Would you like a minion?

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Here you are minding your own business, and suddenly... YOU GET A MINION.

Do you want a minion to do as you order? >:D What sort of things would you be ordering you minions to do?
....I love my minions.

Also, I think it would be fun! I'd make it fun for them! I'd pay them and I'd give them cool things!
I love minions!

And the baility to abuse power is always tempting! >:D
I already have minions.

And they're not useless like my Iwaku minions.
O_o I would never clean again, unless I felt like it.

I would try to be a cool overlord though.

" D:< You scrubbed the shower very well. I have purchased you a new rubber duck as a reward. It is in your cubby. Now make cookies and recreate until further notice, no less than two hours."

I am slightly wary to the idea of wrinkly little demon type minions having their wrinkly little demon type hands on my cookies, but I suppose as long as I can train some good manners into them- hand washing, differentiation between flies and raisins, etc, etc.
I have followers on all forums I visit. It's lulzie.
Hmm... I'd rather BE a minion XD I like the idea of being a sidekick better than the idea of having someone to force around -_-
If having a minion automatically means he/she is inferior to me, it'd be so AWKWARD XD
In that case, I'd rather be the minion ;D