Would you live out a life? Chapter 1.

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    The high school of Kyoto was definitely prestigious indeed, not many would simply be allowed to be transferred within its walls, only those who were truly able to pass the gruelling entrance exams were able to get in. Luckily, for the girl known as Vivianne, such a thing was trivial in her eyes. Gracing through the exams with a full mark, she was to be known as the prodigy who denied the free pass into the school. Her name was already known, even among those of the uglier age groups. Vivianne, simply, was that wonderful.

    This all came at a cost, however. Having insomnia wasn't the best of situations to be within, especially at the tender age of 15, but one could not be picky in life. There were obvious advantages to such a thing, and while she has been on medication to get her sleeping in check, it seems her mind is far more powerful, her body controlled by it, and her very existence being one hell of a ride for those involved with her.

    That day at school, was some day to remember. Vivianne's memory had taken a hit due to her lack of sleep, and she wore her full uniform on what was to be a rare day of casual clothing. Sighing to herself, she did mind the abuse that was getting thrown at her in the form of words. She closed them out from within, being able to think on ways unknown to the wider view, but perhaps someone, somewhere, would be able to hear her cries for help, from the words which threatened to pierce through her mental defences.

    Vivianne simply wished to be left alone that day, but it seemed her ignorance to those throwing insults, those of a higher grade, were getting angry due to the lack of response. She composed herself so well, almost too well, and this caused a fist to be thrown toward her cheek. No one knew if it was to connect, the foreign girl entirely unaware of the thrown fist's existence, so no real reaction could be made by her. Perhaps... There was someone else watching--

    There had to be.
  2. Entrance exams, fentrence fexams.​

    Despite what many might have thought - and even though she might have been extremely bullheaded and hasty in many ways - Seraphina was no idiot. The fiery young girl took being sent here as a challenge, and it was a challenge she planned to complete. ...Yes, she looked forward to rubbing its proverbial face in her overwhelming success, afterward. The set of tests no doubt formulated to scare off would-be weak-hearted applicants who were in over their head from the start were little more than a walk in the park for Sera. Well... perhaps a jog. Maybe she wasn't an idiot, but she wasn't a genius, either. Regardless, she got by with marks to be proud of, albeit not perfect, and was allowed enrollment into the ridiculously exclusive school.​

    What it took for her to get to this point was of little concern to her. The point was that she made it and she could flaunt the fact that not only was she hot as hell, she wasn't just some dumb broad. She carried herself with confidence as she walked the halls, and no one was going to tell her that she had no right to think she was the shit. This particular day was one during which the students were permitted to wear more comfortable clothing and not look like a ton of sheep with the same fleece. Sera grabbed hold of that and sported the raunchiest outfit she had in her possession. Needless to say, the school wouldn't have any of that. Whatever. She'd had her fun; the looks on the peoples' faces were priceless and it was well worth it. After getting sent to the office, however, she was given an obnoxiously large t-shirt and instructed to wear it over what she already had on - well... what little she already had on. It didn't take any of the swagger out of her step.​

    But, it was then that she heard it.​

    Spinning on a dime, she saw a lone girl standing amongst a group of students who were loudly heckling and making fun of her. Their slurs were reaching Sera's ears clearly even from all the way down the hall, and she felt her anger begin to rise. They were gibing her... for not dressing down? God damn, people really do cling onto the smallest possible reason to attack others, don't they? Well, it was infuriating. Grumbling to herself, the taller girl stomped over to where the abuse was going down. She had intended to break it all up with her presence alone, but of course... that didn't work as she had planned. Just as she raised a finger - preparing to speak - she saw one of the students pull back a fist, ready to let it fly. The punk chick was aiming - of course - at the girl who'd already suffered the slings of the group's onslaught of insults; no doubt upset that they weren't getting the reaction out of her that she'd wanted. Sera wasn't about to let that punch reach its target. Without thinking, she grabbed the assailant by the shoulders and thrust her up against a row of lockers just behind them. She attempted to weasel out of Sera's grip, but the green-eyed blonde had her outmatched. Slowly lowering her lips to the girl's ear, she whispered, "Try that again. I dare you." At that point, the crowd was hoping for a fight, but it didn't seem like they were going to get one. The girl struggled one last time and Sera let her go. Shooting daggers at both her and the uniformed girl who'd been her victim, she stepped back a few paces before turning - punching a locker in her frustration - and slipping out of sight down a hallway.​

