaneously become increasingly convinced you are Gloria Estefan, or win the Nobel prize for physics but look exactly like Weird Al Yankovic?
  17. Win the Nobel prize for physics but look exactly like Weird Al Yankovic.

    Would you rather have an ordinary home in an extraordinary location or an extraordinary home in an ordinary location?
  18. An ordinary home in an extraordinary location.

    WYR have ​Universal Meat Cleaver day or National Meat cleaver week?
  19. Have National Meat Cleaver Week.

    WYR live with wolves or live with spiders?
  20. Fucking... Wolves. Hate. Spiders. HAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEE.

    Would you rather die in a vat of melted chocolate or melted cheese? A.K.A. Human fondue.
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Not open for further replies.