Would You Rather

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  1. 1 Night
    8 Guests
    1 Host
    No Way out

    Dear {Insert Name Here},
    Greetings. You have been selected for a special dinner party! You are in a serious financial hole and you need help out! Well look no further, this party is your helping hand! At this dinner party we'll be playing the familiar game of Would You Rather. The winner of the game will be offered a special prize. Fifty Grand. Sound Splendid doesn't it? The Party will be on {Insert day here} at {Insert address here}.

    Sincerely, Mr. Prescott

    In this roleplay a group of people (All of whom are financially unstable) Are invited to a dinner party where they will play a game of would you rather. The night will be filled with drinking, food, and all sorts of fun!

    However What the guest don't know is that the dares become more sinister as the games progresses, starting with simple would you rather's, but quickly become a night of bloodshed and pure terror

    As a form of entertainment Mr. Prescott has gone into to inner reaching's of all the guest's minds, knowing how and when to hit their soft spot.

    In the end, there can only be one winner, and only one can walk away with their life.

    Who will live? Who Will Die? What will be left of them?
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.