    Seraphina loosed a sigh. She eyed the girl she'd protected and wondered if she even knew that that was what had happened. She didn't seem to even have been aware of the fact that she was about to get hit. Then again, maybe she'd just planned to take it like she did their rude comments. "You ought to stick up for yourself, you know that?" Sera said, flattening out the creases in the plain shirt she had been forced to wear. "You'd be laid out flat right now if it wasn't for me."​
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  3. Vivianne did not reply straight away, rather, she remained where she was for an extended period of time. When she did come around to reply, she opened her eyes and tilted her head back and up, to look the taller girl in the eye, rather directly too - as if she had some serious spacial awareness in accordance to sound and the vibrations felt through the floor. "I knew you'd come along; hence why I stood my ground. I wouldn't want to be regarded as weak now, would I? Besides," She turned herself around to face Sera, her decently large eyes staring into hers. "They're only jealous because I'm the only girl in history to ever get perfect marks on not only the entrance exam, but on the first exam as well. Ah, you may think the first exam is half a semester away, but alas, I've already done it."

    From the outside, this dark haired chick definitely seemed rather pretentious. Spouting out her credentials and achievements like they were worthy of having someone kneel down and clean her shoes with their tongues - though such shoes were impeccably clean. Though, it was within where all of the conflict and suffering occurred. There was a tick in Vivianne's right eye, oh, how her eyes would portray her feelings straight upon a silver platter. It was easy to spot, but hard for most to specifically connect the dots between each kind of look. For now, there was nervousness, and a sense of impulsiveness to get out of this area, where she had been bullied rather extensively. "I heard you coming, that's why I was able to stay so still and calm. People seem to think that brute strength will get them through every damned thing they throw it at - but not me. No amount of strength will break me."
  4. "Wait so--" Seraphina blinked and shook her head slightly, staring at the girl in front of her as if she was some sort of unearthly creature. After a moment's pause, she began again, her voice coming off as confused as she looked. "What the hell does that even mean? You 'heard' me coming so you didn't defend yourself? What the fuck?" People around here already expected her to defend them at her every turn? That wasn't... necessarily a bad role to play into, but seriously, was that really all people could ever notice about her? 'Oh, you're that chick who speaks like a sailor and goes around breaking up fights'. How was that fair? "I need to start charging for my services then, if I'm really that well know. Maybe there's a club somewhere nearby in need of a bouncer or a celebrity in need of a bodyguard. Or hey, I could be a courtroom bailiff. The possibilities are fucking endless." Her tone wasn't an angry one. No, it still maintained that air of bewilderment from before. What was with this girl? She spoke about herself as if she felt she deserved some sort of royal treatment.​

    "Pretentious bitch." Sera muttered, but there was a chuckle attached and a smirk which accompanied it. "You took a test before you had to. I didn't think it was possible, but damn, there are people crazier than I am." It came out more as a compliment than as anything else, but who knows how she had intended it. "Look, just... watch out for yourself, alright? Seriously, people aren't always going to come along and save your sorry ass. I could have let them rough you up, you know. I probably should have. Could've watched them knock you off of that high horse of yours." She chuckled again, probably visualizing it for a moment. But, she knew better than anyone that it was a total and complete bluff. She wouldn't be able to stand by and watch such a thing. Lord knows she wished she could. Just once.​
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  5. "Why expel energy when I can get someone else to do it for me? It's rather simple, really. I'm capable of defending myself, you know, but this does not mean I should be the one to do such a thing! If anything, what I did was smart. To make someone angry simply, by existing - I bet you can't do that." Vivianne chuckled lightly, but her increasingly nervous mentality caused her to shiver somewhat, trying to keep herself together as she smiled toward the taller girl. There was something about her which met the eye clearly, with so much clarity, but even this was beyond the assumedly sleep deprived girl.

