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  1. so pretty easy it goes like so

    1st person would you rather have your toes missing or fingers?

    next person Toes
    Would you rather.......

    So to start us off

    Would you Rather have a embarrassing death but not be painful or A painful death and have it be honorable?
  2. Embarrassing death but not painful. I hate pain.

    Would you rather be a supervillain or a superhero?
  3. supervillain duh jk

    Wyr have leg sized arms or arm sized legs?
  4. Well my arms and legs are legit' almost exactly the same size. But I guess more reach is good. Leg sized arms

    Would you rather
    A) fall off a four story building into a big pile of old insulation, or
    B) fall off a two story building into a vat of sticky grape jelly?
  5. Do you know how much glass fiber hurts? For days later, man! At least grape juice goes off in approximately one wash.

    WYR get a real-life Bellsprout that can't evolve or a zero-maintenance dog?
  6. Zero maintenance dog!

    Would you rather have an iPhone 6 plus that you can't use Siri on or phablet (phone-tablet) with no stylus?
  7. I believe an iPhone 6+ would actually be handier. I admit it, I'd in this peculiar instance prefer an Apple phone.

    Would you rather take care of a nightmarish spider-like creature that's two feet tall for half a year, or a sort-of adorable green helpless blob for three years?
  8. green helpless blob.

    Would you rather be a teacher that can never learn or a student that can never teach?
  9. Student that could never teach.

    would you rather become a squid or a roach?
  10. Roches are flipping invincible. Next.

    Would you rather have to give all of humanity increased endurance, stamina, clearness of mind, and general power, but insects are ten times as big, or have cats grow ever so slightly more aggressive?
  11. I'll take the first. People tend to be nicer to each other when they have a common threat.

    Would you rather shove a ghost pepper into a random child's mouth or leave Iwaku for a month?
  12. Leave Iwaku for a month, I'm not trying to make anyone's child cry.

    Would you rather work at a job where you have a lot of hours with less pay or a job with more pay but less hours?
  13. What a question, less hours more $$$!!!

    Would you rather be a professional gamer and streamer or a Youtuber?
  14. Professional gamer.

    Would you rather skydive or deep sea dive
  15. Skydive.

    Would you rather go by drowning or burning?
  16. Burning is literally the most painful thing of all. Terrifying as it might be, drowning would be preferred in this scenario.

    Spend a week in a forest, or spend a week at sea?
  17. Forest!

    Would you rather spend a day as a bird or as a fish?
  18. A day as a bird

    Would you rather be killed every morning and be revived every night( Think Ra) or be killed every night and be revived in the morning?
  19. Killed in the morning, please.

    Would you rather grow wings or a tail?
  20. Tail.

    Would you rather be (politically) powerful or rich?
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