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  1. It's been a long time since I've been the newbie on a roleplaying site. However as my favourite roleplay is likely to move over here while mahz fixes up RPG I thought I'd take the plunge and sign up here.

    I'm an 'Advanced' Roleplayer, preferring paragraph roleplay's to more casual ones, having spent a good portion of my roleplay life on Furcadia with other 'l33t' players. Before that I was on Yahoo chat rooms roleplaying before they were closed down permanently.

    On average I can turn a post around in a day from receiving it, sometimes more and some times less depending on my schedule. I'm a single working mother and some days I'm just too tired to read and post. I will always endeavor though to let roleplaying partners know if I will be unavailable or away for any extended periods of time.

    There are very few roleplaying genre's I won't touch or try and my list of previous roleplay's extends from fan-fic generated to super realistic, modern day fantasy to sci-fi futurism. Though I have found in my time I am not a big fan of mecha related roleplays -though I won't discount them they just have to try harder to get my attention- and one on one romance roleplays. I'm happy to roleplay in big groups or one on ones and in PM's or on boards.

    So if you have a roleplay you think might be a good ice breaker for me or just want to chat, leave me a message here. :)
  2. Welcome to Iwaku ^^
  3. Why thank you ^_^ I must say it's a bit weird being the new kid again but I've seen you posting in some of the roleplay's I've been looking at in the interest checks. Any suggestions for me?
  4. Hmmmm. What roleplays were you looking at, unless they are full. You should tell the GM (in thread) That you are interested in the roleplay and make a character sheet for it and let the GM decide if you are accepted or not. It isn't difficult at all ^^
  5. Welcome like the avatar very nice something you dont see all the time nice to have you here :).
  6. Welcome to Iwaku where everything is awesome and everything is cool when you're part of the team! :)
  7. Welcome to Iwaku! My name is Melancholy, but please, call me Mel. I hope you have a great time!
  8. That avatar scared me a little. O__O Welcome to the siiiite!
  9. Thanks everyone :)