    "I only wish to pass school and get out of this teenager environment quickly. It really impedes on my progress with physics and the way the world works." Her voice flattened, as if she were mocking her own life choices, though she giggled once more, waving a hand before her face. "In short, I'm the smartest person on campus. Even the teachers aren't as smart. It's what makes me, me. So, expect some smart things to happen, else you take me for someone who cannot put to practice what they say?"
  6. Seraphina felt her lip slowly curling up in disgust as the girl went on. All she heard was 'I'm better than you' this, and 'you're inferior to me' that. It was gross. Sera began to feel as though she'd wound up helping the bully instead. Those other students were all the victims. "You..." she began, trying to figure out just what it was she wanted to say and how she wanted to say it. "God damn. So much evil packed into that tiny frame. You're literally the epitome of 'don't judge a book by its cover'." Laughing it off a bit, she eventually turned to walk away, no longer wishing to be in the little she-devil's company. "You'd better fight your own battles from now on, babe because I think - after this little chat - I'd be more likely to cheer them on than fight them off, next time." She spoke with her back to the girl, and after taking a few steps, paused to look over her shoulder and add, "If you were really smart, you'd make some damn friends. That's how you really get by. They're going to tear you apart."​

    And with that, she walked on. Because of this stupidity, she wouldn't have any time before her next class. Now she had to rush. She hated rushing. Grumpily, she spat complaints under her breath as she made her way to the classroom, never taking a look back at the girl or paying any attention to anything she might have had left to say.​
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  7. Unmoved by the other's words, Vivianne simply strode off toward her class, where she simply breezed through the material at a laughable rate. Her intelligence and general knowledge was absolutely terrifying to the teacher she had, who ordered her to join a higher class, thinking it bad that she was going along the easy route. With a sigh, she walked along the hallways, her hair down, and she soon entered the class she had been ordered to enter.

    Guess who she saw, seated within a chair surrounded by a few people.

    Vivianne sighed heavily, before she seated herself up the back, simply observing for the time being. She'd have to go through the whole process of changing her class, but for now, she watched the teacher explain the importance of history, something which Vivianne took a liking to. Things which she did not know completely always took her liking, and it was definitely awkward when she learned about sexual practice after hearing it one day. There was a rumour that she had then gone on to have sex with someone, but these were never confirmed.

    She'd have to wait for the end of the day before filing her class change, so for now, she leaned back and watched the show.
  8. Seraphina sighed, grumbled, and sighed again as she walked, only stopping after reaching the door to her classroom. She took one look around the room and then twisted her face into a telltale expression of annoyance. 'Well, shit,' she growled inwardly. Her favorite seat had gotten taken since she wasn't early enough to arrive. There were only a few left available, and all were directly beside other people in multiple directions. Sera didn't much like there being people... behind her. It made her jumpy. But, she had no choice. With one more big sigh, she moved to take a seat somewhat near to the center of the room, much to her displeasure. She settled into the chair and whipped a notepad out of her bag. Not that she'd use it for anything the teacher wanted.​

    Japanese history. That was the class. Oddly, Sera was interested in knowing a bit about the place she'd been forced to live. It actually had a lot of interesting customs and a rich past; a very unique country. Some might have thought that obvious, but to Sera, places and what happened a long time ago weren't really all that intriguing. Needless to say, history was typically one of her least favorite subjects. So the fact that she was actually retaining any of this was impressive in and of itself. Her focus on the instructor's lecture was interrupted before long, however.​

    There was someone behind her since the start of class. She knew they were there, but that didn't mean she wasn't still affected by their presence. So, when she heard a sound - not immediately realizing it was just the door - she jumped slightly in her seat and turned to meet eyes with the culprit.​

    Oh. It was HER.

    With a scoff, she turned to look down at her notebook. Without realizing it, she must have begun to doodle while listening to the lesson. Sera was no artist, but she found herself doing that often. It was calming, even if she really had no skill whatsoever. 'What the everloving fuck IS this, even...' she thought to herself and chuckled a bit as she drew her pencil tip over the creation in short quick motions in an effort to touch it up, only to make it worse.​
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  9. Vivianne was generally amused by this class, the way the teacher taught was comical to the prodigy. Her eyes traced around the world on the board, soaking up information cleanly and efficiently, needing only a glance to memorise the legend they were working on today - that of Nobunaga Oda. Her brain was terrifying in this aspect, whereas she could bring up something from the week before without needing any time to think about it, simply allowing the words to go from the mind to the mouth. The Swede was a talkative person outside of class, though for now, she simply had to put up with this.

    Her sighs were fairly loud, and while the teacher talked, she pulled out a stick of gum and began chewing it, though softly, but this would've been audible to Sera, seated only a few rows ahead. A sly smile took her lips, as she chewed away, hoping to evidently piss the hotheaded girl off.

    When the other sighted her, she raised her left hand and waved in a passive manner - there was no ill intent in this wave - though considering their relationship thus far, anything could be seen as bad or horrible or outright mean.

