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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
Or are you bastard?

Anyways, who would you be friends with, and why, and who would you not be able to get along with, and why?
Hrmm...Maybe? I'd get along the best with Rose from the Sword of Embera because she's a nerdy tomboy that is loosely inspired by one of my former co-worker. Ada would be fun to hang out with... I probably wouldn't get along with Sahar from Genesis because, well for obvious reasons.
SOME of them, yes. I could totally be friends with Grace from Wolf's Bane... but not Sara. t__t Sara's a little snot.

I like to hang out with people that aren't batshit crazy, but I tend to play crazy characters. XD
Asmodeus would intimidate me.

Dayne would intimidate me.

Cyrus would intimidate me.

Kargon would seem like an idiot and I'd have no interest in him.

Hobbs would be dull and we'd have nothing to talk about.

Vates would intimidate me.

I would be friends with Felwin.


(Oh, and I'd be friends with all of my Stone Town characters. :D )
Some...likely. Most of them would frustrate me however...or would have little interest in my existence.
Prestadeth: "What are you supposed to be? Some kind of pet?"

Astrid: Would only befriend me to use me as a patsy.

Tegan: More than likely. Except for the times she goes crazy.

Charlie: Hell yeah.

Amadeus: OH GOD NO.
Yes! I don't see why not. They all share a characteristic of me.
Yeah, I generally create characters that I find interesting, even if they have questionable traits... I usually try to imbue them with a part of myself as well. And they're almost always intellectually driven in some way.

Let's see... Alex from A Las Barricadas... Yes, I think we would get along. He would be a bit of a dick, but he would be a good conversationalist, and would definitely have a sense of adventure. He'd be the type to party with, even though I didn't exactly make him the partying type.

Iris from the Pokemon RP... absolutely. She is the most like me of any of my characters in terms of character traits and such. Not exactly though so I don't want to give the false impression that she's my mental clone or anything. But we would get where each other was coming from.

Sophie from Pantheon... Yeah, I would say so. She's the demi-god of Wisdom and Tranquility. She's all about peace, meditation, and the pursuit of knowledge, whether it be in academics or the arts. I get along with pensive, contemplative people. She would probably have a soothing effect on my hot-headed nature as well.
Some of them...

Valter is a little too... scary, in all his incarnations.
Marette from Wolf's Bane is a little bit too placid, but we'd probably get along ok.
Adare from Katrinka's would be a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with.
And I think Nightie from Summer's might actually get on my nerves c_c
Kokoro is Prometheus would bug me.
And Eros in Genesis would probably get along well with me... except she might get mad for my disapproval in her love life...
Would I be friends with Daiki... Well, he's more or less my normal personality...So it'd be like ZOMG, I HAVE AN ASIAN TWIN...That isn't Orochi.
I have three RP characters

Shadow Ike I would get along with some what I guess because he is me and well that should be self explanatory

Shade Sinclair Well we would be on the same boat about being different and all getting bashed on when they can't see that we are all the same

Jin grey is that that I drew before but I really never described what he was like, but I would say we have shares on good and bad
Let's see..

Kraw: Yeah, hanging out with him wouldn't so bad, he'd certainly have stories to share. The only problem would be the nuts trying to challenge him to see if he really is as good as the legends say.

Neil: Definitely, one of the more peaceful and easy-going characters, not as well known so not as many problems but not as entertaining.

Harken: NO WAY IN HELL. Too crazy, power hungry, hate-filled and blood thirsty.
Mitch (The7): Of course! HE'S LIKE MITCH HEDBERG!

Zagara(ToR): Defintely not. I like to contemplate my existance, but this guys' way to worried about it, and seems like he'd whine a lot.

Zack(MBWB): He's way to hardcore for me. I couldn't be that badass if I tried... or drink that much. He's too fratboy for my taste.

Brandon(Katrinka's): I could totally get along with this guy. He's got a lot of the qualities that I have, or will have I'd imagine as I get older.

Darius(Kazeyama): No. Just... no. As antisocial as I think I am... he makes me look like that easy chick at the party.

Jumi(IW): Yeah. This guys is just too cool to not be friends with. HE LOOKS LIKE BUCKETHEAD FOR CHRIST SAKE!

Ken(Poke): Not to sure about this guy. Once I write him a bit more, I'll have a definite idea, but I could definitely see him as being mellow which is a plus to me.

Let's see, I've done an undead warrior, a soldier, another soldier, and a superhuman self-insert.

All of my characters will yell at me in one way or another. Like impotent fathers.
Rose from Darkstalkers: Mmm, more than likely- She's nice.
Chi from Elfen Lied: Probably not, as I'd never get to see her in the first place.
4 from Infinity Labs: I'd get annoyed at the constant "Papa".
Celena: Probably, though I might get a bit "T_T"when she speaks up.
Amelia Blanche from Valkyrie's Last Stand: Doubtful, because she's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeean.... >n<
I've only done one RP so far and the character is loosely based off myself, so I guess I could get along with her! Granted we would probably butt heads a lot