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Gutentag, gutentag mien friends. It's lovely to be here in downtown... uh downtown Iwaku I suppose. Anyway I am new to this site, but not to role playing. I tend to lean more to the 17+ side of Role Plays and as you can see by what I've put for rating well, those would be the reasons why. Of course that isn't always those are just to give you an idea how what you are walking into. I've got a lot of plots in mind & on hand so if you wish to chat about them feel free to reach out and contact me at anytime. Thank you for taking the time to reading this.
Sure message me and I'll show you what I've got on the shelf right now.
Mhm shoot me a message and I'll show you it.
I would be interested in hearing your ideas :) I have to say though I don't do smut, if you are still interest shoot me a pm and we can talk :)
I'd love to roleplay with you, yo :0
Here message me and I'll shoot you back what I've got.
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