    The class was soon over, Vivianne walking over to the teacher to discuss her plans to join the class; expressing her interest toward the unknown knowledge about Japanese history. She glanced toward Sera before she left, smiling and waving once more - again, no ill intent. It seemed the girl was either weird, insane, or wishing to play games with the taller Frenchwoman.
  10. Ugh.
    She was waving at her.​

    Seraphina was only then noticing just how much she had begun to resent that girl. It was funny, really. She usually took a little longer to get to that level of abhorrence. This realization was apparently amusing enough to her that it brought an audible chuckle to a rise in her throat. Sera was confident in her abilities. She knew she was fucking awesome. But, she also knew she wasn't the only person who was. This chick, though... she had the highest possible conceivable level of pompousness and sheer arrogance that it was enough to make Sera sick. Why the hell it bothered her so much, she'd probably never know. There were many others in this school who were the same way. It was prestigious, after all. Those who gained entry often considered themselves the best of the best. Hell, even Sera was somewhat guilty of that. Something about that girl was different, however...​

    But, she was pulled from her thoughts by an irritating noise. The object of her musings was chewing gum in what might have been considered the typical way. Sera could hear it from were she was sitting, though, and she once again felt her lip begin to curl.​

    As the class neared its end, Sera realized she had begun to doze off. When she came to, she glanced about just in time to catch the annoying bitch waving to her again as she walked out. At that point, it became apparent that she was attempting to get a rise out of her. Well, Sera wasn't about to give her that satisfaction. It was her job to bother other people. It didn't get to go the other way around. Smirking, she stood to leave the room as well. On her way out the door, she let her fingers play at the hem of her borrowed shirt. Just as she began to pass the girl, she proceeded to slip the article off over her head, revealing the risqué ensemble underneath. She brushed dangerously close to the Swedish student but didn't say a word. Continuing on her way without regard to the gaping mouths, giggles, and mutters erupting around her, she only paused to turn and wave back to Vivianne with as innocent an expression as she could muster before once again turning her back to walk off.​
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  11. The girl found herself smirking as the other displayed herself so openly, a frown evident on her features as she went by. She saw the wave, looking back over her shoulder, but simply shook her head at the gesture. For the amount of trouble she gave those around her, it was clear that she wasn't one to react to things thrown her way, easily at least, not even a witty comment to reply with. Vivianne had the patience of ten thousand people, some would say, but alas, she simply forgot the incident and got the information she needed from her teacher.

    The Swede's day was over, at least, for school. The campus was so huge, it took a good five minutes brisk walk simply to leave the place from the main classrooms. There was an oval around it too, large enough to consume a few swimming pools. All in all, Kyoto High was definitely on the larger end of the spectrum. Nearing the rear gate, Vivianne strode along, her walk seeming poised, disciplined, like a real lady should walk. She was 15, but her hips suggested at least 17, with the way she moved her body with each step. Of course, during school, she'd look like some kind of nerd, but out and about... She had a profile to keep up.

    Her way home was a lengthy one, to say the least. A good district and a half walk, as the old man would say. Vivianne didn't mind this though, as it really showed upon her legs. She didn't mind that she was wearing the school uniform - she had the body to make it look good. Unfortunately though, her bust wasn't as large as say, Sera, and this seemed to be attributed with her decline in wooing anyone, really. She walked and walked along, until she stopped at a cafe for something to drink.

    A quick glass of water was all she needed, before she suddenly sighted her, once more. As if the day needed more Sera, there she was, walking up the street which Vivianne had just walked. As usual, as soon as she sighted the older girl, she stood her ground, raised her hand, smiled, and waved like the everpresent princess she was. No words, just a simple smile and wave. It amused her, as to how much it pissed anyone off, but for Sera... It was even more so.
  12. Seraphina made a stop at the main office and dropped off that ridiculous shirt before making her way off campus. Despite all the confrontation and apparent 'tension' in the air between her and Vivianne, Sera was actually in a good mood. She was the type of girl who liked a bit of action in her day to day routine, so meeting this chick who was actually willing to give her a run for her money was actually cause for slight celebration. She needed a rival, but she definitely wasn't going to tell the little priss that.​

    Nonetheless, there was a prevalent smile plastered across her face as she strutted down the street. Her smiles... even the genuine ones, they looked more like sarcastic smirks. Anyone who saw her at that moment would have thought she was cooking up a scheme, and she very well may have been. At times, the inner workings of her mind were an enigma even to her. But, who doesn't love the allure of a good mystery, right? Well... Sera, actually. She didn't. Mysteries are overrated.​

    The blonde's commute wasn't all that demanding. Taking the back exit from the school building, she only had to turn down one street and walk straight for a while. She usually made some stops on the way; the street she chose to walk down had quite a few cute little cafes and diners and such.​

    It was when she passed one such cafe that she saw that girl again. "Well, would you look at that..." she muttered, smirking even wider than she already had been. "She can't get enough of me." Watching as Vivianne waved, Sera gave one in return, her expression mirroring the other's in an exaggerated and mocking fashion. She wasn't planning on stopping in. But, now... she had to.​

    Busting through the doors, she caused the bell above the entrance to jangle relentlessly as she made her way to the counter. Not giving so much as an idle glance in Vivianne's direction until she had her cup securely in her hands - an espresso, as if she needed any more energy - she eventually turned to face the other girl, heading her way and pausing to chuckle. "Look what the cat dragged in," she spouted between sips at her coffee. She knew it was a cliché line, but that was more or less the whole reason she used it. Why waste all of her good material so early? She had a feeling this girl would come to hear it all in good time.​
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  13. "Oh? Well, seems like there's a rodent in here now. Maybe that cat ought to learn how to kill properly." Vivianne replied ever so casually, as if it was her day to day routine to say such a thing. With smile ensued, though it seemed a lot more genuine that the ones previous, but who could know truly with this girl right here. She crossed her legs, resting an arm upon the table before them as she planted her head within her hand, dark brown strands spreading around somewhat.

    "I sure hope you're ready for the Sport's Carnival in a few weeks time. I've got hopes of besting you on the track and field." The girl chuckled lightly, sitting herself up straight again while she threw her arms behind her head, resting them gently against the glass window of the cafe. She seemed generally amused, a little sparkle in her eyes seemed to indicate this. "Why, you may ask? Well, it seems that indeed I cannot get enough of you, stranger." Throwing a wink in the other's general direction, Vivianne remained where she was, gazing ever so fondly at Sera.

    "Why don't you take a seat? I'm sure we could strike up a conversation. I wouldn't want to be left here, all alone again. It would be too tragic for my frail heart." A lie, in her case, but insomnia did have a few side effects which may make her words, well, possible.

    "I'm just dying to talk to you. Please talk with me." Her tone seemed demanding, but there was just enough smoothness to suggest that it was a genuine request. All she knew was, it was up to the taller girl in questionable clothing to do as she pleased.
  14. "Oh, I'm the rat," Seraphina laughed. "Right, right, well I got lucky. Whoever let it out of the bag in the first place came and put it back in." Smirking, she casually continued to sip at her drink, her forehead almost to the point of sweating as the steam pounded against the skin. She was still standing then, gazing out the window at the street she'd just come inside from. Listening to Vivianne as she spoke, she simply threw a few glances at her each time she changed positions. A fidgety little thing, wasn't she? "Oh, you're planning on competing?" Sera asked at her mention of the Sports Carnival. "Well, I'd hate to disappoint. If you really want to get your ass handed to you that badly, I'd be happy to oblige."​

    At Vivianne's following comment on 'not being able to get enough of her', Sera raised her brows and snickered a bit. "You don't say," she muttered, looking the Swede up and down. "Well, you're right. We are still strangers, aren't we. We'll have to change that." She saw the girl's wink with one of her own and then took her invitation and sat down across from her. "Frail heart, my ass." Laughing, she set her cup down on the table, gazing at the her company as she spoke one more time.​

    "Don't die on me yet, girlie. I'm talking." After a short moment's pause, she nodded and traced the mouth of her cup idly with a finger. "So, what do I call you? Unless you're fine with 'Hey, bitch!', you should probably give me your name. You can call me whatever you want, but the name's Seraphina. My friends shorten it to Sera." That wasn't necessarily an invitation for her to call her that. After all, they weren't friends.​
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  15. Raising her eyebrows somewhat, the Swede then leaned right forward, her bottom just off her own seat, as she seemed to reach across the entire table with her body. "I wouldn't cast me off so lightly. You haven't seen me in action; else you'd know better than to do that." The girl huffed somewhat, poking her tongue out while she seated herself properly. "But I guess, you've saved me once, so that makes me a little weakling in your eyes. It's okay though! Everyone does it."

    A roll of her eyes and a leaning back into the window once more later, and Vivianne seemed to display the emotion known as 'anger'. Such a thing was rare to see upon this specific specimen as it was always so cheery, so delightful to be around. "I'm the Lady of the Lake, Vivianne. Just minus the lake part. Probably the lady too."

    A chuckle escaped her lips, while she soon laid herself down upon the window seat. Such an invention was good for the girl, who was beginning to get a sore back from all the sitting and standing around she had done that day.
  16. "Oho," Sera sounded in a singsongy voice. "I think I touched a nerve." She couldn't help but laugh a little bit at that. So, what got this girl riled up was being underestimated. Duly noted. Seraphina could definitely make use of that.​

    As Vivianne gave her name, the other just nodded. She wasn't sure what to make of the whole 'Lady of the Lake' business, but decided just to show a smirk when Vivianne began to chuckle, at least letting it be known that she'd heard.​

    "I'm not 'casting you off', by the way," Sera suddenly said. Vivianne had pulled herself up from her seat to look the taller girl square in the eyes while giving her retort, but had since sat herself back down. "But, if you want to beat me, then let it be in a different sport. I'm taller than you; I've got longer legs. You couldn't scurry past me in a race to save your life. But, I don't doubt you could best me in... extreme chess, or something." Her joke delivered, she smirked at the girl and snickered a bit before adding, "Think you can prove me wrong at the Carnival?"​
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  17. Scoffing somewhat, Vivianne leaned forward again, looking the other dead in the eyes. "It's what's underneath that counts. You don't know how dense my muscle is, or how it constricts and expands. I'll prove you wrong, trust me on that. I'll even make a wager, if you're willing to bet on it." Her eyes seemed so piercing right now, as if she were not so much angry, but determined. This girl was truly an oddity in her own right.

    Sitting back once more, she sighed softly, closing her eyes for a second before she yawned, rather deeply. The insomniac still had trouble with her sleep schedule, and usually by now, she would be home, fast asleep, in a deeper sleep than a bear at hibernation.

    "I'm really tired..." Vivianne spoke so groggily at the moment, it was almost like an entire shift from awake to not so awake.
  18. Within that argument, the words that stuck out most to Sera were 'underneath', 'muscles', and 'constricting and expanding'. She bit her lip and leaned in close to Vivianne, meeting her over the center of the table. "Mm, I'll take that bet," she whispered. During the silence that followed, Sera slowly sat herself back and smirked as Vivianne did the same. From the brunette came a sigh followed by a yawn. Damn, why did those things have to be contagious?​

    Sera loosed a yawn as well, but she was not so tired as the girl in front of her. The sudden silence between them was boring, but she wasn't tired.​

    Finishing off her coffee, she glanced up to meet eyes with Vivianne as she spoke. "If you're tired, go to sleep. Don't whine to me about it," she said, but it was with a lighthearted voice, not one of irritation. "We're not talking about anything important, anyway."​
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  19. "I can't sleep here! I need to get home, but... It's like a whole district away." Vivianne's anxiety was riddled all over her face, as she looked around, left and right her eyes darted while her breathing hastened. "I just wish I could feel this tired at night, it's just so... Stupid."

    The girl yawned again, covering her mouth this time, though her hand was awfully shaky. She had been awake for quite a while, the evidence was within the rings around her eyes, beginning to appear as she had not reapplied her makeup in a while.

    "Sera, won't you make sure I get myself home? I don't want to suddenly wake up and realise I'm, well, dead. I've got things to live for..."
  20. At first, Seraphina was laughing. Vivianne said it would be too long a walk. Sera opened her mouth, prepared to bark out a snarky reply. But, Vivianne wasn't just trying to get her sympathy. Her chest had been heaving slightly as she spoke of her home being too far a distance away; almost as if she was frightened. And it turned out she was. She thought that she was going to die. "You look like shit," Seraphina spoke curtly. She hadn't noticed it until then - maybe because she was too concerned with being wittier than the chick - but she looked tired as hell. Sera wasn't an escort service, though. And she'd already saved this girl's ass once today. That's what she tried to tell herself so that she could get out of having to do this. But, no. She couldn't turn her down for some reason. So, after a stretch of silence, Sera suddenly groaned and stood.​

    "Yeah yeah, okay. Just get up before I change my mind." Stepping toward the door, she watched the younger girl. "You don't need me to carry you, do you?" she teased, setting her hands on her hips and laughing lightly.​
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